Totally Green 

“It’s so lush, so fresh, so totally gorgeous, it looks good and even edible, it’s green!” Gun Roswell

Totally Green 

It’s the time of the year, when all is so utterly green, the leaves, the grass, even some of the water, but that is not really good, but, the green colour is all around to be found, especially when it has been raining heavily, the nature nurtured by the life giving liquid.

But don’t be fooled, because as soon as it gets too hot or too cold, the green will turn quite sour, into a murky looking brown! So, keep watering the fields of green, because those will only last for this very short season!s

May Day!

“The day fir workers to relax? To enjoy some time off? Well, I know I’m still working so?” Gun Roswell

May Day!

“May Day! May Day!”
The clock blared
As the alarm went off
I woke up with a scoff
“What the F…!”
As this, was supposed to be my day off!

Clearing my throat, with a cough
I quickly got up, in a huff and a puff
Waking, this early in the morning, was tough

I looked at the clock on the wall
Figuring some way, to stall
But the only option, was my ass outside to haul

First view from the window
Did my foggy mind blow
As I rubbed my eyes, little did I know
The only thing I would see, was more snow

What the hell was going on?
I thought May was summer’s dawn
But this plan has one big flaw
The winter has raised its ugly claw

It must have been because of the weather
My alarm clock had made this error
Waking me up early, knowing
I only, could this task endeavour

So now, it was up to me
The land and air rid of the freeze
To bring forth the sunshine and warm breeze
Just had to figure out, how this task to seize!

If I only had powers of magic
I would just pull out some gimmick
But unfortunately, my witchery has a limit

So, for now, I just taped on an image
Onto the window with a view quite idyllic
A summery green meadow,
The warmer weathers to mimic

Oh not this again! Snow in April?!

The weather be a cold hearted wench, literally! The snow and ice, that ain’t at all nice! Not in April!“ Gun Roswell

Oh not this again! Snow in April?!

The weather, always be there, not matter where you are on this small sphere

Perhaps, if going to the moon, then there would be nothing there to over swoon?

No rain, no snow, no heat no warmth, definitely no sunshine, well, at least some, maybe?

But, always and forever, the weather down here on this planet, upon us daily dwellers, present

And that fact, simply annoys the hell out of those who can only see the one point of view

That of there being of an eternal summer with full blown heat and no rain to spare, with drought too, I am afraid

Or then the continued cold of a harsh and monochrome winter, snow, sleet, ice, nothing ever nice even on a dare

The weather gods dropping on their way, just the same old pouring stuff day in and out

Hey! I finally shout to those possibly listening in, what the f..k were you all thinking?

The calendar on the wall, clearly states this is not winter nor fall, but spring time should be all up and in the air

And so, send us some warm kind of weather and sunshine and perhaps a few drops of water too!

Spring and Summer Weather

“There is nothing wrong with the weather. It is fine, I am fine, everyone is fine. It’s just weather, changing all the time.” Gun Roswell

Spring and Summer Weather

The early morning showers, woke me up, with a light flash caused by thunder. It was not at all unexpected as it had been forecast already but usually those meteorologist make a blunders. Still, as it is the merry month of Spring or even Summer, you would think, that after several days, of temperatures in the hight twenties, Celsius as the Europeans measure it, it would be as warm as a summer’s shower, but imagine my dismay as I watched outside my window display and saw what I saw. The weather dire and dull, the temperatures could have easily been closer to null as it was freezing like before the winters storms. Now this was not nice as nobody had me warned, that today would not be bathing suit degrees rather chilling cold and wet ones to possibly and most likely make you sneeze. Well, we all know that the weather gods are here for us humans to please, but come on! Wouldn’t it be nice for that the Summer weather to finally kick in with full force and warming up not just the world wide outside, but thaw also our chilly little hearts from that wintery smart? Yeah right, it’s just weather am I right!?

Red Leather Gloves

“My little pretty red gloves bring me joy and warmth; after all it is winter or at least, it started once again, surprise!” Gun Roswell


Red Leather Gloves

“This is when the gloves come off!” She stated with a huff and added a puff.

