There is sea water in my blood

There has always been sea farers in my family, seamen, sea-women, as even my grandmother was one, simply call them sailors as they sure did, sail I mean!“ Gun Roswell

There is sea water in my blood

The raging waters beckons me, to take a deep dive into the ocean wide
Why take the dive some might say, as the land is so much safer than the seaside
I simply reply: Because it is a part of me, the salty waters running deep within

There is no denying, the mermaid inside of me has risen finally
The dead give away? The fins where my feet before used to be
So, there is nothing to it, just rushing to the nearest harbour and dip
All of myself into the rushing waves, soon becoming my slaves
As I become one part of the whole, the one thing my heart stole
Even before the day I was born as this has always been my true self

So, no more dwelling in the role of a total land lubber
My feet are now almost like some kind of rubber
As I swim away from the safety of the familiar shores
And into the deep end of the life which is nothing like bore

Sailing along the shore

“Spot the boat on the side of the road” Gun Roswell

Sailing along the shore

Just to be on the safest of sides, on this, blue ocean oh so wide
And as is the pride in addition to the set of skills still lacking quite
The best bet for today’s magnificent ride, was not to totally hide
Rather to stay securely and solemnly on the long, long coastline

So, taking this adventure with just a slight hint of enthusiasm in the air
At least before getting the hang of all this sailing stuff without despair
As it really is a tough job, controlling all of this fine burnt small size boat
So not to make too much of a hassle of it al and then left on the strand to croak

But today, is the first trial of running a ship of my own, being the captain bold
And following the given rules and regulations, and doing the things as told
Because since day one after seeing this fine vessel ready and able, I was sold
And so becoming the proud owner and the skipper, well, guess it was foretold

So, setting sail, across the seashores, will be today’s finest chore
And that despite the short distance will still not be any kind of bore

Calm sailing

“Sailing across the blue waves of the river blue under the skies of calming blues, until the night hues” Gun Roswell 

Calm sailing

When quickly dashing, over the railing, there is no room for failing, as I am going to be sailing, so very far away.

As today is that very day of totally smooth weather, so I am finally cutting the tether for good and skipping this town, at least for now.

But without any frowns on my face, as this place, was nice for a while, but it lost its smile so moving along, is my feeling strong.

It was fun of course while it lasted, but the time is not to be wasted and all the adventures out there are waiting for me, so without any hesitation I am off.

To the end of the world and beyond I am sailing, no matter the weather as there will be a safe haven, for the storms shaking this boat so small.

Waking my final goodbyes, to all those I knew and maybe loved, but no regrets are in my mind, only the possibilities of whatever new things I can find out there, over the horizon and the stratosphere.

Ready to set sail for the free day?

“It’s always good to get to the seaside for a boat ride, no matter what size it might just be“ Gun Roswell

Ready to set sail for the free day?

As the weekend finally begins, it is also the time for the heart to sing, not just because it is the end of the working week once again, but also because this means, setting trail for the seaside and then it is only a matter of time to hoist the sails and steer the boat towards the setting sun, or at least that will follow later, as the early morning haters, are now up and about, giving the passersby a shout of joy, as thus, the free time has begun and if lucky enough, the time of fun also begins. It’s not all just fun and games, a lot of work will be involved while being on board, but whatever needs to be done, sure beats the homey chores. And if the weather remains on our side, then the limit is the ocean wide and the open skies, and in my book, that is simply fine. Then after a while of sailing, a break is needed for the reeling. Time for eating, swimming and simply being, alive and well, inhaling the smells of the sea. Then off again, to some more time on the waters spend. If the choice was there, sailing to the world end, would be something, on the agenda, but for now, a quick three days dash, will clear up the itching rash, figuratively as the need for the sea, is always present when stuck on land. So, enjoying this time while we can, and that is really all we can ask.

Sailing in Solemn Waters

“There is nothing like taking to the sea, in what ever format there you want to be – it totally calms ones mind!” Gun Roswell

Sailing in Solemn Waters

The calm of the ocean beckoned this weary traveller, from a far away foreign land.
A long trip had already been taken to reach this point to the place I now would stand.
But there was still a long way to go, before I was able to get my fill of what I truly needed.
As it was as urgent to me, as it is for someone else to get their daily worths of feed.
Because my only purpose was in getting my needed share of the great oceans’ flare.
Which is to me as rare as pure gold might be for those, acquiring the wealth in one good sell.
So, take me to the shores of beyond, where the warm and calming winds blow.
Where I can go further than I was actually told, for these waves get me totally sold.

