Flash Frozen (meaning very quickly)

“When the cold front hits, well, things get frozen solid.” Gun Roswell

Flash Frozen (meaning very quickly)

The problem or beauty of winter is, that when the temperatures plummet, the waters get frozen, no matter in the creek or on top of a dozen, the weather really never discriminates not for nature or human nor animal alike, they all freeze if no cover is applied

So, when you come upon a gorgeous display, of something frozen in their way, still life for the times, or at least, until the warm front hits again and melting process starts, revealing a living thing underneath all that ice, surviving the harsh coldness of winter, which is alway nice

Still Life in Winter

“Life simple and quiet in the midst of winter, nothing moves or stirs, not even a splinter” Gun Roswell

Still Life in Winter

When the cold hits the air
And the tree branches are simply bare
The ground is the solid colour of grey or white
And all the effort has left the fight
You simply give in to the mood
To the calmness of the winter’s groove
Enjoying the monochromatic presence
Which has become, the current existence
But it’s all so very fine
Since this is a very special time
The winter, like any other season won’t long last
And soon enough, another kind of blast
Will fill the bodies and soul
Of us mere wondering fools