Sitting by the seaside, pondering of life

“Life, death, life, things that nature, always come to mind, when sitting in absolute silence, by the seaside” Gun Roswell

Sitting by the seaside, pondering of life

Life is but a dream. Or so, it could quite easily seem. When seated at the soft and sandy beach. The calming blue waters gently flapping against the shores. Some would say the silence and the calm would be a bore. But for those of us waiting to simply ponder about all the wonders around. Well, noting could be farther from the truth. As both older people and some of the youth, need that special time, feeling fine. Simply, by sitting down and letting only the mind. Wander.

Elements of the beach

“The elements both natural and man made, as observed from the coolest of shades” Gun Roswell 

Elements of the beach

The sandy shores, never a bore for the ever vigilant observer of nature, the elements found, simply by looking around, head turning all across the expanse of the beach, nothing ever out of reach, many an interesting elements to be found, just looking up and from the ground.

The water, always blue and inviting, the skies with a similar hue, fluffy cloud formations floating by, when the eyes look at the ever so highs.

When too much it gets, then the glance down let, observe the ground beneath found, the rock covering the dirt, but don’t get your feet hurt, wear flip flops when venturing to the shore, never a bore, with the waves crashing to the soft sand, just feel it with your hand.

The pier man made, concrete or wooden, it’s all the same, the construct pushing ever outward to the high seas, walk down there and the even you can see, out there over the great sea.

The Shade and the Beach

“Under the shade giving parasol, situated on a beach, is, where I totally like to sit” Gun Roswell

The Shade and the Beach

On a lazy day in the middle of the hazy season
I cannot find any one simple and totally good reason
For staying away from the tempting summer’s beach
Even if, someone, just might call me, a royal leach

As I am headed towards that sandy haven
I listen to the other people and their constant craving
Of taking some desperately needed and deserved, time off
But I filter it all out, because I’ve decided, to differ from the lot

Reaching the designated place, with my trusted parasol I stay
Under it because the sunlight might be burning fate
Seated comfortably with enough food and drinks
And some good reading my teeth into I can sink

I am finally out and totally day off kind of proud
To be resting on the soft sandy beach without noises loud
My mobile phone turned off and I am officially out of reach
Because today is that kind of a day at the beach

Under the shade, of course
The shade on this great beach

Beach life on a lazy day

“The sand warm, on a lazy day under the sun strong” Gun Roswell 

Beach life on a lazy day

Sunny day on a beach somewhere, without one single worry or a care, feeling lazy and unmoving, but that’s fine, as I wasn’t trying to be fooling anyone or myself, as this day was already promised for the hazy kind of doing without fooling around on this neat place found.

Not working, not thinking, not giving a moment more to anything else, except to looking and listening to the calming waves, hitting gently the sandy seashore, and watching them for long, was never a bore, and definitely no chore at all, only pleasure nonstop as being off the slaving clock for once.

So, spending all day long, even possibly until the very early hours of the next dawn, on this beach of lore, dancing and singing songs, in praise of the time of summer, where the weather is so much warmer that clothing is optional, and none too controversial if wanting to be totally naked.

Or then putting on a string of cloth reminiscent of a cover of sorts, whatever was the best choice as nobody was judging, not today, on the sandy beach, totally out of reach for most, but not those daring adventurers who had found the hidden place and now spending their lazy days, under the shining sun.

Blue and the Parasol

“Under the shining sun, beside the blue seas, my parasol and I, sleep” Gun Roswell

Blue and the Parasol

The sun”s shine beckoned with its shiny warmth
To come and lay down on the sand covered sea shore
Where the ever changing blues are the colours of all
And time itself has come to a complete and utter halt

When stepping into the bare and fine stand for the first time
I cannot help but to be amazed of the beauty and then crack a smile
Feeling so tiny in this place open and totally wide
As even the critters beside me are so completely kind

Side by side, me and natural inhabitants coexist
As the calming effect of the sea and the skies me enlist
The other side of the world no longer matters or exist
As me and my parasol have laid a claim this spot of pure bliss

From sunrise to sunset , myself I let
This gorgeous natural resort leave me with an effect
Of calm, unhurried, never too worried kind of specs
Who knows, I may stay here until the time of my final rest

Wanderlust (seven)

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“All that is gold does not glitter,
Not all those who wander are lost.”
― J.R.R. Tolkien, The Fellowship of the Ring


From the country side
To the city open wide
Carried, by wanderlust
Attitude, widely at adjust
Being on the road, the only must:
The hesitaters, can eat my dust

Wanderlust (four)

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“All that is gold does not glitter,
Not all those who wander are lost.”
― J.R.R. Tolkien, The Fellowship of the Ring


On these distant shores
Secrets, may be stored
Here, under the scorching sun,
Rest assured, you won’t get bored

Sand and sea
Reserved for only thee
You weary traveller
So, throw away your calendar

Wanderlust (three)

Posted in the Daily Post: Wanderlust

“All that is gold does not glitter,
Not all those who wander are lost.”
― J.R.R. Tolkien, The Fellowship of the Ring


Switching from land to sea
Because, there is much more to see

A boat trip
Will do the trick
No needs to any plans to stick
Just follow your instincts
This vessel won’t easily sink
Over, on the other side
The land is even greener than you think