Blue Car

“Even if the car is painted blue, it doesn’t mean it is always a the hue of you” Gun Roswell 

Blue Car

There, in the streets, it stood parked, right there in the busy hoods, the old girl of a thing, the blue car, from the seventies or something, self cared and well preserved, even if it wasn’t much to look at. No ‘ohs’ or ‘ahs’ from the passers by, maybe sometimes, a hint of smile, but mostly considered a heap of a rust bucket, to be thrown all the way to the town of Nantucket. 

But the owner of said vehicle, defended the tiny car quite maniacal, as it had won the heart and soul of the keeper so bold, daring to take this vessel from the beyond and keep it safe from wind and storm, whenever they were not driving along, the busy streets singing along to old tunes as heard then and now, on the radio.

It may be a tiny old and blue car, but it will drive you so far, or at least as far as you need to go, even if it may be quite slow, but hey, where is they hurry anyway? Just take a seat, buckle up tight and then, well, drive!

On the streets of Paris 3

“Strolling down the lane of memories once again and landed in Paris, the city of lights and spring“ Gun Roswell

On the streets of Paris 3

Whether you will want to walk the distance or take a bike or the famous metro to your designated destination, you can totally do any of them ways without hesitation. All safe and good for the environment of course and all of the methods will set you great on your course of action that is. And this is not simply to please, those climate conscious people like you and me, rather it is a fun way to stroll the streets. I am talking about walking naturally, but mostly, riding a communal and fun coloured bike, which you can rent without even a sigh. Easy as pie, as you can drive, all they long, and even getting the exercise there, with your legs getting more and more strong each pedal push you make.

Then for the lazy types, but still conscious minds, there is the ultimate way to travel, and that is underground with the metro system. Yes get down there and see it all to come unravelled in front of your very eyes, the most advanced transport for all the times. No, kidding here of course, as it is rather an old method of transport to say the least, but then again, modernised for your comfort of sorts, as it may get pretty hot in the summer months, deep down in the underground. But hey, it’s cheap and fast and fun so never mind, just get that ticket and hop on that, well, train! You can get off at any stop, visit the museums, sights and shops, it’s gay Paris after all, so go git, have a ball (that means fun time), winter, spring, summer or yeah, even fall!

On the streets of Paris 2

“The pretty place of spring, Paris has that kind of a ring, right?“ Gun Roswell

On the streets of Paris 2

The once certain pièce de résistance in the middle of ole’ gay Paris, is most certainly the Arc de Triomphe, giving that specific oomph, when you walk down the street, any street basically, you will end up in the circle of the streets and below to magnificent landmark, right there in its very own park of sorts. And no, it is not the kind of place to play sports. At least if you want to stay on the good side of the city Gendarmerie, while they are doing their patrolling all over the city.

Lots and lots of tourists there, doing their selfies until and I swear, the police come to pick the up from standing in the middle of the busy lanes. And yes, it is all done while trying to reach the fifteen minutes of fame, well, at least, on social media, not-so-fastgram or something similar. What ever it is called, well, best bet is to simple ignore them and make your own way towards the archway of the ancients to admire it up close and get a doze of history of the prettiest city.

When all the wondering is finally done and even if you feel it’s all quite fun, still, thirst gets in the way and you need a good bar to low lay, before the excursions continue at the break of dusk. And tasting local wines and beers, well that is a must, at least, for some. Then take a load of at any of the plentiful places around the city, either on the streets or inside some getaway, inside a secret doorway? Well, just knock, they’ll let you in, and maybe even, make you sing, a chanson for the city in the light of the night, fun huh!?

On the streets of Paris 1

“Spring time, or any time basically, Paris is the place to be“ Gun Roswell 

On the streets of Paris

It may still be early in the year, even if someone might think that the spring is finally in the air. But the snow on the ground, says otherwise, still, thinking of the one great place in my mind, makes me smile and the idea of warm weather and multiple colours filling the parks. Yes indeed, this is how it all starts, a walk down the good old memory lane, something in which only several recorded images can explain.

It was already late in the evening when hitting the streets, for something specific to seek. The street lights shining our way, well, mostly kinda, as the sun was still setting, thus keeping things light through the stay. So, tonights goal, was simply to take a short stroll and get familiar with the surroundings as tomorrow would really be the start of an excursion, to see it all, to experience Paris, completely and without exclusion.

So, without further ado, ventured out the door, with the elevator hitting the main floor. Outside, the streets open wide, still very much alive, buzzing with noises from people and machines alike. And soon enough realizing the closeness of something so brilliant and up lit, it totally fit the image on the brochure. The tower most magnificent, some said it was heaven’s sent, even if they knew humans did it build for a fair no less.

