Bridged over the skies

“There are roads up there, bridges, built on top of thin air, hanging just there in the skies” Gun Roswell

Bridged over the skies

They built them, way back when, out of stones, bricks, whatever they could find, just because they wanted to, reaching for the skies, for divinity, or at least, that is the theory, for us in the here and now, looking up there, at the skies, where the bridges we can spy, built by those who dared to dream, that there was more out there, than could be seen, by the naked eye, even if open wide.


“There are leaves across the skies, seemingly alive” Gun Roswell


The leaves, which never fall, no matter spring, summer, winter or even fall

They keep on hanging there, being for ever green, the pretties anywhere seen

And then when the sun turns up to shine, against the coolest of blue skies

There are vibrations of various kind, the other colours, seen just again the dust

Even the very soft fluffiness of them reflected, against the blue up in the sky

And as the eyes do spy, all those sudden elements hidden there, on the inside 

What a surprise, for the weary observer of nature, never fully understanding the nature

Of those mundane leaves, which sometimes in the soft winds start to heave

But still are able, a most permanent mark on a person leave, just by seeing them be

Blue skies without any clouds

“There are nothing but blues skies ahead of us from now on, well, at least for today, am I right?“ Gun Roswell 

Blue skies without any clouds

The skies are totally blue, and it is obvious this is some kind of similar hue, to that of the waters play in the many pools, and somehow, even the eyes, of some of us reflect the same, and being one with the cosmos every now and again, feels totally good, then again, it is just a colour some would say, exactly like the grey, and soon enough, this one too will fade, but until that very time, let’s simply bask in the softness of the light and the touches of the varied of those gorgeous blues, painted across the skies without even one fluffy cloud in sight, and that, is the might, of the colour of blue, no matter what the hue.

Cool Blue Hue up and into the Skies

“The blues are in control, now and forever, covering the buildings and the skies“ Gun Roswell

Cool Blue Hue up and into the Skies

Glass on the walls, glass on the floors, glass even covering the doors and roof, as there is clearly proof, while the skies of blue, are slowly but surely taking over the tall and proud building, trying to reach for heavens, and now, it found the way, to the ever lasting blues.

But, this is not a bad thing as the blues will totally make those dwelling inside to sing, the blues but in a cool calming tone, chilling and elating everyone to the core. Alas, fear not as it is all very good, the feelings and sensations coming from the above.

The blues, can be a song, or a colour most serene, even a feeling when you want to dream, and during that time you are seeing, perhaps the future of a blue hue, living inside of it in a tall glass building, the blue cool skies scraping.

But then again, you may just want to dwell inside the blue, no matter of the place exists up in the skies or down on the very ground, it’s all perfectly good, as life in the blue should be just the way you choose, without too much confusion getting in the way.

Blue on the Mountain top

“There is just something about blue, simply so stunning and I just keep on watching the view” Gun Roswell

Blue on the Mountain top

Staring into the scene of magnificence most likely something I have never seen before at least, but I feast on the view, resurrecting from the sea and it matches so totally the feel of myself at the moment, the cool blue hues, not a bad feeling at all, calming in a sense and making time stall. I just hope that the sun up there in the bluest of skies won’t fall as it seems to be quite hight above the mountain top very tall.

But as I keep watching, I am also reflecting back to the moment when I first saw this magnificent scene in front of me. And ever since that special time I have been in awe of this, well, divine, where the earth and the sky are aligned in perfect harmony staying perfectly still in the lazy hazy surrounded by nothing else, except all those of us gaping up in awe and feeling the blues of the universe, and even if I could turn the gear to reverse, I would not, as this moment is the perfect one of them all until tomorrow, when there is hopefully more.

High up the blues in the skies

“Keep watching the above skies, you’ll never know what you there might find” Gun Roswell 

High up the blues in the skies

Glancing up, towards the clouds made of fluff, I see all the blue hues covering the ceiling of this wide world and then I am feeling, like the one and only lucky little geek, as I can sit here and just be, for a while at least, simply free of all the worldly troubles down here on this very ground. But up there only stars and the moon can be found and it all sounds like a nice space to escape to, at least sometimes. And after a while as I have fantasised, of being a being able to fly, high up there and after the moment has passed and I’m back on this so called earth again, as I stand and gaze up towards the skies I just left before coming back down and guess what! I am feeling, fine even without spending one dime and then, I can once again smile.

