Secret Hideaways

“Lush greens, do cover so many things, homes even, dwellings for those who don’t want to be seen” Gun Roswell

Secret hideaways

The red coloured houses, would usually indicate a stop sign, an x marks the spot type, to more like come find us, we are here, come see who we are, step inside our house!

But, the colour is well hidden, behind the lush green scenery. Hard to find, even at first glance, the small dwellings, even in the middle of the busy neighbourhood, there really is no reason why pass by you simply could.

Alas, with a careful eye, some of us spy, behind the leaves several well hidden lairs, but, being courteous, never wondering close enough, only taking a small peek, at what there just might be.

Secret doorway

“What’s behind door number infinity? Secrets? Buried treasure? Bodies? Are you willing to find out?” Gun Roswell 

Secret doorway

“Step right through, step right through” the bouncer shouted out loud
“Nobody knows what secrets may loom, behind this cool blue door,
Only a penny to enter, stay close to the center, 
For stepping aside, may cause you to go blind,
But the the rewards at the end of the corridor awaits those,
Who dare to venture, inside, the scary door!”

Surprisingly, there was a line just outside 
A long and a winding one at that, even of the fact
Was, that there might not be anything precious 
Or even remotely reminiscent of a treasure
Hidden or otherwise, which would explain causing a smile
To those going through the scary door
Alas, I was still one among them, feeling strongly 
That something worth while would turn up there, ever so wrongly

And, as I stepped inside, I heard the evil laughter 
Of the doorman, knowing I might have been drafted
For something I would soon regret
But, then again the option of turning back…
Well, I had accepted the challenge
So going forward, to balance 
The terror of a feeling, inside of me reeling
And after the door closed behind me, it had begun