Friday vibes and some summer memories

“Yes folks, it is, Friday, once again, which is a good thing, because tomorrow, I can finally sleep in :P“ Gun Roswell

Friday vibes and some summer memories

Another boring working week, finally, in the box
Despite, having planned, quite a lot
But barely doing, the minimum required
Even if, I had some complements acquired
But, today, is that one day, I usually root for
Yes, Friday eve, is finally, knocking at the door!
So, it is time to hang up the keyboard
And pick up a completely new chord
Because this time, is my own special time
Either spent binge watching my favourite shows
Or then, going down the memory lane flow
Meaning mostly, digging up old pictures
Of those rare and few memorable fixtures
Where time was spent in a more favourable place
Where seemingly nothing changes and time still stands
Alas, I am talking about the summer, or rather those few days
Where the sun and the sea, were totally in sync
Showing all kinds of blues off the waves blink
Sitting by that seashore, without any kinds of chores
Well, those days are certainly missed
Now that the darkness slowly starts to piss
On this otherwise solemn and organised daily bliss
But hey, it’s the weekend, so, no more wallowing spent
On the old memories of summer days gone by
Because we all know, time flies
No matter if you are having fun or not
Or even if it is really cold or painfully hot
Enjoy the day, no matter what
Friday, or hey, even a damned Monday
Those can all be, some kind of fund days

Happy weekend y’all!

The end of summer

“Sadly, it has come to this, as it is the end of summer, even if it might have been somewhat of a bummer this year” Gun Roswell

The end of summer

The heatwave, which was cursed in so many ways, has now finally ended, after a long time having spent on this land of those who either it loved or hated. And thus leaving room, for the cold and rain, which in some ways, will wash away the left over pain. 

After a long time of praying, for some kind of relief from the heat, it looks like we have jumped right from that state to a monsoon like plane. The pouring of the rain keeps on going day after day, but if it is good for the hay, then maybe it’s good for the rest of us.

Being totally sad but also glad in a way, as even if the summer has come and gone, and not much of it was really enjoyed as there was really no way in getting around, still, mourning is not on the agenda, not today at least, as that fears beast of thunder, keeps on rumbling.

There will be another one, most likely next year, summer that is. And so, for now, whatever weather comes along next, the snow even, guess I won’t be doing too much of complaining? Not making any promises though as it might be a fall slow and complaining, well that is me, really!

About summer

“Something about summer… I just can’t really put my finger on it, but there is something definitely different about it” Gun Roswell

About summer

The summer time, seemingly fine with all the changes to the land and nature, the weather different from the wintery cold kind of torture. But there is just something totally different out there, in the garden, in the fields, something you don’t very often see, when the snow covers most of the ground. Something so uplifting and colourful, the smells alone, will warm your heart and soul. 

There is something about summer, which will most likely not be a bummer, despite the overly high temperatures and the mostly missing rain. But when looking out the window, the abundance of green colours in the trees and the grass on the ground, well, what can you say? It’s completely different to the white snow during the other months there to be found. 

So guess, for now, despite the negatives, I am enjoying this, simple time, where most of the clothing is even optional, with sense of course and then take small walks into the nature around my homestead and merge myself to the colours of all those blooming things and maybe even try a small ditty to sing?

Flower in purplish blues

“A flower a day, keeps the bad mood away, at least for a while I think” Gun Roswell

Flower in purplish blues

Nature at its very best during the times of warmth when the rest of us just want to rest, lay about and do absolutely nothing. But these pretty things of colours in various purples, keep sprouting up from the ground even if there has been no rain for a while. But it doesn’t really matter how these pretty ones came to be alive as simply looking at them for a while, makes one in a better mood and giving at least, a slight smile and that in itself is simply fine.

So, let those flowers keep on popping up, wherever they want. As this time of the year might be the only one the pretty ones appear. As soon as the weather changes to something cold and unpredictable, the flowers in the fields will start to fall. For now at least, enjoy, listen and view, to the magnificence of the purples and sometimes blues as soon enough, you will wake up, to sub zero temperatures and then only in memories, or photographs if possible, those joys of the summer days of warmth, the flowers in such colourful purples.

Reaching for the mighty sun

“Everyone and everything wants their moment in the shining sun. Why? Well, to get a nice tan, right?!“ Gun Roswell

Reaching for the mighty sun

All of us, small and tall, want something so totally great, sometimes, and then we don’t hesitate, when the sun’s first rays, hit the planes, we get the urge for them to quickly reach and then run towards the nearest sandy beach.

But if a beach is out of reach, then simply make your way out to the yard and pick a place smart, like close to the shade because once you caught the sun, it won’t that easily fade. But if the yard, is never close by, then try the balcony or some similar setting.

Sit down, try to enjoy the moment despite what is around, maybe the discarded plants from the summers before or other kinds of chores you have tried to ignore. But concentrate on those rays, which have come out to play, finding you, never mind where you are hiding that face which beckons to get some sunny rays.

