In the middle of a snow stormy night 

“Standing in a snow storm in the middle of the night, even if the ground is so totally shiny white, there is no way to find a way home, tonight” Gun Roswell 

In the middle of a snow stormy night 

The snow all around me, it is all I can see, as even the familiar home street, looks so strange to me. Navigation all but gone, but I have to stay strong, so not to steer wrong, as all the bright whiteness around me, is causing havoc on my senses, and I feel helpless as I am not able to see ahead, even in this supposed brightness. The coldness seething through my clothing, despite the thermal folding, but to hope I am holding, trying to figure out away, to get back on track and be on my way, back home. But feelings of all alone, in the snowy dessert, I am getting less and less confident in my own abilities, and near by there are no facilities, to have a respite, while waiting for the bulk of it, to pass by. As he storm keeps on, I wander further away, fatigue coming on and then, I know the drain of the effort is too much and Roth that last thought, I stumble down to the ground. Tired, cold and shell shocked, I close my eyes and remain lying on the very place I dropped. It could not be stopped and as I freeze, close to death, seemingly nothing left, I see it, the sign, slightly buried, but mostly fine. The address I had been looking for, is under the snow stored and with my last strength I push up to full length and start walking again, towards the direction the sign states. With only the hope on my side, in the middle of the open white and wide, I know I can finally find my way back, home, even if it may take a while too long. Thinking as I move slowly, damn the storm, for I, am still, strong. 

Sprouts from the snowy shadows 

“Against all the odds, these sprouts of spring, keep popping up from the snow“ Gun Roswell 

Sprouts from the snowy shadows 

So, it was supposed to be already spring, and all them flowery types were supposed the summery songs to sing, as it is, that time of the year, when the freezing fear, should have been completely and totally over. Alas, the weather gods, did not agree, and so now, you see, a lot of snow and freezing below the zero types of things are still happening. What a bummer for those of us, who had awaited and expected so much, as the calendar page turned to this phase in time, slowly, but surely indicating something better was on the way than this bland snowy dismay.

But there are a few tiny sprouts out there, who are completely and utterly crappening, on what ever the deities or rather keepers of the changing climates are doing. As these small hopes of spring time, are coming out in full force from the frozen floors of nature. Popping up from all kinds of places, refusing to remain in stasis and much to all our warm weather loving types, they are slowly but surely coming alive and that is making us smile and forgetting the vile and freezing winds, which still out there are trying to encourage both us and those sprouts and that is a reason to shout out loud:

“Spring time for us all, winter soon will fall!  Yippee Ki Yay or some similar fun type of a word!!!”

Winters fun 3

“Oh, this winter, seemingly never ends. It just keeps going and going and going, like an energizer bunny!“ Gun Roswell

Winters fun 3

The peace and calm finally descended, after all the worst snowstorms subsided. A gorgeous view covered all of the land, like it was some kind of master plan of Mother Nature, devised not out of hatred, but for the caring of our senses. And as we really had lost almost all outer defenses before the calming tones, this vision of piece, was really nice to see. Especially after the long, hard and freezing cold months of forever seemed.

The glittering trees, as far as the dyes can see. The forest and all the land, secure in a glistening white blanket, the fields and roads flanking, on the sides all of it in the same pretty white smile. This is the way, winter wants us to remember it, nice and crisp and clean, the way to be seen in our memories. As before taking its leave, in turn of the spring and summer time warm and colour full, even if some might think it dull.

And so, no matter hate or love it, you know you will still kiss it, after this winter is gone and the warm weather in storms. And especially then, when it’s time to complain about how it is really too hot and why not, be winter already! Then you’ll know, maybe it wasn’t all that bad after all and then you will start looking forward to fall and the beginning, of a new winter, even if it might cause a few splinters along the way.

Winter fun 2

“There are some so great things about winter, I am sure, but can’t think of any at the moment“ Gun Roswell

Winter fun 2

Pushing a wheel thing in the midst of a snowstorm, trying to tackle all them piles forming obstacles for you, well, not fun at all. Especially when the mountains of snow are growing more and more tall, by each passing moment as the snow just keeps on pouring down, down, ever more down and not even the strongest of plows, can help you now.

What when all the streets, are filled with that same ole boring white stuff, a few weeks ago you did not seem to get in enough of. But now it’s so much more than you can really handle and no matter how hard you try to rid of it, it’s like burning the candle, at both ends no less. But the further time ticks, and the more of this shit comes in, the less fun this seems.

It was fun, for a moment I must admit, when standing on the inside and staring towards the great open white, it looks pretty and all. Then just that small nagging feeling in the back of your mind begins again. The reminder of the car under a pile of that stuff and then shoveling out the road somewhere there underneath. At least a path to get to the mailbox, that’s not too much to ask right?

Alas, the daily life, has become somewhat of a strife. So listen up good, you weather gods, when I say: Enough is enough already! Now, make way with spring and the sun, as that would really be so fun!

Winter Fun 1

“There is nothing wrong with winter, as long as you get to spend it on a warm summers island in the sun” Gun Roswell

Winter Fun 1

In the early morning hours, it all started, supposedly it was to be just a few showers, but it kept pouring well into the end of day and the darkness.
The snow of it all! A total down fall. Winter fun? they said, Come join in the ride of a sleigh! Yeah, what we did not know back then, that there was hell to pay!

