Some kind of touristy stuff going on in here

Helsinki, Finland

“There are always people around everywhere, some call them tourists” Gun Roswell 

Some kind of touristy stuff going on in here

The attractions of the small size city might not be many, but nevertheless they are splendid 

But the shining white historic building sure is the one which draws attention to it so it must be a hit

As all them tourists are flocking the square, where upon the cathedral is built so time in the ancient past, and they all think it’s a blast

To have a look-see, just because you see, someone else recommended it when visiting this same old remote place

Thanks to the visitors, the dwellers of the city feel mighty happy having become part of the world with a spot on the map permanently 

Blinded by the Sun

“The sun will be shining, long after we are all gone, and even if it may be dimming, never again so strong, for now, trust that the rise and set will be there for you to let, dictate your very days to come“ Gun Roswell

Blinded by the Sun

The streets are as long as are the shadows cast, the very mood, the overall ambience just like from the past, meant to last, long after those admiring the special moment, have come and gone, and over the rainbow bridge passed.

And so, do not worry, and for goodness sake, don’t be sorry if missing the special spell in time, as the sun will come back again in the morning, it always does, even if there just might be a totally cloudy cast and with rain and thunder hitting hard, because the sun, is somewhere there, behind the curtain, only waiting for its moment to shine through.

And so, with that thought, safely go to bed, fall asleep, knowing, the one sure thing in life will be there, even if all other things might just fall apart, as the globe of fire, is totally smart, meant to last, way longer than any kind of life, here on this small blue ball.

Of cafes and such

“The small cafe at the end of the street. A place nobody really ever sees, but it is still there, for those who dare, to wander off and find it  Gun Roswell

Of cafes and such

The city which never sleeps, well, it has to, sometimes, at least.

But those who dare to wander, no matter the time of the hour, will be happily surprised, while finding a place so nice, a cafe at the end of a small street!

So daring, taking a peak, just because it might just be the very place so many of us seek!

A quiet place, nobody cares about, not really, but those who do, will always and forever wander there, again and again.

Crowd funded?

“Too many people equals usually never a good thing” Gun Roswell 

Crowd funded?

Crowds, people, individuals, too many of them I see, out there on the streets.

Scary too they all seem to be, at least as far as I can see.

But perhaps if daring, venturing out there and them with a smile greeting?

Perhaps none too scared am I anymore, because maybe the thought had simply come out of lore?

People in crowds, being a mob?

The mentality of such groups somewhere in the memory stored?

And so, in there I go.

Just a simple hello.

Perhaps they will see me as a similar type to them?

Someone who could easily fit in?

Cafe on a quiet street

“The early morning hours, without a rush in sight, enjoying a cup or two, on the quiet street’s cafe I can easily choose” Gun Roswell

Cafe on a quiet street

The quaint and old school feel, even if it does all seem quite unreal, as if having been thrown back in time, sensing the ghost from the past, seated there, with me, watching and observing the odd arrival, and even longe ager when I have passed this place, they will still remain.

The quiet street at the end of the cul-de-sac, is a must and a fact, a hidden gem, which can only be found with effort and perhaps, when on a whim, to look for something different, the cafe with a hint and a nudge nudge wink.

News on and off the walls

“Read the news, old or new, while strolling the streets of blue, as they are all, off the wall, literally, because reading is fundamental” Gun Roswell 

News on and off the walls

They are splattered all across the walls, here, there and everywhere, the news from today and news from the before, interesting reading they just might make, even if not all are on the nerve of the day, but for those who are on the eternal stroll, not really needing anything usually to know, but soon curiosity peeking, even without seeking the right instalment, even if not from their present day kind of story, it is never boring at all, especially, when nothing else peeks the mind, and this stuff is just to unwind, depending of course, whether the news is happy or dreary, well, either way, they might leave the reader in some kind of feelings, about it all, even if it was all just off the wall, but do not worry, it is only natural and so, just continue with the stroll, as soon enough, another kind of wall will feature a set off whole selection of all kinds of news, and ain’t that just totally cool!