Reaching for the skies and extended life, island style

“The old buildings are fascinating on so many levels” Gun Roswell 

Reaching for the skies and extended life, island style

On the very much deserted island, there is still some life left, as the breathing wooden buildings, tell their stories without yielding, to the inevitable decay, but standing tall against all odds nature might throw their way. Built a century ago, for those, whom dared to venture out in the unknown, life in the wild, or at least that is what it was like, back then, as this barren place was certainly not a heaven’s sent. So today only the wooden made shacks remain, to tell the story of the past, which should only in the history books last. Alas, the houses have decided differently, remaining in tact stubbornly, as if nothing, human or nature can do, to make them in the mood, of giving in. No, the are a testament to anyone, proof of durability that can, surpass time and space, as they stay, now and forever, the same.

Skies from above and below

“The skies keep changing every time I look at them, that is so totally awesome!” Gun Roswell

Skies from above and below

While I am standing here on the ground, looking up towards the skies, like the human spy, I feel small, like a pawn of some kind, in the eternal game of life, at least, where the grand scheme of things is played out there, in the grand spheres, but I continue glancing up, without much fear. Always with my head held high, as if attempting to reach the clouds. A dreamer of sorts and yes, I feel so bold, even if I was told, I should not attempt rising above, from this secure place with my feet on the ground. But I never listen to anyone trying to keep me down, and so I keep watching and dreaming that one day, I too may be lifted from this ground. Still, there was just the means, which kept eluding me and yet a good method to rise up there, to be found…

Then I was informed there might just be another way around, this dilemma of a feeling of being left back, on the ground. It comes in the form of wings and engines and can fly long distances without much hindrance. The plane as it is called, and this time around I really was so totally bold, as I reserved a seat on this fine flying machine, because I wanted to go to a place I had never seen. As the vessel soared high above the fine fluffy clouds, and even if the noises there, were really quite loud, I knew then and there, that this was the place I had searched for a long time and now finally found. But the problem once again remained, as it seemed likely, I could on this level forever stay. After all, it was a mere machine, which took a lot of effort to rise up in the skies, and it simply was not able to remain there for any long amount of time. But, at least I had the opportunity to have a taste of what was up there high, and even that small period in time, did make me smile.

But, next time, I want to go further even, maybe, towards the unknown space, I soon would be leaving and then, travel the universe, the galaxies, but that is a story for another time.

Land Ahoy!

“The gorgeous landscapes of the Earth I so love, as I view them from above, on an airplane wing, where I sit, in silence and awe“ Gun Roswell

Land Ahoy!

Sitting, on the wing, of a vessel, steering gently across the clouds, which softly shroud the skies above the lands, of this planet we call Earth. This was the so-called birth, of my adventure to seek out, the perfect spot, where I could lay claim, as the aim, was to build, a small lodge, where I could dwell. At least, that was the plan and the best reason for this expedition. Then again, I love watching the skies, not matter where I dwell or lie, so all and all, even if I would never find that perfect spot, or finding too many of them, which would most likely be the dent, in my whole plan. So, as I sit and the lands scan, with my eyes, open wide, I am sold of the landscapes so totally bold, captivating my heart and soul that whatever the place is in front of me, I am total sold, of the beauty of it all and content to just sit and admire, the only desire, to never land as this is the perfect spot, sitting up here on the wing, and looking down in utter admiration, never getting bored.

Reaching for the moon from the tallest tree top

“As the moon lit up the dark night skies, and I could finally walk without stumbling on the narrow path“ Gun Roswell

Reaching for the moon from the tallest tree top

The full moon, hovered, high above all, in the dark night sky
It was so brightly lit, that it totally looked, like a shiny ball of a light
Alluring and completely inviting, as it was, with all of its luminescence
I was so tempted, to catch it, and the only option for me presented
Was, to climb up, really high, and up the tallest of the trees in sight
And then, if luck would have it, I could ever so easily reach out
And simply, capture, the brightly lit ball, in to, my very own pouch
But also knowing very well, this trip, would not be without an ouch

Finally, daring, with some hesitation, to venture up the sturdy tree trunk
I knew then and there, that the option, of this very mission, to totally flunk
Was not an option at all, rather a the commissioned order, ever so tall
And that was, to capture the mighty and bright moon, once and for all
Alas, the forces that be, were definitely, not on the side of little ol’ me
As the higher I climbed the tall tree, the more out of reach the moon seemed to be
In the end, I reached the very top, and as I dared to gaze up
The moon, was higher than even before and no matter what

I was not able, to even reach it
So, that, in essence, was simply it!
Remaining only, a tall tale of an endeavour
With the completion time set, to never