Ships on the yard

“The ships on the yard? Well, guess it is true, that any port you can call home… is something something!” Gun Roswell

Ships on the yard

The old and discarded, wooden and made ships, on their sides left to lay, on the back yard no less, apparently having become obsolete and useless after some fashionable new ones had taken their place, what a waste!

Then again, isn’t that the way of the present day? But, if there was a way to restore these old school vessels, the beauty still there, even under all the dirt and old paint, the effort too big to take on? Anyone?

But for now, it seems, that those craft are left for all to be seen, as nothing more than a rotting pile of useless junk, making a good hiding place for the mice and even a few skunks, after all, the animals seem to be able to recycle old stuff, so why not us? 

Ships meeting at high seas


“The sea is calm just after the storm, and now, the ships are moving back and forth again, so what are you waiting for? Let’s go on a boat ride!“ Gun Roswell

Ships meeting at high seas

The fog, finally clearing from the waters edge, soon something else, there will be wedged. The level of the horizon, I think is the best, and so, gazing into the void intently I can see, there are two boats out there, meeting at sea, something not foreseen, but rather a random happenstance, at least on first glance.

And so, it indeed was a random encounter for sure, as neither of them knew in there they were lured. The change of weather had caught them by surprise, and so, the equipment haywire almost caused the demise. Alas, snap thinking of the captain made them safe and so now, out there in the high seas, the two craft suddenly meet.

But whether it was a change encounter of any kind, the ships meeting, well, it was all just fine. As the greetings exchanged while passing the other, was more than a hello and less than a hugger. And then, each of them back on their own route, to make their way to the other side.

Land ahoy or setting sail again

“The ship ashore, can be such a bore, so better set sail out there again and some time on the waters spend” Gun Roswell 

Land ahoy or setting sail again

The old ship anchored by the shore, forgotten because it was slow and people on board got bored, as the traveling speed was too slow, for those who just wanted to really fast go

But there are those of us, preferring the calm and non fuss, hoping life to live without too much happening and then gently floating along the stream, without nothing too extreme happening.

So, perhaps this neglected vessel might just be the one thing we are looking for, stranded, by the seashore, but still worthy of a fight, and getting out there on the waves sometimes loud.

Without further doubt or thought, getting onboard, the creaking wooden planks playing their musical sounds, as the few of us enter the ship, ready for a fantastic trip.

As soon as the checks are done, sails hoisted and clearing all moorings before embarking to the high seas, as this is exactly the kind of style and pace we all seek, nothing to stop the old gal from beginning the short trip, because this is one fine albeit retro seaworthy ship.

Row, row, row your motorboat

“Nothing more frustrating than trying to row a motorised seaworthy vessel, a lot of resistance and even more hassle“ Gun Roswell 

Row, row, row your motorboat

The weather grey and dull, feelings of soggy and null, but the one great thing about a grey day like this, something I would not want miss, for anything in the world, is to set a sea, towards the harsh waves to be hurled as it is totally unheard of, to go out to the waters edge, in bad weather rather best option is simply to stay in the comfort of your bed. But the road so far here to this pier has led, is telling me to go out there and have a totally fun filled day, out there without fail.

But, after riding along, the currents quite strong, the rains pounding over the bow, and somehow, the humidity getting inside of the engines normally fine. Soon enough sputter and coughing the only sounds heard, until the whole setup was done for it and totally died. So, the only option, as this dingy of a concoction, did not have any sails, was simply to cast the ores over the rails and then, gently row, row, row my way back home, and singing along, to that old song, the tune of the ditty, pretty and familiar as riding the calming waves back to shore.

Just passing by, that’s why

“Just two ships passing each other by, in the very ocean wide” Gun Roswell 

Just passing by, that’s why

It was a calm and hazy early morning, as the two ships emerged without a warning, passing each other close by, as it was planned, but only on the fly. Sailing in from the opposite direction of one and other, only meeting in the middle of the inter section, they hardly had time to meet or even give a proper greet. As simply floating by the other, never touching, only glancing once, maybe twice. But there really was no time to say anything else let alone something nice to the other, as the flow kept on going and there really was no stopping it. A well known fact for both, as they knew that despite their slow motion, it was inevitable for the two of them to meet. But, there was nothing more of an option for them, except this on fleeting moment in time, seeing each other for the first and also last time, as the two slow boats, were just passing each other by, and maybe that was enough, and both of them could be just fine after the chance encounter, perhaps by design.