The streets of Paris to thread on and then some

“Far away vistas or close by cultural cities? Well, guess I chose the latter one this time around and this is what I found” Gun Roswell

The streets of Paris to thread on and then some

The city with the most lights, the city of love, the city filled with history, the city which supposedly sleeps, but that kinda is not true, not really, as all of us needs some rest, even the mighty and strong figure of Europe, the eternal and most gorgeous city that of Paris.

And here, is where the trip begins, from the archway so well, known, where traffic just keeps going on and on, whether on foot, or on a bike or even, some kind of car, the roads all starts from here and then disappear to the distance on the busy streets of Paris.

Now going back and forth in any kind of city is a time consuming, sweat breaking and well, you totally get thirsty. And then, sitting down and having a break, whether for some much refreshing coffee or then, a glass of some fine wine, and that is all fine, in the many small cafes of Paris.

Then, when the night finally falls, because it really does even here, in the city of eternal lights. So, without any kind of fight, make your way towards the tallest tower, at least for a few miles, aptly named after that one builder guy, Eiffel, and watch the lights turn to various colours, at night, the feelings only when visiting the city of Paris.

Up the slippery street

“The snowy roads, can be fun, but then again, dragging heavy bags from the store, to your home, can be everything else but fun!” Gun Roswell

Up the slippery street

The street side none too wide, but leading towards the home, which is waiting nice and warm after a day of slaving at work and then getting yourself to the market place for some dessert, well, more than that really as the bags are filled with items needed for the everyday life, just in case, the weather might turn and then, the only thing was to stay at home and churn. But today, while the snow fall had lasted a while and those blasted service people did not bring on a smile as the plowing had been left undone and well, hauling yourself and the big and heavy bags up the hill was everything else but the winter’s fun seen in the images from before, rather this one, was more than a simple chore. Hauling and heaving, getting some rest in between, even if the trip is not really that long, it seems like a mountain tall, to be conquered in the middle of the storm. But finally getting there, opening the door to the inviting and warm, putting away the produce from the bags, and then, it is time for a well deserved snack!

Night lights

“There is total comfort in the street lights when the darkness of the night descends“ Gun Roswell 

Night lights

The rain had been pouring for a long while, but for now it was finally calming down, giving, a brief moment to enjoy the evening time. The crisp and fresh feeling weather despite the overall darkness holding on like a tight tether to the weary walker outside in the complete darkness with only the street lights to on rely. For the very moment, that was simply fine, as there was enough of the brightly lit street lights to guide the solemn traveler of the night.

The reflections and the shadows on the puddles left behind of the storm now gone at least for now. Nobody else about the darkened alleyways, not even a dog walker would have dared to step outside, not because of the scare of the ever changing weather, but only because they might spot someone else there, during these antisocial times and that experience would have been more scary, than anything else the dark night would throw their way. 

Alas, the one single dare devil, keeps on walking under the shadow casting night lights, the streets now empty, the traveller is free to roam wherever they have the willpower to try. A true night dweller if anyone, only this one, keeps their pace up with all the shining night lights, unafraid of anything they might encounter, not even a fellow member of this special club of walkers in the darkness of the night.

Peekaboo through the trees I can finally see

“The trees look so tall and slim during the winter time when they are stripped of their leaves, almost as if they had been on a diet of sorts“ Gun Roswell

Peekaboo through the trees I can finally see

The lamp was trying to grow oh so very tall, and as big and broad as the all mighty trees it was now permanently stuck in between. But as it was now the time of winter, the tall trees, had become slimmer, making the lamp a tad bolder and sure of its goals, because now, despite all the snow, it was becoming as detectable as the tall trees, as others could it actually see it, behind the dark branches, which during this season, were not so big and bold after all. Peeking from behind of the green leaves had never been fun for the lamp who was trying to shine its faded light to all beneath, but now, it seemed, that during this cold and dark season, it once again had a reason, a stance of its own even, shining the light between the snowy trees, and if possible, growing even taller, or at least, that was the lamps forever dream.