Let there be light


“There is always light, at the end of every single road taken, long or short, does not matter as long as you believe it to be so“ Gun Roswell

Let there be light

The great leader had made a tall promise to all those, whom would want them to follow on the set road ahead, away from the ever looming darkness and into the eternal light, always shining so bright, and those wanting to hit on this very road, would always be basking in the eternal brightness of it all, never feeling any less or even the blues, always being on the side of the goodness, never wanting for more, as this was the very promise made and if the people wanted to score their place, then all that which was needed from them, was a simple promise, of always staying on the set path, never straying, or even, looking back, never giving into the slack rather always moving further, ever forward until finally seeing and being one with the light, no matter if sometimes a fright would be the companion, as the times while making the journey ahead, would not always make one smile, still, it was not as difficult of a trek to make, as this one was led by a great leader, always making sure nobody would be left behind or left to their own devices, rather becoming part of the whole, in body, mind and soul.

Pegasus (WWW) 3

“The winged horsy animal” Gun Roswell


A study in ancient history
Will reveal more secrets beyond the imaginary
For example a white horse

With wings spread across the
Eternal skies, as he high up there
Flies, working for the gods

Of the legends now coming
To life, in the present, as the
Tale of the white horse

Keeps going on for seekers
And other fans of history, look up
You may catch a glimpse

Of the marble wonder horse
Running, flapping, gliding, across the universe proudly
Flying, never stopping for anyone

Pegasus (WWW) 1

“The winged horsy animal” Gun Roswell


The mighty white stallion with
Wings on his back, flying around in
Ancient times like a bird

Descended from gods, made of
Shiny marble, a true marble for both
Modern times and of history

Ride it no one dares
Tame it, it will give a scare
Alas, well he did not

Fare, in the end into
Heavens did he ascend, joining his brothers
And the rest of gods

Metallic Twist

“Oh I’ll twist it right, in there!” Gun Roswell

Metallic Twist

In a twist of metal, she was born
In the early hours, before sunrise, at dawn
She stretched extremities with a yawn
And then realized, in full length, she was not small

Now, in the middle of the room on her pedestal
She stands there, people gawking, like she was an angel
But she does not mind, she gets off on the stares
Even with an expressionless face, internally, she glares

For she, is no angel, nor is a mere mortal
Her goal to stir trouble, ever since arriving through that portal
The poor artist in creation, was never the wiser poor soul
Of what evil things he let loose, twisting that metallic roll

She is no hurry, watching, waiting, for that special moment
When everyone is under her spell, and then only starts the torment
The eternal yearning, the struggle within, of wanting, never having
That is her agenda, to raise hope, but never giving

Backyard Angel for Mundane Monday

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“I saw the angel in the marble
and carved until I set him free”


Backyard Angel

Snow flakes landing on the ground
Covering the land like a white crown
No stopping of seasons changing
Both in rain and sunlight bathing
The backyard angel sitting still
Feeling neither chill or thrill
A guardian of this household may he be
But not a sound nor move will make he
Rest assured your home is safe
As long as the backyard angel in his place will stay

Finnish Labour Day Eve Celebration aka ‘Mantan Lakitus’

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Finnish Labour Day Eve Celebration (30.04) aka ‘Mantan Lakitus’

Havis Amanda
The gorgeous lady
Rising from the sea
Naked as if bathing
Bearing everything
For the eyes to see
Tourists are watching
Cameras are clicking
A true beauty
Reflecting the city
Of Helsinki

The Erechtheion Temple Priestesses

Photo Challenge by SYLVAIN LANDRY
A response to Sylvain’s challenge theme of Monument
SL-WEEK 19: Monument


The Erechtheion temple priestesses, Acropolis, Athens, Greece


Four ladies of the temple
Each other do they resemble
The guardians on the porch
Standing tall with their torch
In this place of worship
For the Greeks of ancient

Erechtheion priestess