Grey clouds over the lake

“Even if it was hailing and storming or even of a worse fate, I would still make my way to the lake“ Gun Roswell

Grey clouds over the lake

The almighty weather gods, were definitely not, on my very side
On this gloomy day, I had planned to venture, to the open wide
Of the great lake, to possibly, set sail, as it always made me smile
Not because of the sailing itself, even if it was all calming as heck
But the mere feel of the wind on my back and the sun on my face
The freedom of going anywhere else, or then just staying in place
What ever it was to be said, about the waters cool, calming effect
Today, it did not seem to be meant, for me at least, as a big dent
In a form of a weather front, with the biggest of hugs and puffs
As the winds were picking up, howling, and bringing up a gust
Never seen on the side of this lake, or even on the dry of the land
Clearly, it was no made up effect fake, but as I had already planned
To spend the time, here outside, I would not let any kind of weather
Keep me off of my pleasure of a leisure time, down by the lake side
Rain or shine, or even pouring, cats and dogs hailing, I would not care
As this was my time, and what ever happened, I would enjoy myself

Gone fishing or sailing, that is the question, right?

“Nothing like the cool and calming seas, in the early morning breeze“ Gun Roswell

Gone fishing or sailing, that is the question, right?

When that special kind of occasion sometimes happens to rise
Which makes you totally want to jump up and down, holler and add a big smile
You know what is going to happen once you hop on the bus
Taking you out there, where, there is never, any kind of rush
Where the open air and the calming of the blue seas, forever meet
Just an open road ahead, without any kind of lanes on the streets
The harbour soon visible, and all kinds of vessels are totally feasible
To take a tour around the small side of the world, into it hurled
With a small boat of fishing gear filled up to the hilt, no, it won’t tilt
Or a large luxury type of thing, with sails and all that jazz kinda prim
But what ever you choose, know that with that choice you will never lose
As the most important thing of this day, is to relax and just sway
In unison to those lulling and calming waves, in an uplifting way
So, take a hike, out there, in the open where, no one will stare
At the outfit, you simply overlooked, for this gig, was just that big
Gone fishing, gone sailing, it’s all just in your own kind of mindset
And if you have a spare day to spend, then maybe either sail to the worlds end
Or then, make a small fishing trip out there today, and for a big haul prey
Then the next day, you can take a load off, at that grand type of a yacht
What ever the game plan, don’t just on the pier there aimlessly stand!
But haul your butt to the nearest boat, and make yourself a good day out!

Another day, out there on the seaside, maybe, even sailing

“The seaside beckons, each and every day, so getting going, even if I cannot for long stay” Gun Roswell

Another day, out there on the seaside, maybe, even sailing

When the internal clock, clearly indicates, it is that time, for all else, to stop
With all this on going hassle and utter buzz around me, of the daily kind of blocks
And then realising, what I really ought to be doing, and stop my cheeks chewing
I should be out there instead, by those inviting and always ever so enticing docks
And if possible, finding myself, a nice little dingy of a boat, that kind of sort
Then row, row, row myself, out towards there, to the mighty and open wide, unknown

As it happens, and I am all alone out there, in the coolest of blues stratosphere
What ever happens next, really do not give much of a care, as from now on from here
I just want to take my leave from it all, and at least, for a short while, disappear
Let myself some time to do absolutely nothing, but totally to the surround moment sink
Alas, do not fear, I will be back to annoy you all, before you can say with a swear:
“Now, why don’t ya, getta hell outa here, before this shit hits your hair!”

Slow Sailing

“The sails are hoisted, let’s set sail, to the promised land” Gun Roswell

Slow Sailing

Down the lake side
In the great open wide
It’s only slow sailing
Without too much of failing
As the window comfortably blows
The sun sometimes up shows
This is the calming life
After the weekly strife

Just a small dingy with a sail
Me, myself and I, never flail
The perfect moment just here
In this place, on this small sphere
Almost alone in the world
But somehow not, awaiting to be hurled
Into the crowded spaces
As soon as this trio is ending
But that is just fine with me
As I got this moment to spend with just me