Blue skies without any clouds

“There are nothing but blues skies ahead of us from now on, well, at least for today, am I right?“ Gun Roswell 

Blue skies without any clouds

The skies are totally blue, and it is obvious this is some kind of similar hue, to that of the waters play in the many pools, and somehow, even the eyes, of some of us reflect the same, and being one with the cosmos every now and again, feels totally good, then again, it is just a colour some would say, exactly like the grey, and soon enough, this one too will fade, but until that very time, let’s simply bask in the softness of the light and the touches of the varied of those gorgeous blues, painted across the skies without even one fluffy cloud in sight, and that, is the might, of the colour of blue, no matter what the hue.

The Moon in the Morning Sky

“There is a moon still up there in the skies, even if it is time for the sun to rise” Gun Roswell

The Moon in the Morning Sky

There is always some kind of a surprise, for us mere mortals when you look up there into the great skies. Sometimes, a star arises where you least expected it to, or then, perhaps some visitor from a far can be seen in their small ship running fast. But, I guess the more mundane stuff, such as the moon and the sun, can too be a lot of fun. Especially, when rising up in the early morning hours, the sky becoming red of as you might expect, from the great star, the sun soon to rise. But what do those still sleepy eyes then spy? Well, the moon of course, which still keeps on hanging up there, in the stratosphere, even if it was time for it to take a long nap for the day as the shiny ball of light was on their way to slay the day. Still, the two were up there both sharing the same stage, and it did not seem like either was going to take their bow and disappear, rather remaining there, letting us dwellers below watch in awe, as the two giants were sharing the centre stage together, without qualm.

Ships meeting at high seas


“The sea is calm just after the storm, and now, the ships are moving back and forth again, so what are you waiting for? Let’s go on a boat ride!“ Gun Roswell

Ships meeting at high seas

The fog, finally clearing from the waters edge, soon something else, there will be wedged. The level of the horizon, I think is the best, and so, gazing into the void intently I can see, there are two boats out there, meeting at sea, something not foreseen, but rather a random happenstance, at least on first glance.

And so, it indeed was a random encounter for sure, as neither of them knew in there they were lured. The change of weather had caught them by surprise, and so, the equipment haywire almost caused the demise. Alas, snap thinking of the captain made them safe and so now, out there in the high seas, the two craft suddenly meet.

But whether it was a change encounter of any kind, the ships meeting, well, it was all just fine. As the greetings exchanged while passing the other, was more than a hello and less than a hugger. And then, each of them back on their own route, to make their way to the other side.

Sunset reflected on the surface


“The sun setting over the horizon, the colours so vivid and living, well, it’s a cliche isn’t it, but I like it nevertheless“ Gun Roswell

Sunset reflected on the surface

The sun is always fun, the warmth, the light, the comfort of knowing it is there, alas, when the night is close and it is time to fall to sleep, the sun will also make its way into the deep, at least, from the point of view of those watching the setting of the gas giant, as the horizon gives us the illusion, there is a place of magic perhaps, where all these planetary objects lay until the very next day, when they are once again the dominant ones in the high skies, the main one of course, being that of the sun, its mighty power and shine, cannot beat not even the best of wines and so, once again, when the reflections of the light particles inside the rays, start to reflect off of each and every surface and then, us small dwellers, can bask in this light once again, until the circle is complete and the sun will compete for the dominance against the moon, while loosing and going to sleep, until rising the very next day again.

The calm of the small harbour

“The small spaces are the most comfortable ones, with little if no people present, and so, there is always calm without the puns” Gun Roswell

The calm of the small harbour

The small harbour waiting for the daily dose of people, on their way out to the great seas, perhaps some fishing to do or simply, for a leisure cruise, no matter what the purpose, the early morning always means some hassle. And then, the traffic jam is gone and left alone, are those few vessels, whom did not have any takers, at least, not today, but if they are lucky, then tomorrow someone them will be picking, for a ride out there to the lasting waves.

But, if you are not really a sea farer, not really, but you love the seaside, then why don’t you arrive to the harbour, just after the rush hour, fully prepared mind you, with a picnic basket in tow, even if you do not plan out there to row. The harbour life can be as much fun to mere observe of life, as getting out there in the open air of the waters, because a lot of stuff is going around all over the place in a small harbour area supposedly quiet, if you keep your eyes and ears peeled, and then interesting people, tall tales and other kinds of things, you me just be able to see and hear, and that is happening all in the calm of the small harbour environment.