And, as suspected, the fun did not last very long, as the wintry snow was for us far too strong, to handle on the yards, on the roads and all that which followed in tow.
All the equipment and heavy machinery could not make it in time, plowing it all away, which would have been fine, but it just kept coming down. More and more and more.

Each and every single day, when eventually not even a sleigh could pass through. The white stuff piles growing higher all around, where there had been one or a few, now
more than even the mightiest dragon could slew. Fire! Yeah, that was the thing needed, and where was the sun? Not enjoying the wintery fun, that was for sure!

So, each and every day, we keep on trying to push the snow away. Alas, we are all growing weary, and even the temperatures keep going down, so scary, that no one anymore leering.
No signs of spring or summer, what a bummer! Even if the old almanac on the wall, has a picture of sunshine installed. No, it is all so totally wrong! Oh, winter thou art a heartless bitch!

Snow, behind the very window

“We Finns call it the “Taka-talvi”, loosely translated as backslash winter, not fun at all, especially in the supposed spring month of March, that is just so hard!“ Gun Roswell

Snow, behind the very window

Snow, snow, snow, let it snow! But hey, it’s already the month of March, so stop pouring that garbage onto our small suburban, still quite large backyard! (to whomever is listening in). Yeah, you heard me, enough is enough and I am not acting tough here, by any means. Simply telling it as seen over here.

Though, to be honest, the last time shovelling the white stuff, cursing enough is enough, it might have been something the weather deities took to their hearts and out of spite, started pushing more of it, simply to show their might. And hey, on the record: that is not nice! (Shaking fist).

Well, today, after some more work out there, trying all them tricks out of the old sleeve, to rid of the pestering freely flowing white stuff of a thing, which even songs some people about like to sing, at least during X-mas time, go figure, what might be the trigger there! Maybe some state of shock or similar set of mind, trying to be kind here.

“Well, It’s worked so far, but we are not off yet!” Was the snide comment just said, as after the driveway was finally plowed, once again free of the snow, which miles on end you can see, at least, during this time of the year, which is not winter anymore, but Spring, so go ahead, try a song out that sing. It really stopped being funny several moments ago!

Early morning hours

“Looks pretty, the outside with sunshine, snow and freezing temperatures, at least when stalking it from the warm inside“ Gun Roswell

Early morning hours

It looked really cool, the sunshine and the blue
Reflected off the snow, in all the colours hues
The sunshine, totally awesome and sublime
Combined, the wintry scene storybook divine…

Alas, when checking what is the outside temperature
Today, well below the degrees of zero, way too irregular
To have good enough wardrobe to even make it
Out there without several times changing to fit
What ever nature is about to throw your way on this day
So, the decision, becoming very clear and easy
Rather then into so many restricting layers to squeeze in
Closing quickly the curtains and deciding of staying
Inside in the darkened room, where it is always cozy
As the other option of blinding lights and frozen skin
Is not as attempting at all, as the scene just seen
Through the window wide, but that is all quite fine
As now, I’ve got the nice and scenic picture to dwell on
During those hot summer days when the complain is strong

Blue on white, before the night

“All is still, in the forest, before the fall of the night, at least, on the surface, it seems to be so“
Gun Roswell

Blue on white, before the night

Crispy and crunchy, the frozen flakes on the cold ground sounded, under the small steps
On the path of the searchers, which deep into the snowy white forest before night fall led
It was that time of the eve, where the silence too fell, just a little before the sun would leave
Making way for the moon to rise in the skies, but before that, a stand still on the low and high
A moment of true blue colours surrounding all those, who dared to follow the calls of the wild
Perfectly still, nature turning from white to the coolest of hues, from light blues to darkening night
Staying there until the moment had passed, only then venturing back home in the pale moon light

Winter morning in the snow

“Oh winter, you are such a b… Ah, just forget about it, I’ll just deal with it!” Gun Roswell

Winter morning in the snow

It had been quite the night, the freezing weather and the howling winds alike. Not one single moment of sleep, only a nightmarish slumber non too deep. All of this causing fowl mood and slight headache in the early morning hours, and nothing not even the darkest of coffee, was enough to lift the spirits up.

But as I looked out the window, I could see, lots and lots of snow. Gone, was the dull and grey and even if this meant I had to at the handle of a shovel for sometime to slay, to dig out a path from the house. Then it was all good as the crisp clean planes of the snow covered grounds, were now sparkling as the sun had come out.

Even if I openly despise winter as a whole, there is nothing more gorgeous than a clean world outside the widow after a night of storm. As it just might be enough to make even the most cold hearted hater of this, unforgiving yet quite necessary season, quite whole.

The trees are made of white stuff

“Wintery forest, is quite gorgeous, especially in the morning” Gun Roswell

The trees are made of white stuff

In the early morning, just when the sun is yawning
Step into to the magical realm, where threes of white dwell
The quietness of it all, makes seem like time has stalled
And if you listen really carefully, you can hear the songs
Sung by all those beings making their home in there
Far away from the real worlds disturbing stares
A magical winter wonderland for those true seekers
Whom others might call, total and utter geeks
But you and me, we, both know that what you want to see
Can be much better than what those non-believers redeem
To be hocus-pocus, so never mind, just enjoy the find
As this is as rare as it truly gets, out here