To the journey

“There is nothing like starting a new trip to somewhere you have never been before” Gun Roswell

To the journey

Exploring strange new places and boldly going where you have never been before. Hoping some new experiences to score while looking forwards what those new vistas for you have in store. Not to mention all the unfamiliar faces you might befriend while out there beyond the comfort of your own home.

The jitters of the unknown the moment you embark on that journey, which in planning had been for so long, even if deep down there somewhere you were fearing of the new things along the way, but still decided to stay strong. And with the motto of hoping for the best and preparing for the worst in case something would be to go wrong.

Well, this is the moment when you set sail, to all the strange places and hoping to land on some sandy shores, because what is a human being but someone who likes to explore? Maybe a homebody mostly, but that does not exclude the adventurous nature at all. Because getting on this journey is the fun part even if the destination, leaves you un-smart. Then again, there is always the next port to explore.

Thar’ll be pirates ahead!

”I would most likely have been a pirate in them good and olden days“ Gun Roswell

Thar’ll be pirates ahead!

When entering the high wide and open seas, you’ll never know what you may out there see
It might just be something you totally seek, when getting familiar with them blue waters deep
Or then, it will be something so totally unexpected, and even in some major danger you will get

As you venture further along the unknown yet calming seas, many wonders you will encounter
Such as beautiful singing mermaids and other unknown sea creatures can be found around there
But despite their seemingly good willed natures, they might be shy or even human haters, so be ware

Still, the likelihood of running into a bunch of conniving and thieving, then make you the plank walking pirates in real time action
Is a much more likely to happen to you out there, as the so called real life is often getting to be much the same way as any kind of fiction
So whether you let your imagination run wild, or just facing the facts of something mild, don’t hold your breath as thar’ll be pirates on your left

Sailing along the shore

“Spot the boat on the side of the road” Gun Roswell

Sailing along the shore

Just to be on the safest of sides, on this, blue ocean oh so wide
And as is the pride in addition to the set of skills still lacking quite
The best bet for today’s magnificent ride, was not to totally hide
Rather to stay securely and solemnly on the long, long coastline

So, taking this adventure with just a slight hint of enthusiasm in the air
At least before getting the hang of all this sailing stuff without despair
As it really is a tough job, controlling all of this fine burnt small size boat
So not to make too much of a hassle of it al and then left on the strand to croak

But today, is the first trial of running a ship of my own, being the captain bold
And following the given rules and regulations, and doing the things as told
Because since day one after seeing this fine vessel ready and able, I was sold
And so becoming the proud owner and the skipper, well, guess it was foretold

So, setting sail, across the seashores, will be today’s finest chore
And that despite the short distance will still not be any kind of bore

Ghost ships in the blue waters

“They can only be seen, when the fog gets too thick on the highest of seas, the ghost ships of blue that is” Gun Roswell

Ghost ships in the blue waters

They can only be visible, when the seas are filled with the coolest of those solemn hues, the blue fog surrounding the waters and when the visibility is just a few metres. It is then when the ships appear, to their special spots all over the waters edge. In the colour of blue they are shrouded, and appearing there without any passengers allowed on board them. They are the ghost of the past and the future. Not of us, but only themselves, those many ships which had sunken without any kind of trace off of the face of the world and into the deep abyss hurled. This is not to scare anyone with their presence, only acting as a reminder of the dangers, of putting too much trust in clear blue skies and calm waters, and not taking enough precautions. For the sea is not a safe place for the unprepared, by two always remember to make safety first. But if you happen to spot those blue coloured ghostly vessels, well, better err on the side of caution and stay out of the water, at least, for that day.

Crisscross around the bay

“On a glorious summer’s day, crisscross around the bay“ Gun Roswell 

Crisscross around the bay 

The day sunny and warm, great as a matter of fact just after the storm. The question remained as to what would be the best way to spend it, as time left now was plenty. The calm between the weathers ever changing and really no time for complaining. The only choice really was to rejoice and pump up that feeling of having some fun out there in the warming sun. 

Hitting the beach and finding a small boat so totally sleek. Then jumping right in an d hitting the blue waves, and cruising all day long before the winds once again would get too strong. Crossing the bay and then back again. Like a merry go round only better in so many ways. As it was on the seaside the waters making your smile. And the ride, well that too was quite wild.

In essence the day going fast by as having fun will apparently turn the clocks wind to faster than usual but still, taking a break in the midst of a stormy seasonal shake. Well what could be more greater than crisscrossing around on this small size lake.