Forty-Seven, Part One


“I no longer believe in the Easter Bunny,
and I’m beginning to wonder about Santa Claus.
But I believe wholeheartedly in 47”
Sarah Dolinar


The Proof:

The time is now, 00.47
Roswell 1947
Film, 47 Minutes
Waterford Greenwich 47-piece Flatware Set
Exit 47
London Bus Routes – 47/N47
4711 Eau de toilette
Level 47 Walkthrough
Agent 47
47 Ronin
U.S. Code › Title 47
The 47 Society
47 likes on Facebook page
47 mints in the box

On the streets of Paris 3

“Strolling down the lane of memories once again and landed in Paris, the city of lights and spring“ Gun Roswell

On the streets of Paris 3

Whether you will want to walk the distance or take a bike or the famous metro to your designated destination, you can totally do any of them ways without hesitation. All safe and good for the environment of course and all of the methods will set you great on your course of action that is. And this is not simply to please, those climate conscious people like you and me, rather it is a fun way to stroll the streets. I am talking about walking naturally, but mostly, riding a communal and fun coloured bike, which you can rent without even a sigh. Easy as pie, as you can drive, all they long, and even getting the exercise there, with your legs getting more and more strong each pedal push you make.

Then for the lazy types, but still conscious minds, there is the ultimate way to travel, and that is underground with the metro system. Yes get down there and see it all to come unravelled in front of your very eyes, the most advanced transport for all the times. No, kidding here of course, as it is rather an old method of transport to say the least, but then again, modernised for your comfort of sorts, as it may get pretty hot in the summer months, deep down in the underground. But hey, it’s cheap and fast and fun so never mind, just get that ticket and hop on that, well, train! You can get off at any stop, visit the museums, sights and shops, it’s gay Paris after all, so go git, have a ball (that means fun time), winter, spring, summer or yeah, even fall!

On the streets of Paris 2

“The pretty place of spring, Paris has that kind of a ring, right?“ Gun Roswell

On the streets of Paris 2

The once certain pièce de résistance in the middle of ole’ gay Paris, is most certainly the Arc de Triomphe, giving that specific oomph, when you walk down the street, any street basically, you will end up in the circle of the streets and below to magnificent landmark, right there in its very own park of sorts. And no, it is not the kind of place to play sports. At least if you want to stay on the good side of the city Gendarmerie, while they are doing their patrolling all over the city.

Lots and lots of tourists there, doing their selfies until and I swear, the police come to pick the up from standing in the middle of the busy lanes. And yes, it is all done while trying to reach the fifteen minutes of fame, well, at least, on social media, not-so-fastgram or something similar. What ever it is called, well, best bet is to simple ignore them and make your own way towards the archway of the ancients to admire it up close and get a doze of history of the prettiest city.

When all the wondering is finally done and even if you feel it’s all quite fun, still, thirst gets in the way and you need a good bar to low lay, before the excursions continue at the break of dusk. And tasting local wines and beers, well that is a must, at least, for some. Then take a load of at any of the plentiful places around the city, either on the streets or inside some getaway, inside a secret doorway? Well, just knock, they’ll let you in, and maybe even, make you sing, a chanson for the city in the light of the night, fun huh!?

A boat across the moat 1

“Take a ride on a boat, on a river, on the sea, what ever it takes, for at least a moment to flee” Gun Roswell 

A boat across the moat 

There it was, waiting, prepped and ready, for a ride, on the waves, or at least, on the water. It was after all, a fine day, with a sunny disposition, so why not take an excursion out there, on the wide open blue. Because there is nothing more calming and certainly more relaxing, when taking a day off from it all and letting yourself deep into the ocean fall. Letting the craft take its course, without looking back or any remorse of tasks left undone, just to have one day of fun. Even if the fun is set on stun, as the calming waves, will let you into a deep slumber, the world around fading away, and for a moment you wish this way forever to stay. Alas, it is only for a day, and that is okay, as this time apart from it all, is much better than nothing at all. And even if you wish the time to stall, returning is the proper and only call to make.

On the streets of Paris 1

“Spring time, or any time basically, Paris is the place to be“ Gun Roswell 

On the streets of Paris

It may still be early in the year, even if someone might think that the spring is finally in the air. But the snow on the ground, says otherwise, still, thinking of the one great place in my mind, makes me smile and the idea of warm weather and multiple colours filling the parks. Yes indeed, this is how it all starts, a walk down the good old memory lane, something in which only several recorded images can explain.

It was already late in the evening when hitting the streets, for something specific to seek. The street lights shining our way, well, mostly kinda, as the sun was still setting, thus keeping things light through the stay. So, tonights goal, was simply to take a short stroll and get familiar with the surroundings as tomorrow would really be the start of an excursion, to see it all, to experience Paris, completely and without exclusion.

So, without further ado, ventured out the door, with the elevator hitting the main floor. Outside, the streets open wide, still very much alive, buzzing with noises from people and machines alike. And soon enough realizing the closeness of something so brilliant and up lit, it totally fit the image on the brochure. The tower most magnificent, some said it was heaven’s sent, even if they knew humans did it build for a fair no less.

