Smart Sailing

“The time for sailing is now, over the grey waters before the storm hits” Gun Roswell

Smart Sailing

Just before the storm hits, the itch gets, to go sailing and embrace the dark waters and skies, it’s after all the place where danger lies, daring the elements, even life itself, but still, if you are smart enough, avoiding the most rough stages of the storm, hitting them waves, making them slaves to the sails, and gliding along the surface of the lakeside open wide, as you are alone there, all others gone in fear, but never mind, that rush, you will soon enough find, going fast, and hey, try to avoid into anything hard blast!

Just, passing by

“I will be here, just for a while, not long, as I am, simply passing by” Gun Roswell

Just, passing by

Don’t mind me! As you were! 

No need to move, as it’s just me, stumbling here on my own two feet, trying to sort it all out, so, hey, giving here a shout, of hello and well, guess goodbye too, as I can only stay for a few, the moments ticking by, and then it will be time for me to fly, leave, as in go away, why?

Well, I was only here for the while, you know, ‘cause I was just, passing by!

Sailing across the high seas

Helsinki, Finland

“Sailing across the high seas, just to a long lingering curiosity to please, that is the life, am I right, next stop, becoming a pirate?“ Gun Roswell

Sailing across the high seas

The calm cool blue waves, out there for none too long stay, as when the stormy clouds are upon, the winds are picking up and they will become quite strong, and that my fellow sailers, is when things can start to go horribly wrong!

Hoist the sails, do not fail! This is the time to really take things seriously, as getting the even smaller size vessel to move with the winds, is a tricky kind of a thing! As changing the course, and coming about, with a heavy load, well, listen to the Italian captain’s orders and you will know: Virata! Virata!

Finally taking a break, when the winds settle, and the calm begins, the sun on the back and the soft wind on the sails, there really is no better moment than gliding on those soft waves, across the high seas and into foreign lands, well, at least, from coast to coast according to the maps, even you might the daring nature lack!

Next stop, pirate island, hey, taking the high land and then some real fun!

Sailing into the calming waves

“Sailing into the sunset? Perhaps later, but right now, following the calming blue of the waves, is the best way to move ahead“ Gun Roswell

Sailing into the calming waves

The wind on my back, the sun on my face, where could be a better place, for at least a day to stay, more even, as it was no chore, than in a small vessel, lulled by the calming waves, no destination set, only to let the spirits of the undecided to guide me on my way, wherever it may lay, but for now, it does not really matter as the journey is just about to begin, and so, hoisting the sails, without any further delay, as it is time to set sail, out there, into the world open wide, with a hint of a smile, as I wave my goodbyes to those, standing by, but this life, has just begun and even if the path ahead was unclear and filled with unknowns, it was simply part of the fun, not letting anything to stun moving ahead, but always keeping eyes peeled on new adventures instead, and so letting the blue coloured flow guide through the waves, the small craft with just the single sail.

Sailing again, this time to the right 

Verbania, Italy

“There is nothing to it, well, maybe just a tad, some figuring out on how to steer, but when you get the hang of it, sailing is the best” Gun Roswell 

Sailing again, this time to the right 

The boat in the harbour, quite adored, only waiting for the right person to take her off the shore

Still, staying stranded had never been a bore, as there were plenty of admires there to score

Alas, today, the special person would be out for a spell, and the small sailing boat could tell

It would be such a glorious afternoon out there in the warm sunshine and cool blue waves to spend 

After all, this new sailor was a heavens sent, always taking good care of the deck and the tall sails

Never wavering in giving a compliment here and there, never out of spare but with a loving purpose 

Even if some of those passers by, who would not admire, rather said a boat was just an inanimate object

But not to this special sailor, who wore the clothing especially tailored, for seafare, as taking the small boat out was not a dare

Rather a choice of life, to get away from the daily grind, finding peace out there in the high seas

And for theses reasons, the little sailing boat made sure their new keepers to always happy keep

The boats in the harbour


“There are plenty of boats out there, to take to the sea” Gun Roswell

The boats in the harbour

When a nice day gets in your way, there is certainly no reason in the bed to stay, rather getting up really early, with the wormy birdy, and then head out in to the harbour and spend the day at the sea. As the clearness of the weather, without a stormy cloud in sight, just might make the perfect of days, during these last days of season, before the snowy times arrive. The boats are plenty, like heavens sent, small, large, even a barge, picking one might seem a chore, but rest assure, whichever it will be, with a small size fee, you can rent it for the day and then hit those calming waves. Rowing or sailing, all that which was ailing to old bod, will be there no more, at least, not for the duration, as this is all the life needed for at least today. All them troubles of work and other kind of life soon to fade as the fluffy clouds will shade from too much sun as this will be a day of fun, one more time, feeling almost like summer, inside the small dingy of a boat, which was borrowed form the harbour for this one special day to sail around the large watery mote.


