Walking to the end of the long pier

“Walking to the very end of the pier, well, look around, you don’t have to be a seer, to predict this outcome!” Gun Roswell

Walking to the end of the long pier

Predictions of a good view? Reserved, for the chosen few?

Hardly those as at all, as anyone could walk down the long way, finding the same display, as the rest of us could see gleaming from the seashore, never a bore, is the greeting for us in store.

The blues across the horizon, whether the sun or moon is on the rising.

Whatever the time of the day, it does not matter as this, this is the best place.

The end of the pier, is where the sights so dear are seen.

So, why would anyone want to go anywhere else at all?

Well, simply because, this place is not reachable by most.

And maybe the seaside is not even your very special thing.

But whatever the case is, whether you love or maybe even hate it.

Just try it once, take that walk down the long pier and who knows.

Maybe you too, will become a believer of the moon, the sun and even

The view at the end of the pier.

Turquoise and Blue

“ There is blue, and then there is blue, the liquids of the pool, the ocean, all varying in their shade, and all I can do, is simply stare“ Gun Roswell

Turquoise and Blue

The pool waters beckoned for a dip into the calming waves, away from the hottest of suns, at least shining brightly for the day, much to the enjoyment of those worshippers fully on display.

The deep dive, will hopefully revive, all the heated up joints, skin and whatever the object of beaming light just might have touched, while in the hunger and greed took in too much of that which wasn’t really needed.

Then again, whom can blame, those wanting a moment in the warmth of the sun bask, as this kind of moment only a short while will last, and if the payment is some redness and a small rash, then all is well as long as moderation is something used as a guideline.

So, into the water, taking a dive, staying in the calming balm a tad longer, before finding some shade, as even if the sunny side is nice, taking in only some during each passing day is a must, despite the fact this kind of weather won’t last. 

Towers, Clouds, tall and reflected

“Some kind of a tower, of power, and some clouds, with the nature’s own thunderous force reflected, to the surface of the waters“ Gun Roswell

Towers, Clouds, tall and reflected

The colours might vary, from coolest of blues to the green scale of the spectrum, but it is all okay as they are inside the pallet of that which is blue, so do not me sue, when you see the two pictures with the similar but different hues. 

It just might be real life, memorex or then simply, something done with a computer installed application of the photographic kind, but whichever it is, just, don’t insist, for me to give a way the very secret!

Totally so, on the rocks!

“On the rocks you say? Order a soft drink of the same name perhaps? Or just, life in general being just that? Usually, it’s either one or the other, or then second preceding the first option!” Gun Roswell

Totally so, on the rocks!

Life, death, life, things that nature, whatever the situation might just be, being totally alive or having died? Well, I would hope that while writing this ditty, I am alive, or at least, pretending to be, for you see, being on the rocks, totally so, and not even getting the drink to top it all! Well, guess, this really does seem like a dream of sorts, as seen, when, not totally dead or alive, just somewhere there between a state, where a moment of hesitate comes upon the dreamer, well, me, thinking, where am I? Is this really a dream or real life and what is even real life? Then I remember, the fact, of not really being dead either, simply having escaped, the place of the rocks, or rather, laying on top of some very pointy ones, stabbing in the back, really nasty things those are and so, having simply escaped, to this dream world and only waiting for the dreaded moment, when the day calls and I got to get up and there it goes, the alarm! So, guess, on the rocks it will be, for at least, a while!

Stuck in a rut 

“On the rocks, in a rut, bummed out, a favourite child has many names as has this particular state“ Gun Roswell

Stuck in a rut 

Sometimes it’s good to be stuck in a rut. Simply calm down and wait for a while, the tide will soon enough rise and let you get unstuck.

But if it seems impossible of a thing to do, then perhaps you really need to think it through. Maybe the state or place isn’t the problem at all, rather the set of mind, trying the progress to stall.

And so, thinking of a new strategy, a new way of life, might just be smart enough, and perhaps sooner or later, you will be able to clear the moorings and move, forward.

Red sky in the evening divine

“The red is the colour of the magnificent sunset painted in the sky of the evening’s moment high” Gun Roswell 

Red sky in the evening divine

Fire engine red, someone in the watching crowd said, as we were all gathered for the spectacle of the evening displayed in front of us on the sandy shores, and certainly never a bore was this setting told on a lore, as the sun with a loud roar dropped into the deep waters from the sky above.

It was told in a story once in the past and the glory of the moon would create such a blast at least for the duration of the night to last hurling the drowning star deep into the waters far to cool down for a moment until once again in the morning it would rise its crowning head from the watery bed.

The rays curling up slowly but surely until reaching the highest peak in the bluest of skies then warming us dwellers again with the bright white light for a while until the night once again arrived and the moon would overpower the sun, thus completing the circle of routine once again neither of them really winning the game.

But that is just fine as in the end, we truly need them both.

Stand alone

“Solemn, alone, in the middle of nowhere it glows, in the deepest of darkness, while in the daylight, a mere shadow remains“ Gun Roswell

Stand alone

For the safety of others, it never bothers to ask the why

Why it is standing there all alone

Alone in the day, alone in the middle of the night

The night so dark it will be the only light

Light for those looking for their very path

Path never ending, only time there to be spending

Spending all alone until the very ending

Ending cycle of being all alone

Alone at the end of the pier it stands

Stands always and forever, alone

Ship in the Grey

“Sailing in the past, to the future” Gun Roswell

Ship in the Grey

Sailing in the past on the open seas forever seemingly to last

This method might not be the fastest of the safest method forward to move

Alas getting to the future so unsure?

Well, not in the hurry to do that just yet and so no jets but a slow boat

The sails flapping in the wind and when the mood swings

The sails will be lowered and the pace slower

This is the way to move, across the high seas

Never fast, wanting this special moment forever to last

They future out there somewhere, totally can wait

For this solemn sailor 

On the rocks of the shore

“Close to the shore, almost on the rocks, but not quite, it was night, so parking was tight!” Gun Roswell 

On the rocks of the shore

Parking problems? in the middle of the sea no less?

Never a good idea, especially when the visibility none too clear

Finding safe harbour can be quite tricky 

During the times when the weather turns somewhat icky

And so avoiding them rocks close to shore might be a chore

But better to try then be caught up in a nasty storm

Guiding the boat to safety with the best possible precision 

As going out despite he warning signs might have been a bad decision 

The blurry line

“Sometimes lines being drawn are as fickle as the waves hitting a sandy shore” Gun Roswell

The blurry line

Drawing lines, borders, erecting fences and walls

That is what the humans like doing to the point of boring

Because in the end, those hindrances will be blurred

Just like the soft waves hitting the sandy shores

As all of it will fade in the end

And were they to begin with such an good idea 

Or even keeping anyone safe

Just some fancy human concept protecting what is supposedly theirs?

But to be fair, for a moment a wall or a fence will keep away the fear

When all the lurking evil is out there trying us apart to tear