Suburbia pano-dramatic

Espoo, Finland

“There is just something to be said of life in the suburbs, yeah, it’s quite the mundane existence“ Gun Roswell

Suburbia pano-dramatic

The life starts, in the early morning hours, if not waiting up yourself, because of the alarm clock, then at least the very moment, the garbage truck starts to rattle around, making all kinds of noises way too early in the morning. Then, there is the morning traffic, the cars and bikes and people, passing by the windows, some of them daring to take a peek inside, curious as to how the other half lives. So, if you are working from home, getting up and running outside, is not a total must, but getting ready for the day ahead is a more calmer event, except, when there are others in the household wanting to embrace the china bowl, as of course there is only one of them in the house even if several people lived there like a pack of mice. Never mind, the day has started and then working with some eating and perhaps a break or two, even daring to step outside on the yard just to clue up on what kind of weather we are having as that is a one constant of interest for all kinds of people, no matter where you are in the world. And then evening knocks on the door, the chores done and then it is time for some boring shows on the TV, as the eve is the time for slacking and such, as the day has already taken so much of the energy, hardly restored at night time, while sleeping, mostly not fine. But yeah, that is the day, and the next and the next one after that, the life in the quiet of suburbia, mundane at best, but never any less.

Rooftop view is a point of view

“The view from above is always so much cooler than the one from the ground” Gun Roswell

Rooftop view is a point of view

The slippery tiles of the tops high, making me think it was quite the insane venture, in getting up here, on the top of the house, just because someone suggested it would be a great place to set up, a monitoring space to keep an eye on the rest of the world, at least do I’ve heard.

But as I try to make my way, across the steep structure with too much sway, I begin to wonder if it was indeed a great idea after all, and perhaps would only cause my fall, all the way down to the very ground, but as I glance around, seeing the views up here only to be found, I get a change of heart, as this was way smart a move to make after all.

And now, here I sit, on a somewhat comfy fit, with my surveillance gear and a large sandwich, watching, observing, even learning, what other people do, when they think nobody has the view, to their secrets below, but hey, sitting up here on the rooftop, gives me the perfect inside scoop, and so being in the loop of the goings on below have never been more easy, even if stalking others seems, well, sleazy.

Sun setting in the winter afternoon


“The sun is setting also in the middle of the winter, even if it has not been up that long, but yeah, when shining so totally strong, it has to set “ Gun Roswell

Sun setting in the winter afternoon

The day is finally done, and also so gone soon will be, way to soon it seems, the sun who dared to bare its rays in the midst of the winter season, just because without any kind of reason, but for the benefit of those dwelling in the darkness for so long, and needed to get a boost of something totally strong to be able to last until this long winter time had passed and before the beginning of the spring would arrive and then only would the darkness be gone for so long, until the next scheduled dark time would emerge. But on this day a surge, of sunny rays appeared from out of nowhere unexpected, but not rejected as the light of it all, was giving brand new hope for the weary and then, watching the last of the fading light, going into that good night, with a new sense of self to last for a little while longer until the last of the dark days were a tale to tell in the middle of the light filled days and nights of summer time.

In the aftermath of a blizzard 

Espoo, Finland

“There is nothing but snow, and more snow, for miles and miles to see, after the blizzard has struck this small city“ Gun Roswell

In the aftermath of a blizzard 

The nightly show, from above was great to look at from behind the glass, separating myself and the mess outside, as all the streets and sidewalks, not to mention porches and front doors, were covered in the stuff which kept on pouring down all night long. So, now, it was the early morning hours and daylight was coming out from each and every crack onward, and the idea of getting out there to inspect the possible damage caused by the downpour, well, getting out the door was the first hurdle, before the actual work would begin. Which was picking up that good old shovel and with each huff and puff, pushing my way out from the small house, now completely surrounded by the white not so powdery stuff, as it was pretty heavy due to the sleet and subsequently following rain of the stormy weather and so, after a few hours, a broken back and basically body, the snow was piled on top of a very tall heap, only hoping for it to stay up there, as most likely, if luck would have it, and I am saying it sarcastically, there would be more dramatically inclined weather on the way and most likely, more of the white stuff coming down and that was well worth the frown on my sweaty and tired snow shovelling face. 

Espoo, Finland

Winter sunset reflected

Mäkkylä Finland

“The sunset, no matter the season, is always more than expected“ Gun Roswell 

Winter sunset reflected

The frozen windows glossy and shining, with the last light of the daily sun, while setting for the night, but the last rays reflected there, on the glass surface as if for a spare, to hold on to the light a moment longer before loosing the fight to the coning of the dark night. Meanwhile, rejoicing in the reflections are those dwellers whom are tucked away safely behind the luminous windows the rays of the setting sun were touching upon, as if being sun kissed until the good night would lead them to rest, forever basking in the sunlight even in the darkest of the nights, at least that is the internal sensation left, by a few errant rays, leaving the dwellers in such a state of bliss, they cannot be missed by anyone the might meet between the setting sun and the riding of the beam of light until the very next morning as if to begin a new day even if there was no sun except that which reminded within, the ray of pure sunshine do divine it carried on in the souls of the dwellers below.