Quickly crossing the busy streets as to the gorgeous view to reach and soon enough, the tall and towering sight, was erected right there in front of the very eyes. Flashing in various coloured lights, the mighty one had scored yet again another admiring audience, reveling in its ancient presence. Clicks and flashes going off as everyone was making their own record of the tall tower in awe, as this truly was a highlight for a trip way too short.

Winters fun 3

“Oh, this winter, seemingly never ends. It just keeps going and going and going, like an energizer bunny!“ Gun Roswell

Winters fun 3

The peace and calm finally descended, after all the worst snowstorms subsided. A gorgeous view covered all of the land, like it was some kind of master plan of Mother Nature, devised not out of hatred, but for the caring of our senses. And as we really had lost almost all outer defenses before the calming tones, this vision of piece, was really nice to see. Especially after the long, hard and freezing cold months of forever seemed.

The glittering trees, as far as the dyes can see. The forest and all the land, secure in a glistening white blanket, the fields and roads flanking, on the sides all of it in the same pretty white smile. This is the way, winter wants us to remember it, nice and crisp and clean, the way to be seen in our memories. As before taking its leave, in turn of the spring and summer time warm and colour full, even if some might think it dull.

And so, no matter hate or love it, you know you will still kiss it, after this winter is gone and the warm weather in storms. And especially then, when it’s time to complain about how it is really too hot and why not, be winter already! Then you’ll know, maybe it wasn’t all that bad after all and then you will start looking forward to fall and the beginning, of a new winter, even if it might cause a few splinters along the way.

Winter fun 2

“There are some so great things about winter, I am sure, but can’t think of any at the moment“ Gun Roswell

Winter fun 2

Pushing a wheel thing in the midst of a snowstorm, trying to tackle all them piles forming obstacles for you, well, not fun at all. Especially when the mountains of snow are growing more and more tall, by each passing moment as the snow just keeps on pouring down, down, ever more down and not even the strongest of plows, can help you now.

What when all the streets, are filled with that same ole boring white stuff, a few weeks ago you did not seem to get in enough of. But now it’s so much more than you can really handle and no matter how hard you try to rid of it, it’s like burning the candle, at both ends no less. But the further time ticks, and the more of this shit comes in, the less fun this seems.

It was fun, for a moment I must admit, when standing on the inside and staring towards the great open white, it looks pretty and all. Then just that small nagging feeling in the back of your mind begins again. The reminder of the car under a pile of that stuff and then shoveling out the road somewhere there underneath. At least a path to get to the mailbox, that’s not too much to ask right?

Alas, the daily life, has become somewhat of a strife. So listen up good, you weather gods, when I say: Enough is enough already! Now, make way with spring and the sun, as that would really be so fun!

Winter Fun 1

“There is nothing wrong with winter, as long as you get to spend it on a warm summers island in the sun” Gun Roswell

Winter Fun 1

In the early morning hours, it all started, supposedly it was to be just a few showers, but it kept pouring well into the end of day and the darkness.
The snow of it all! A total down fall. Winter fun? they said, Come join in the ride of a sleigh! Yeah, what we did not know back then, that there was hell to pay!

And, as suspected, the fun did not last very long, as the wintry snow was for us far too strong, to handle on the yards, on the roads and all that which followed in tow.
All the equipment and heavy machinery could not make it in time, plowing it all away, which would have been fine, but it just kept coming down. More and more and more.

Each and every single day, when eventually not even a sleigh could pass through. The white stuff piles growing higher all around, where there had been one or a few, now
more than even the mightiest dragon could slew. Fire! Yeah, that was the thing needed, and where was the sun? Not enjoying the wintery fun, that was for sure!

So, each and every day, we keep on trying to push the snow away. Alas, we are all growing weary, and even the temperatures keep going down, so scary, that no one anymore leering.
No signs of spring or summer, what a bummer! Even if the old almanac on the wall, has a picture of sunshine installed. No, it is all so totally wrong! Oh, winter thou art a heartless bitch!

Tales of the moon 3 Perspective of the moon

“But it looks so small, hanging by itself, up there, in the stratosphere” Gun Roswell

Tales of the moon 3  Perspective of the moon

When looking through the lens, at the night skies mighty and high, something seems quite off or even bent. As the large and wide image, gives the impression that the moon is a small white ball hanging there in the line of scrimmage, like someone had played a game and left it there, hanging without a reference of frame. But as you gaze upon it with your naked eyes, a great and rather big surprise will be revealed, as the moon’s rise, gives the impression of a quite large size planetary object neither hollow nor empty. Changing colour from white to blue to even red, and that, is quite the topic for those who worship this giver of light in the middle of the night. Whether you are a casual watcher of a fanatic worshiper, it is all a matter of perspective, and really has no matter as long as you enjoy what you are seeing and, in the moment being.

Tales of the moon 2

“I keep on watching the moon, until it or then I, turn into a blue hue” Gun Roswell

Tales of the moon 2

Behind the curtain of the highest of skies, it stealthy lurks, but only, during the middle of the night. As if it was much too shy, or even, trying to hide. It’s a benevolent being though, as it will try its low burning light to show, in the total darkness of the night, for those of us, in plight.

It is almost as if it is trying to lead the good fight, against those powers out there, trying to do harm. The protector of us lower beings, it could be easily as such be seen. Then again, mere fantasy at play, as if any planetary object, could evil slay. But whatever the belief, there is still such a relief, when the moon peeks through the clouds at night, saving us from fright.