Setting sail old school style


“Setting sail from a place where land meets the sea, well of course, why would you want to paddle on dry land?” Gun Roswell

Setting sail old school style

The land lush and green but the outlook of the eternal blue seas is simply too strong to resist and so, choosing a vessel to set sail out there in this sphere also coloured mostly in blue and as the hues are so totally inviting, there really is no way in fighting the urge to get on the waters and sail all across the world.

So, why not select a ship which is made in the ways of the olden worlds, the creaky wooden decks and the somewhat faded sails, all the hard labour before going anywhere else, it all make sense when becoming nostalgic and then boarding on the yesteryear made vessel, as there will be a lot of hassle, just getting out of the harbour.

But the payoff is as good as all the work put into getting the ship out there and when reaching the perfect winds, the ride as smooth as sin, enjoying the time oh so very fine on the blue waters sailing away, until finding whatever was sought there in the first places, maybe it was simple peace or maybe, a good kind of adventure.

Set sail to the promised land


“Hoist the sails and head on the way, as a great adventure lies ahead“ Gun Roswell

Set sail to the promised land

No matter the season, there is always a good reason, to go sailing. Well, that is of course if you can find the flowing waters to do so. But a good enough reason, to travel even farther away, to find that perfect space, where the waters freely flow and you can simply row, row, row your boat, or perhaps better still, set sail, even if it wasn’t that promised of a land ahead, rather just a familiar beach, close enough to quickly reach.

When reaching that harbour, the anticipation getting stronger each step taken as the boat is waiting, after a long hard search, the small sailing thing is there, just at reach. Then soon enough, jumping on board nervously, the small dingy shaking and stirring, but size does not matter as the most important part is to get out there, to set sail, across the lake, and even if the sense of getting to far and strange lands is a fake, it does not matter as today is all about hoisting that tall sail and hitting the breaking waves, and not be a slave to the land I have just left behind.


Land ahoy or setting sail again

“The ship ashore, can be such a bore, so better set sail out there again and some time on the waters spend” Gun Roswell 

Land ahoy or setting sail again

The old ship anchored by the shore, forgotten because it was slow and people on board got bored, as the traveling speed was too slow, for those who just wanted to really fast go

But there are those of us, preferring the calm and non fuss, hoping life to live without too much happening and then gently floating along the stream, without nothing too extreme happening.

So, perhaps this neglected vessel might just be the one thing we are looking for, stranded, by the seashore, but still worthy of a fight, and getting out there on the waves sometimes loud.

Without further doubt or thought, getting onboard, the creaking wooden planks playing their musical sounds, as the few of us enter the ship, ready for a fantastic trip.

As soon as the checks are done, sails hoisted and clearing all moorings before embarking to the high seas, as this is exactly the kind of style and pace we all seek, nothing to stop the old gal from beginning the short trip, because this is one fine albeit retro seaworthy ship.

Cloudy and calm for the right reasons

“The clouds are gathering in the skies, but that is not always a bad thing“ Gun Roswell

Cloudy and calm for the right reasons

The clouds might bring storm and rain, sometimes to the point of pain, but sometimes, they are good for cover too, shading from the extensive sunshine, when all you want to do is to quit the eternal smiling and be in a mood of grey, and having those clouds up there is a good as reason as any, to become a moody and broody someone with chips on their shoulders and doing lots of complaining, because nobody is able to act like a little miss sunshine for ever, as there just has to be a lever to be able to pull down.

So, bring on them clouds, in the cool and calming grey colours do us shroud, as often times, we need a little darkness, a little dampness and a little neutral hues in our lives. Because all the brightness of all the incoming messages from around the world getting totally smaller, the continued race of becoming shinier, newer and better, well, it’s all fine for a short while, but the constant running and being on the edge, will eventually lead to the ledge, and wanting to jump? Well, too much smiling might just cause that to happen to pause your life for a moment and look up, the clouds are here, to… cheer you up?