Quickly crossing the busy streets as to the gorgeous view to reach and soon enough, the tall and towering sight, was erected right there in front of the very eyes. Flashing in various coloured lights, the mighty one had scored yet again another admiring audience, reveling in its ancient presence. Clicks and flashes going off as everyone was making their own record of the tall tower in awe, as this truly was a highlight for a trip way too short.

Snowy roads, just ahead

“A road-trip in the snowy countryside, it is so totally divine!” Gun Roswell

Snowy roads, just ahead

In a hoarse driven buggy or a sleigh, it is all the same, as riding the snowy country roads is a bit of a game. As sometimes the lanes are not cleared from snow, and you might be hanging down a snowblowers tow. The other option is the slippery slope concoction, when the melting weathers, have turned the roads into non-pleasure. But hey, it is a fun kind of a ride, like some wintry exotic slide, as you venture down these snowy paths, it can be quite the blast as long as it lasts.

Mind you, to take a few precautions are good to take, like padded pants and water tight boots, as the bumpier the ride, the sorer the poor behind. So, buckle up, let out the puff and down the fun filled adventure you go! Oh, and one thing more, remember to take some carrots and apples, for the horses who will be doing most to the tackle, slaving away, while dragging your carcass in the cozy comfy sleigh.

Ride, ride, ride a horse buggy in the fresh snow

“Snowy and freezing roads ahead, but the buggy, certainly, is a warming bed“ Gun Roswell

Ride, ride, ride a horse buggy in the fresh snow

It may not have been a special occasion at all, at least, not since the days had grown shorter after Fall, but there was just something so great, about a day after, a heavy snow fall. The idea of spending some time out there in nature without care, maybe even, a picnic of a different kind, as just thinking about it, got wide smiles. Packing up the basket, especially the hot beverage. Mittens, shoes and hats, and thick coat at that, then ready and able to hitch that magical ride, outside in the open wide. But also cold, so don’t forget to bundle up and sip some of that old magical warming elixir of life (coffee).

It was a freezing day after all, so remaining warm, was the key, but not so much so, to limit the vision to see. All the snow covered fields and trees, nothing but miles and miles of white to be seen. Certainly, a must on the list, was that one side trip, to the not so open sea, as this time of year it was all invisible and chill. Maybe spot an island or too, and then take a slide on the ice out of the blue. Then again, spotting all that white, yes you guessed it, the colour of the season, of the one simple reason, snow! Might just have been about the coolest thing you ever saw. Or then again, not. But what ever the feeling for winter is, this one thing, at least, you have to try out, because as the buggy moves, you will shout!

Take a Hike, or to the Moon

“When the working day is done, better have some fun, take a slow hike to the woods, or run amok trying to reach the moon” Gun Roswell

Take a Hike, or to the Moon

Take as slow hike up the winding path
Upon start, having no idea how long it lasts
Just enjoy the upon coming adventure
No matter where or when you venture

You may end up in a different place
Somewhere, where no one for long stays
But hurrying back is not an option at all
So move along, don’t try to stall

Maybe you’ll find a long lost treasure
Or just the atmosphere, for the leisure
Maybe you’ll end up to the moon
And get to swing on the stars as they loom

But once you get the urge to get back home
Just click on your heels, and think of Rome
Because every single road leads to the city
And getting lost, well, that is just a pity!

Traffic, Jammed

“Lots of traffic! – Can we make it in time?” Gun Roswell

Traffic, Jammed

Vehicles of all kinds
A parking spot is hard to find
All the roads are blocked
As they streets with cars are stocked
Hurrying to beat the red light
It’s always such a hard fight
Waiting for the bus
Which some days is a must
Running like a mad person
To reach the stop in time reason
Alas, it has already gone
Or maybe, it’s stuck with a yawn
What ever the method of transport
In the busy city it’s a mute choice
Since there is always heavy traffic
And it takes a long trek to navigate
Reaching any kind of destination
So, then what?
Walking without much hesitation
That could be the only good deviation!

Vienna for WWW (three)

“Österreich ist eine kleine Welt, in der die große ihre Probe hält.”
Friedrich Hebbel

On the Streets of Vienna

Vienna, Oh Vienna
We’re always glad to see ‘ya

You may not be as pretty as Sienna
Or even as hot as High Sierra
But we still love ‘ya
We really really love ‘ya

Vienna, Oh Vienna
We’re always glad to see ‘ya

Your old town feel
Some of it real
The others can’t steal
Don’t worry,
We made that deal

Vienna, Oh Vienna
We’re always glad to see ‘ya

Vienna for WWW (two)

“The use of traveling is to regulate imagination with reality, and instead of thinking of how things may be, see them as they are.” – Samuel Johnson

Vienna by Night

When on a walkabout
On the city’s streets at night
Drawn towards the castle lights
Shining ever so bright

The past has its resonance
In the architecture with elegance
You may even glimpse an eminence
Roaming around the residence

Let the feelings of lavish
Your daily routine vanish
And enjoy a sip from a chalice
In the Schönbrunn Palace