Mäkkylä Finland

Snowy white suburbia

“Snow on the outside? Cold outside? Below freezing temperatures? What on world is that all about? Duh – Winter!” Gun Roswell

Snowy white suburbia

Opening the front door to a brand new world or so it seems, as if into some fantasy kind of a strange world, I had been over night suddenly hurled? Looking all white and crispy, with a clean and glittering cover on top, all places in the same shade, nothing dirty or misplaced, as only this gorgeous cover of the winter had been smote all over the globe, well at least on this part here, way, way up in the North. And even if this last for a long long while, longer than the accompanying smile of all the dire the cold weather front will bring with it, and the summer season is totally short, that will elicit a soft snort in sarcastic tone, as it can hardly be called a season, rather a sense of treason as it last so short, but the winter, well, it is still pretty and fun, at least for the while and in the pictures and poetry, perhaps also as an excuse to remain indoors most of the time. But for us tough Northerners, this is the way of life, and well, it might be a strife, but it’s nice to curl up inside with the warmth of the comfy fire right beside, and then do absolutely nothing, for a while at least, because winter, gives the excuse to anti socialise!

Nightly window view in Winter

“The snow, makes all the difference, don’t you think” Gun Roswell

Nightly window view in Winter

It was once again that time of the season, when for some reason
The expectance of having some much needed snow on the ground
Even if the weather forecast predicted it was nowhere to be found
But those hopeful ones, who dared to wish and upon a star dish
Their deepest and most sacred desires, before they would expire
And so, as the night time once again, like every day, on time fell
Some of the fans of winter, remained seated, by the window sill
And all of a sudden, all their wishes were granted, to the very hilt
As the solemn flakes of frozen ice, across the chilly air, were spied
And where there was one, soon enough, more would definitely follow
Leaving the autumn, grey dull coloured ground anything but hollow
And in the early morning hours, gleeful the cheers of big and small
Were heard where ever anyone looked out of their windows small
The snow had finally landed, and the season just got a whole lot grander

A winter night in monochromatic view

“The winter always looks so very monochromatic, almost quite dramatic, or perhaps is just because of the colours of so very white?“ Gun Roswell

A winter night in monochromatic view

The colours completely gone, like when someone just banged a very large gong and poof, nothing there remaining, except the tone of monochrome! It was just like magic, all of it disappearing, and gently but surely turning into complete white, the colour so very light and totally bright, even at the midst of the darkened night, and then someone dared to ask the very question: “does anyone know the why?”

But, never mind, the question, sounding very much unkind, as what really is wrong with life in a monochrome? The simplicity of it all, like living inside an old photograph time would have been stalled? It’s almost picture perfect, as the wintery snow never did neglect anything or anyone and now, it’s all looking like so much fun, at least, from the inside out, as it’s most likely quite cold in the perfect image as viewed from the window.

Still, when observing the night, through the lens wide, the monochromatic scene, is as pretty as it has ever been, with the dark dots can be spotted, those daring beings getting outside, to try the monochrome on for size. And those are the very people who can give the answer to the question of why, with a large wide smile, and the answer is no lie.

A wintery path to follow

“The path might be long and totally snowy (shit), but at least there are streets lights on it!“ Gun Roswell

A wintery path to follow

The roads ahead long and narrow, the gut feeling inside even hallow, but threading on, singing a melancholy song, is the option for this dark and dreary night, where nothing shines, not even the newly paved asphalt was a spirit lifting theme and so it seems, that night walk was going to be a solemn and lonely on to do.

Then something happens, a flicker of something light, a flake falls, onto the nose and landing on the ground. Soon enough, the air is filled with swinging and dancing snow flakes covering all of the land in an almost instant, the blanket there, creating the illusion of something illuminated and the steps, despite the snow now all over, were somehow lighter too.

The path might have seemed long and dreary, but now, with the winter’s touch so dearie, it was much easier to take and soon enough, the lights of home were visible in the distance, the walk brisk and rejuvenating, in the middle of the darkest night, all thanks to the snowy winter’s light.

Winter’s window view

“The views from the windows in winter time are simply breathtaking, then again, if you venture to the cold weather outside, then your breath will most certainly be taken!” Gun Roswell

Winter’s window view

The views of the early morning or even mid afternoon, before the darkness arrives in the later time of the day, the sun shining, brightly, for once at least in the middle of this season, the blue skies and fluffy whites up there and the crispness of the cool and cold winter’s air, all those combined, sure do make a wonderful find, when every once in a while, you will remember to look outside the window, the views magnificently monochromic, compared to anything from the summer, but in contrast, these are the times, you don’t mind going back to, in the very heat of the warm season for sure. So, take a good long look, even if it is just the street and the neighbours nook, all covered with the snowy feature, a very cold but still somehow warm blanket of the season, reminding us all, it is time to take it slow and energise ourselves, before the other seasons with warmer weather will soon follow.