Sliding across the surface in style

“The pretties of swans, a painting of sorts, even if it is really not, but just a zoomed out photo op, taken on the spot” Gun Roswell

Sliding across the surface in style

The majestic creature that is the swan, was seen suddenly to make a dive into the waters edge, the cameras ready, clicking away, as the bird made its case, for the onlookers, how much more better it was than any of the humans watching around, because it totally could, simply flap its wings and fly away, but not today, as the show was there, on for the benefit of those bi-peddled hoomans, who could never take flight, unless booking some tickets on a metallic creature they called a plane, something of a shame, at least in the mind of this swan, as flying and taking a deep dive, gliding on the waters, was so much fun!

Rocky roads ahead

“Go climb a rock, or not, because those look kinda dangerous… “ Gun Roswell

Rocky roads ahead

Rough seas, or at least, wherever the waves hit the rocks, or perhaps those are mountains, growing from the water’s surface?

Whatever they are, they seem so very large, going around them, could be a difficult task, and climbing over? 

Well, guess that is something worth a try?

Whatever you decide to do – leave your craft behind, try to swim and let the diving decide or then be more on the daring side and well, climb, climb, climb?


I simply prefer to steer clear of such things, keep a good and smart distance!

Smog, on the ocean

“The grey is settling in, even with clear skies above, there is smog, everywhere to be seen“ Gun Roswell

Smog, on the ocean

The ocean supposed to be clear, calm and blue, with the multitudes of the same hue, filling al the areas around, like the land, the skies and even part of the space, but not today, as it all seemed so dull and rather grey.

The feeling given from his faded ray, not sending the vibes usual, and the gloom settling soon in, with its odd spin, the smells neither settling or great and so, leaving some of us wondering, what had happened to the blues, or where we all way too late?

Setting of the Sun reflected

“The sun is setting with a fire in the skies, and reflected on top of the water’s surface in kind” Gun Roswell

Setting of the Sun reflected

There is fire in the skies, because the sun is painting red colours of its demise, at least, for the night, as come morning, the sun will be up there again, hot and scorching.

But for now, the spectacle on display, every which way you may just glance, there is the setting sun, reflected, on each and every surface, finding its purchase before disappearing into the ocean no longer blue, before only a streak of the powerful light will ensue, and then that too, will be gone for good, or at least until the new morn’ will emerge. 

Sailing away, yay!

“I love sailing, even if I don’t and never have owned a boat, still, I will never turn down an offer to go sailing!“ Gun Roswell

Sailing away, yay!

A slight detour up and around the bend, surely, a god’s send, the sails taking in wind, feels like a song coming on, an old school sea shanty, for you see, today, is the day to go sailing!

And even if the whole wide world around might just be failing, it does not matter, as I will be waving, on the deck of the very boat, setting sail to a destination unknown, never mind where, as long as it somewhere totally bold, a place never seen, a place never been.

So bye! I am outta here!

Cloudy with a chance of rain

“There are usually clouds in the skies, at least if you venture high enough, whether they are bringing in storms of not, remains to be seen” Gun Roswell

Cloudy with a chance of rain

The cloudy skies, are not always indicators of bad or sad weather or otherwise, rather sometimes, a respite from the overwhelming warmth of it all, bringing in the cool and calming winds without the dampness of fall.

But even with a trickle of rain in the mix, should bring in some freshness, to the stuffy and stale air of the hottest of summer, and only after the rain, can you enjoy the sun’s shine without it being such a total bummer.

Poolside, so divine

“Digging up some of the old stuff, mainly pictures from the travels past, as you all now know, that all, is kinda in the past, the travelling part that is, because of, well you know… but one can dream, right?“ Gun Roswell

Poolside, so divine

The cool and blue, and that is the truth as the sun is scorching, so the best place for loitering, really is, inside the cool waters. Digging in there, never coming up, except for a huff and puff, and right back in, diving. Pretending to swim, but really, what I am doing, is letting my old tired body, sink into the balm of that which is, the calming blue water.

Ships Ahoy!!!

“The bluer is the water, the better is the view, at least from the small sailing ship, making its way across the cool and calming hues“ Gun Roswell

Ships Ahoy!!!

The bluest blue hue of all the blues, shining across the high seas, beckoning for the weary soul, to find their way towards those very inviting waves.

As the hard life on the land is quite hard at least, that is where the blame is laid and so, taking off, the ground so very rough, fleeing to the seas, getting away, way out there where the eyes even can’t see.

Along the long pier

“Being by the side of water, any body of water, makes the ol’ sailor inside of this body all nostalgic and all” Gun Roswell

Along the long pier

Take a long walk, a run, or simply just hang around, the pier so long, it takes a moment more, to reach from the beginning to the end and then back again, but it does not matter as all around, there is water, boats and even some scenery, and that is all that is needed, for a stroll along the very long pier, perhaps if daring, even a dive to the inviting blues, as nobody will judge anyone wanting to take some time, under the warming sun, surrounded by the ocean making life so much more fun.

Ocean views

“A room with a view, of an ocean blue, what else can one ask in life?” Gun Roswell

Ocean views

The blues calling from the ocean deep, the soft waves washing a shore, the sandy beach nothing of a bore, with the skies open wide, the sun but a big smile, the warm fresh air, leaving no one in despair, beckoning the weary traveller to take a chance, as long as the days will last, to make their way to the side, where the water meets the sky, the feeling a thought, taking off the very ground and flying ever so high, like some sort of a fancy kind of kite. 

Only this is the dream, even if it all so real seems, eyes wide, looking at what was left behind, on the sandy beach, the body still stands, waiting for the fancy flight to somewhere land, but it seems, that the freedom of it all, lasted way too long, and now, it will never come back again, the idea, the thought, the dream, all gone, lost in the gentle winds over the ocean, the empty vessel remaining on the shores, watching the ocean soar, while the fancy flight of the thought up there in the blue skies will roar.