Snow and the seaside


“The snow has descended onto the waters surface… yeah, it’s winter, so what did you expect?!” Gun Roswell 

Snow and the seaside

The sea is now filled with frosted ice and white fluffy snow, no matter which way you look or try to go, the endlessness of it all, the monochromatic feel as far as the eyes an see, like it is there for eternity, but then something happens, a meltdown of sorts and it is all totally gone, at least for a while, before a new cold front hits the town again and again and it’s all back to the wintery normal, and without being too formal of a thing it is, bringing back that familiar cold frosted feel, which in it is simply great to reel in, at least for a moment longer than what really is the need, as it is so a permanent seed, that frosty cold of a thing which has been put inside, onto each and every single dweller of the coldest of north, and so what has been usually sought, is now brought back, without any kind of slack, and then without further thinking as to the whys, we are all giving our biggest and most heartfelt thanks.


The world is monochromatic 


“The world in monochrome only, not like I am feeling this strongly, but it is soothing in a way” Gun Roswell 

The world is monochromatic 

The season is not without reason, as even if the colours have gone completely, the greys remaining only, the tones in a scale of simple monochrome, are still a colour of their very own, even without the brightness or being in your face bold, this palette still has soul, and with the ultimate goal, to conquer the very world, then shell it like a pearl, at least for a while the season last, and so, there is no way past it, and so, with the options being low at best, and so, with some jest and perhaps some well designed trickery, the colour coding does not really matter, even if it’s only the same all over, with none too many variations, as this time might also be some sort of lesson, learning to live with the dull as much as with the vibrancy of any other season, and soon enough, one might not even consider changing too much of it, well, not until something more colorful and vibrant arrives and gives the much needed smiles.

The boats in the harbour


“There are plenty of boats out there, to take to the sea” Gun Roswell

The boats in the harbour

When a nice day gets in your way, there is certainly no reason in the bed to stay, rather getting up really early, with the wormy birdy, and then head out in to the harbour and spend the day at the sea. As the clearness of the weather, without a stormy cloud in sight, just might make the perfect of days, during these last days of season, before the snowy times arrive. The boats are plenty, like heavens sent, small, large, even a barge, picking one might seem a chore, but rest assure, whichever it will be, with a small size fee, you can rent it for the day and then hit those calming waves. Rowing or sailing, all that which was ailing to old bod, will be there no more, at least, not for the duration, as this is all the life needed for at least today. All them troubles of work and other kind of life soon to fade as the fluffy clouds will shade from too much sun as this will be a day of fun, one more time, feeling almost like summer, inside the small dingy of a boat, which was borrowed form the harbour for this one special day to sail around the large watery mote.


Setting sail old school style


“Setting sail from a place where land meets the sea, well of course, why would you want to paddle on dry land?” Gun Roswell

Setting sail old school style

The land lush and green but the outlook of the eternal blue seas is simply too strong to resist and so, choosing a vessel to set sail out there in this sphere also coloured mostly in blue and as the hues are so totally inviting, there really is no way in fighting the urge to get on the waters and sail all across the world.

So, why not select a ship which is made in the ways of the olden worlds, the creaky wooden decks and the somewhat faded sails, all the hard labour before going anywhere else, it all make sense when becoming nostalgic and then boarding on the yesteryear made vessel, as there will be a lot of hassle, just getting out of the harbour.

But the payoff is as good as all the work put into getting the ship out there and when reaching the perfect winds, the ride as smooth as sin, enjoying the time oh so very fine on the blue waters sailing away, until finding whatever was sought there in the first places, maybe it was simple peace or maybe, a good kind of adventure.

Tracks on the surface of the icy lake to follow

“There are so many tracks out there, on the surface and everywhere, that someone, without a compass will most certainly get totally lost!“ Gun Roswell

Tracks on the surface of the icy lake to follow

There are plenty of tracks on the icy snow of the covered lake in winter, some of them can be easily followed while others are buried deeper under the overlapping freshly made ones, but as there is no need to wallow in making the decision as it is as easy as precision, as from the chaos becomes order, if you only concentrate on the one set to make your own way, and once that choice is made, the path ahead, will be led to wherever you need to go.

So, when the selected tracks are in view, and the excitement is pretty new, wanting to simply run as fast as possible, never minding the obstacles, but before you do, just take a few moments to consider that the goal is not fading away and there is a lot of time to slay, and then, with a few steps move along, taking it slow, enjoying the ride while on the track side, as for now, the hurry will only cause worry, and after all, the steps small, will eventually save time.