Secret Hideaways

“Lush greens, do cover so many things, homes even, dwellings for those who don’t want to be seen” Gun Roswell

Secret hideaways

The red coloured houses, would usually indicate a stop sign, an x marks the spot type, to more like come find us, we are here, come see who we are, step inside our house!

But, the colour is well hidden, behind the lush green scenery. Hard to find, even at first glance, the small dwellings, even in the middle of the busy neighbourhood, there really is no reason why pass by you simply could.

Alas, with a careful eye, some of us spy, behind the leaves several well hidden lairs, but, being courteous, never wondering close enough, only taking a small peek, at what there just might be.

Backlit construct

“They are building them out of concrete tonight, trying to defeat the elements I suppose. Well, good luck with that then!” Gun Roswell

Backlit construct

The structure standing ever so tall, no matter if someone would down fall. It is built to stand time even it stall, but then again, that thought, could be its greatest downfall. After all, nothing, not even rock, lasts really forever so, maybe, the goal should be set, a tad lower. Just maybe you think?

But whatever the intentions here were, it all looks so totally cool, still in its building stages, against the light from the opposite side, shining ever so bright. At least, then it is totally dark and the moon is the only object now giving light. Casting the eerie shadows across the pitch black night skies.

So, now, I am sitting here, on my own ready made balcony, enjoying (or not) the views of the constructions site, sending all kinds of weird and photogenic vibes across the lines, and in the process of simply glaring at the sight, snapping some kind of photos with a somewhat artistic eye, in the middle of the night no less.

But I must confess, the picture was well worth the taking as it looks kind of cool, am I right?!