The blue sea and the red sky

“The blue meets the red at some point in time, at least, up there in the high skies“ Gun Roswell

The blue sea and the red sky

It’s mostly in the coolest hues of blue, reflecting the same sooting emotions and shades onto the surface of the calm of the waters until the very edge, but sometimes even changing colours while raging in the shades of many kinds of greys.

But, when the night fall is upon, and the day is finally done, a streak of the most bright and colourful light will appear there in the midst in the very mix, which is nothing like the calming and mundane blue, rather in the colour of fire or rage, making it totally red.

It is certainly a spot, which will make you look, even if you simply love the sedative of the scene without too much of change in colour. But, this one, is a fiery one and it will only be there, for the fading moment and poof, it will be gone, until maybe dawn?

And when the bright spot of the day is gone, you do not have to be alone, as the blues and greys will always remain, shrouding you well into the night, without any fright.

Just passing by, that’s why

“Just two ships passing each other by, in the very ocean wide” Gun Roswell 

Just passing by, that’s why

It was a calm and hazy early morning, as the two ships emerged without a warning, passing each other close by, as it was planned, but only on the fly. Sailing in from the opposite direction of one and other, only meeting in the middle of the inter section, they hardly had time to meet or even give a proper greet. As simply floating by the other, never touching, only glancing once, maybe twice. But there really was no time to say anything else let alone something nice to the other, as the flow kept on going and there really was no stopping it. A well known fact for both, as they knew that despite their slow motion, it was inevitable for the two of them to meet. But, there was nothing more of an option for them, except this on fleeting moment in time, seeing each other for the first and also last time, as the two slow boats, were just passing each other by, and maybe that was enough, and both of them could be just fine after the chance encounter, perhaps by design.

Fly by

“There is a flyby, just about ever day now” Gun Roswell

Fly by

The annoying high pitch loud sound, was all around
And, the culprit once again, nowhere to be found
I looked all over, search the skies and the ground
But nothing or no one was there, to take the blame
And this was always the case, the mystery remained
As if it was some kind of a too funky game to play
Guess I was getting a little bit tired of this same old
Because it seemed these flybys we’re getting way bold
Still, once it was done, at least for the day so gone
Then I was safe and secure until the next day would dawn
But the mere thought of another irritating occurrence
Kept in my mind all through the night loudly churning
So, deciding that maybe I needed something be doing
Setting a trap and catching that menace once and for all
The annoying chirping flashing thing with flapping wings
So I did and set the culprit finally catch and set it behind
A door latched, but then as the gorgeous songs of sorrow
Began in the cage in knee I had done wrong, and correcting
My mistake was the only action I should quickly take
So letting lose the flyby cause, a bird quite small still
The voice loud and more, as it flew by me one last time
And all I the world seemed to be once again just fine
At least until maybe the next time with a sudden fly by
But hey, now I knew the cause and the next time
I would simply widely smile and give the huge applauds

There is sea water in my blood

There has always been sea farers in my family, seamen, sea-women, as even my grandmother was one, simply call them sailors as they sure did, sail I mean!“ Gun Roswell

There is sea water in my blood

The raging waters beckons me, to take a deep dive into the ocean wide
Why take the dive some might say, as the land is so much safer than the seaside
I simply reply: Because it is a part of me, the salty waters running deep within

There is no denying, the mermaid inside of me has risen finally
The dead give away? The fins where my feet before used to be
So, there is nothing to it, just rushing to the nearest harbour and dip
All of myself into the rushing waves, soon becoming my slaves
As I become one part of the whole, the one thing my heart stole
Even before the day I was born as this has always been my true self

So, no more dwelling in the role of a total land lubber
My feet are now almost like some kind of rubber
As I swim away from the safety of the familiar shores
And into the deep end of the life which is nothing like bore

To the journey

“There is nothing like starting a new trip to somewhere you have never been before” Gun Roswell

To the journey

Exploring strange new places and boldly going where you have never been before. Hoping some new experiences to score while looking forwards what those new vistas for you have in store. Not to mention all the unfamiliar faces you might befriend while out there beyond the comfort of your own home.

The jitters of the unknown the moment you embark on that journey, which in planning had been for so long, even if deep down there somewhere you were fearing of the new things along the way, but still decided to stay strong. And with the motto of hoping for the best and preparing for the worst in case something would be to go wrong.

