Something of winter

“The colours aren’t that vibrant, hardly even there, the monochromatic being key, the blacks and whites and greys, taking their place in nature for the duration of winter” Gun Roswell

Something of winter

There is nothing to this season if not the lack of colour, the odours and whatever else kind of life associated to this sedate and rather dull time, well, it is all fine as even Mother Nature needs a breather, taking some time off, to slumber, before turning up the heat and life pending, while waiting for the spring time, but for a while, let’s enjoy fluffy white piles, of snow, the frozen particles of ice creating something totally nice, perhaps some would even call it art, even if it is there only for a fleeting moment.

Crossing the Ice

“A cold and crispy day, but sunshine warming up the display of the outside looking inviting, for a stroll on the lake“ Gun Roswell

Crossing the Ice

The sunny day beckoned towards the open waters, only they weren’t as open this time of year, rather frozen solid like the rest of nature.

The snow covering the surface of ice, thick, which in a way is safe and nice, especially for those taking a shortcut across the lake.

The tracks there found  by so many others gone there before, taking a leisurely stroll or hurrying to work, and the one perk of enjoying the scenery while doing so.

But for those having the time, simply enjoying the warming sunshine in the midst of the coldest of winters, is something totally divine.

Dreaming of a place somewhere far away

“It’s funny how we are never happy about where we are at any given moment, always dreaming of some place else, supposedly much better than this one is“ Gun Roswell

Dreaming of a place somewhere far away

There is one constant in the universe, or at least on this very planet, that of the dwellers, namely humans, are never happy about staying in just one single place

Whether they want to travel for a while or perhaps permanently relocate, it seems to be encoded inside of the DNA to want to be a on the move and not in one locale stay

And if stuck in the same ol same ol, what do these, two legged brainy creatures do?
Well, day dreaming all day long, of some other place far far away until they fall, into a deep sleep, most likely having the same dream on repeat

So, whether it is of a vacation soon to follow, or simply some far away distant fantasy, those yet to be undiscovered vistas at least for the one person, keeps them going on

Snow and the very Calm Seaside

“The snow has landed, literally and figuratively, even if this one here, resides on the sea” Gun Roswell

Snow and the very Calm Seaside

Oh the snow, the snow, the snow, it is everywhere!

No matter where your eyes land or you try to stare!

The glare of it all, when the sun is shining, which is rare, at least during the dark and long winter season hours, lasting for, well, the whole day!

There is no escape, as most of us Northeners now know, you know, from the snow?

Because wherever you just might go, for sure, there will be more snow there too.

As seen on TV, the planet in rather of a turmoil, because, of the, well oil?

So, try to enjoy the time, no matter how cold, wet or whatever other word you might think of, this seasonal cruelty, the Nature itself has directed towards us small humanoid types trying to play ball.

Then again, why not go to space? There is no ice there, right?

The breaking waves

“The waters are calm today, only gently breaking against the rocky shores, like being no great chore at all” Gun Roswell

The breaking waves

The waters edge, the place where the waves and the land meet, the shores of beyond the rocky terrain, where few feet have trudged, because getting there is hard and difficult, often impossible.

But those who dare, can not stand and stare, after having reached, the sandy beach, and then in awe admire of their perfect score, as the views are not short of magnificent, but time there watching, observing spent short, as the storm will soon be upon and the sandy shores travelled upon will be gone, sunken by the roaring waves to the beyond.

Blue and the Water equals Splash!

“There is just something about water, especially when in a pool or open sea, which makes this one, wanting into it dive and the real world to flee“ Gun Roswell

Blue and the Water equals Splash!

The waters cold and blue, the weather not really so good, still, wanting to go diving in, just because it might just bring, the much needed refreshing feeling, needed to survive a hectic day.

The sun long since gone, somewhere safe perhaps stored, as it is that time of the season, when the warmth is less so and the reason, for wearing more of the clothing needed simply to survive without heat.

But, when the treat, of a pool on someone’s backyard greets, there is no way, not to take up on the offer, even if shivering cold without the layers of cloth.

And so, without further ado, closing eyes and thinking or summer, finding the warmth from within, while standing there in a skimpy swimsuit, and then, diving into the slightly ice cold blue.

Luckily, the human body is built, with adaptive qualities, and soon enough, the slightly chilly liquid, does not really feel that bad, against the skin warm, as long as staying below the surface, mostly anyway, except maybe the head!

Shadows reflected

“A family of ducks, did their feathers pluck, in the middle of the lake, which as no fake, and with the serene waters quite still, as the ducks always came there to chill“ Gun Roswell

Shadows reflected

The birds, the insects, even a few daring peoples, usually wandered off to the near by lake, just to take, a surface dive, on the water’s edge, being none to deep, it was easy to simply in the bottom of it to sit, cooling down after a long day doing whatever, but as soon as they had reached the blue liquid place, their minds, totally went into a different state, the same for all the animals, humans and other types alike, nothing to put away the daily strife, but into a calming blue water taking a shallow dive.

A view from the stern of the boat

“The setting sun left behind, the bow set towards the night, sailing across the high seas, to the pending darkness, but for now, the warmth of the shiny ball is still on our backs“ Gun Roswell

A view from the stern of the boat

The splashing waves causing ripples onto the water’s surface, the sunny rays reflected, without a real purpose, but it does not make it any less appealing, watching the powerful waves, on display, as the boat keeps on moving along, following a set trail, with the sails in full, the blowing winds giving the power needed, to the forward momentum, otherwise the ores would be needed, the manpower alone currently on board, too little to do the deed, thankfully though, Mother Nature has given the means, and so, to her graces we lean, taking us to new lands beyond the horizon, the day ending on this vista, but the next, might just give us more, shiny suns across the board, the blue skies and warm winds, that might just be the score.

Sunset most red

“Ah, the setting sun, what fun! The most cliched happening of them all, mostly photographed, admired and no wonder, as it is simply gorge!” Gun Roswell

Sunset most red

The sun is setting, against the ocean it is letting, itself fall into deep, deep slumber, dreaming of wonders, as it lies in the great yonder, dreaming of stars and the moon, before it is time for another round, the sun to rise again, to shine beyond them all, brightly in the early morning hours, just after the rain showers of the darkened night, and then only can it shine, like nobody would mind at all.

Night Time Horizon

Helsinki, Finland

“The night time is captivating, both in colour and light, all of them bright in the darkness, much more interesting too” Gun Roswell

Night Time Horizon

The city lights, shining ever so bright, reflected on the waters surface, but no purchase for them to be found, as rippling and swaying, slowly and surely disappearing, into the depths of the darkness, the liquid them consuming, blending into the murky waters, never to be seen again, until the time, when new lights beam upon the shores, as the city skyline will come to life, somewhere there in the far away horizon, long after the sun has been arising, and set for the durance of the dimming night.

Helsinki, Finland