Ok, so it might happen, that you cannot the outdoors reach in time when the sun shines. Well, instead of feeling unfortunate, maybe simple pick up a sun tanning lamp. Used safely, it can give you some of the same effects that mighty powerful glowing ball outside did. Or not, never mind, stay inside. It’s raining anyway.

The beach blues

“There is nothing worse than getting the blues when on the beach, or is that really bad?” Gun Roswell

The beach blues

Blues skies, blue waters, blue mountains covered in blue haze, blue parasols for the shade and beach towels to lay on, with blue boats gently lulling on the blue waves. There is nothing else to be seen for miles on end, at the beach where the blue hues are the dominant colour of the day. But hey, it could be worse as singing the blues on a street corner because you could not access the calming blue waters, well, that is something to sing about. But for now, the only song to be sung, is the praise of this blue place of fun, where the only other colour found, is the beige sand laid out on the ground. The midst of the summer, nothing can be a total bummer, even if all this blue up and till the horizon where a blue moon at night will be rising, will be the cause of the blues with all of the views? Alas, it is all the good kind which will make you smile as you have totally caught, the beach blues.

Beach life on a lazy day

“The sand warm, on a lazy day under the sun strong” Gun Roswell 

Beach life on a lazy day

Sunny day on a beach somewhere, without one single worry or a care, feeling lazy and unmoving, but that’s fine, as I wasn’t trying to be fooling anyone or myself, as this day was already promised for the hazy kind of doing without fooling around on this neat place found.

Not working, not thinking, not giving a moment more to anything else, except to looking and listening to the calming waves, hitting gently the sandy seashore, and watching them for long, was never a bore, and definitely no chore at all, only pleasure nonstop as being off the slaving clock for once.

So, spending all day long, even possibly until the very early hours of the next dawn, on this beach of lore, dancing and singing songs, in praise of the time of summer, where the weather is so much warmer that clothing is optional, and none too controversial if wanting to be totally naked.

Or then putting on a string of cloth reminiscent of a cover of sorts, whatever was the best choice as nobody was judging, not today, on the sandy beach, totally out of reach for most, but not those daring adventurers who had found the hidden place and now spending their lazy days, under the shining sun.

Finding Shade

“There is nothing wrong with a little bit of shade” Gun Roswell

Finding Shade

The sunny rays, seemed to be so totally hazed, when looking out the window, in the early morning hours. Alas, when venturing to the beach, it seemed, that the heat, had risen to a hundred degrees. The formerly calm and cooling summer winds, did not want me to start to sing as the sweaty stains and the smell of burning skin was making it difficult to concentrate on anything except finding a place as quickly as possible to sit and then without any time to hesitate, plunge into the waves simply to get away from the scorching heat and admitting defeat. Sun, you had won again!

But there was a sliver of hope in this adventure of the day, as much to a surprise, I spied a remote location in a good disposition. A solemn parasol, discarded, maybe, who knows. But deciding to find it out, trekking towards the one that I knew was without a doubt, going to save me from the heat and give me a place, in the cool and calming shade. As I closed in on it, I found out the reason for discarding it. It was a rickety looking old school bamboo kind of a construct, but hey, as it cast a shadow onto the sand, I was sold and made my stand, under the one place, I had found my very own shade for today.

Finding relief in the midst of summer’s heat

“There is nothing wrong with a little bit of fun in the sun, until it gets really too hot!” Gun Roswell

Finding relief in the midst of summer’s heat

The day too hot and running sweaty, inside trying not to let it in, but the humidity sweeps through the cracks on the walls, which were supposed to stand tall for an eternity or more. Still, the heat and the sun seem to find their way, no matter what. Simply no respite from this kind of a torment to be found not even if sitting on the cold concrete ground. The only choice, to go outside, for some cool and calming breezes to try to find. Well, that would be the ultimate winning price am I right?!

When out the door, the wall of hotness hits in the face and slams you back against the floor. The smells of flowers, trees and other summery fields all forgotten, as the stinky odours of the hot and humid weather front greets you there. The only hope for some relief, is to try to get down to the beach, where the waves are bringing in, the cool summer winds, near by the water’s edge, where sitting on the ledge and letting the fine summer winds embrace you until the skin, has cooled down and then maybe, that seemingly permanent frown, will turn upside down.

Take a dip in the cool blue waters!

“In the summer time, and I am totally feeling fine, but only when I am close to some kind of watery place for at least a moment to stay“ Gun Roswell

Take a dip in the cool blue waters!

The days long and warm, even if there was some expected storm in the horizon on the rising, but the weather gods kept on smiling as the sun was still almost the whole day full shining. The warmth totally fine as long as there was an option for taking even a short breather in the calming and inviting cool blues, the waters with the variously coloured inviting hues. 

After the working day done, the only one thing in my mind then is to make the short stroll towards the beach, where I know I can reach those soft waves crashing ashore and as it still is summer for a while long, I will make due of the blues waiting for me to take a dip, long or short, call it even a sport if anyone would be asking, while I am in there, water around me splashing. The perfect summer’s fun which can only become undone, during a snow filled winter.