Well, this is the moment when you set sail, to all the strange places and hoping to land on some sandy shores, because what is a human being but someone who likes to explore? Maybe a homebody mostly, but that does not exclude the adventurous nature at all. Because getting on this journey is the fun part even if the destination, leaves you un-smart. Then again, there is always the next port to explore.

Thar’ll be pirates ahead!

”I would most likely have been a pirate in them good and olden days“ Gun Roswell

Thar’ll be pirates ahead!

When entering the high wide and open seas, you’ll never know what you may out there see
It might just be something you totally seek, when getting familiar with them blue waters deep
Or then, it will be something so totally unexpected, and even in some major danger you will get

As you venture further along the unknown yet calming seas, many wonders you will encounter
Such as beautiful singing mermaids and other unknown sea creatures can be found around there
But despite their seemingly good willed natures, they might be shy or even human haters, so be ware

Still, the likelihood of running into a bunch of conniving and thieving, then make you the plank walking pirates in real time action
Is a much more likely to happen to you out there, as the so called real life is often getting to be much the same way as any kind of fiction
So whether you let your imagination run wild, or just facing the facts of something mild, don’t hold your breath as thar’ll be pirates on your left

Down along the long pier

“On the look out for some lighthouses, along the seaside, on the tall piers“ Gun Roswell

Down along the long pier

The hunt has begun, something don, just for the heck of it or shear fun, as searching for the perfect spot along the long and winding pier, until something interesting I am able to see.

A construct of a sorts, tall or even a short, with a fancy light up on its very top, a guiding one at that, to keep the brave and fearless sea farers safe from any kind of major shipwrecks.

Running up and down, like a crazy person, trying to figure out, where all the great ones are hidden as not all tall piers are equipped with those features, with the magnificent kind of old school architecture. 

But continuing on with my very search, as who knows from which corner these houses of sorts might lurk, because even if they aren’t that popular these days, some still around may lay, and finding one would be the high light of the day.

So, carrying on, walking along, each and every single winding and tall, pier I can see near and beyond, until that specific and perfect lighthouse comes my way, as it is the most perfect display for the long, search filled and darkened cloudy day.

The storm in the horizon

“The storm is rising. I can feel it, and also see it in the horizon” Gun Roswell

The storm in the horizon

The dark clouds are gathering, up there in the high skies
Filled with water and thunder, off the makings of a storm they cry
And without any lies , I watch them getting closer, my face a smile
Why? Just because the constant heat, had no kind of relief
And as I stand by and look at the nature gathering its bile
I know this event will be the one you might call a heavens sent
Because in this ever changing world, you never know which way
Is the way you are hurled, and despite the ominous nature of the weather
Somehow you can still rely on the tether, holding you safe in the place
As the storm makes its way over you, letting it happen the best bet
Although there is nothing you can do but to it let and not to forget
To try and stay out of its way, and where possible to indoors stay
It might not always be that pleasurable of an encounter
But just remember it is part of the cycle of Mother Nature
And once it has passed because it won’t last, you can once again laugh

The end of summer

“Sadly, it has come to this, as it is the end of summer, even if it might have been somewhat of a bummer this year” Gun Roswell

The end of summer

The heatwave, which was cursed in so many ways, has now finally ended, after a long time having spent on this land of those who either it loved or hated. And thus leaving room, for the cold and rain, which in some ways, will wash away the left over pain. 

After a long time of praying, for some kind of relief from the heat, it looks like we have jumped right from that state to a monsoon like plane. The pouring of the rain keeps on going day after day, but if it is good for the hay, then maybe it’s good for the rest of us.

Being totally sad but also glad in a way, as even if the summer has come and gone, and not much of it was really enjoyed as there was really no way in getting around, still, mourning is not on the agenda, not today at least, as that fears beast of thunder, keeps on rumbling.

There will be another one, most likely next year, summer that is. And so, for now, whatever weather comes along next, the snow even, guess I won’t be doing too much of complaining? Not making any promises though as it might be a fall slow and complaining, well that is me, really!

Sun, like in Sunday

“Something about Sunday that makes me calm” Gun Roswell

Sun, like in Sunday

The early morning with its light 
Peeks through my covered window 
The time is still before everyone is to rise 
And everything in this house is totally quite

There is no hurry for anything yet
The only thing to do is to reflect
The weeks which is coming to and end
As I lay here on my comfortable bed

Soon another day and week will take over
But this, today, this Sunday still has the power
Of keeping me and myself in the moment 
For a fee hours before it is time to let

The new day, with new things, begin
And the circle thus once again, complete