Throwing down the protective shielding onto the ground, she was about to defy all beliefs of what would happen when exposing yourself to the elements.

It was that time of the year, when the cold season had taken over. There was no hiding from the white powdery substance covering most of the northern world. The only thing to do to survive was to put as much woven garments on top of the skin as possible. The degrees sinking down below zero in the tens, sometimes even hundreds, this season lasted for a length of six moons.

But those damn gloves! How they irritated her, especially today. They were always in the way. Grabbing things was not easy, not to mention holding a big rugged shovel.

She looked at the discarded gloves laying on the ground. Red against the whitest of snow. Pretty were they, she thought and kept staring at them, while her fingers were getting numb. Finally, as beckoning her, she scooped the offending hand garments from the pile of snow, pulled them on and admired the colour and the feel of them.

Once again, she was very, very happy in her gorgeous red leather gloves.

Spring kind of weather, it really is!

“In the Spring,
I have counted 136 different kinds of weather inside of 24 hours”
Mark Twain

Spring kind of weather, it really is!

The grass, looking oh so green
It is finally that time, the time of spring
All them colourful birds, do so loudly sing…

But, then,
Out of the total and unexpected blue
Bigger than life, some of them football size
Totally white and really cold snowballs
From the now greyed out open skies, start to fall


Well, you expected a change in the weather
And, this, this is certainly spring kind of weather!

Monochromatic Madness

“Let’s try to see the world in black and white today” Gun Roswell

Monochromatic Madness

Today I see everything, in black and white


I just guess I was too tired, to argue, what is wrong and what is right?
And the n finally, giving up the eternal fight:

Of constantly proving, that other colours do exist
But, that you, just have to, really let
Them inside of your own, tiny and closed world
And then completely, in to the colours get hurled

Because, building up a view, of two colours only
Might end up being, a scene much too lonely
But if you are willing, to sink in there boldly
Then, whenever you find yourself, in total dismay
You just might end up, seeing all the shades, of grey

The nuances of the monochromatic
Some of them, are oh so dramatic
And soon, you realize, it’s not so bad after all
It’s actually quite the opposite, even fantastic!

So, I guess, when the two or more colours mix
A gorgeous pallet of various shades does exist
And it’s all, going to be really, really great!
And that’s what matters after all, in the end!

Mundane Monday and Spring Time 3

”It’s another Monday again folks, but today it seems to be so much nicer!” Gun Roswell

Mundane Monday and Spring Time

Red House

The old-style house on the hill
Against the back drop it just chills
Never mind the construction
It has always avoided destruction
Sitting so pretty, in another wise (shitty)
New style concrete block environment
The red house is surely gets its adornment

A contrast, built to forever last
(Maybe some fixing needed, the owner admits)
But so cute, so rare
It must be spared!
The tiny red house on the hill with a mouse
And in this image still, it looks like the house
Made for Jack and Jill
(or Juliet and Jill or Jack and Gill, which ever you prefer)
For everyone really, in it to chill
So, come on in, have a coffee
They even server baked muffins with toffee!

Spring cacophony I two

“So many colours out there, you go nuts!” Gun Roswell

Spring cacophony

Red popping forth

The red dominated the scene
Even left behind, was all the green
Fading into the black and white
As the red had finally got on its fight
Against the dreary and dull
With temperatures below the null
From now on nothing but strong colours
With lots of delightfully intoxicating odours
Spring has sprung
The world is feeling young
So, go out and enjoy the scenery
Which now exist in plenty
Guess it is really that time
When sitting outside
With a cool glass of wine
And no longer living in the phase of stun
But going out there, for some long awaited fun

Spring cacophony I one

“So many colours out there, you go nuts!” Gun Roswell

Spring cacophony

Up the tree tops

Look up at the tree tops
The buds have really popped
As nothing could have the spring stopped
And it finally topped
The cruel grey season
Lasting too long, almost like treason
By Mother Nature as only she can
Release all the growth from their wintry prison
But now the wait is over
And the colours are all over and everywhere
Dance around in the fields over there
And sing a song of spring in here