Summer, summer, summer!

“ Summer, summer, summer, yeah, it so bears repeating!“ Gun Roswell

Summer, summer, summer!

The pretty flowers, the lush greens, the warmer weather, as long as it keeps just there, summer, summer, summer, is everywhere. (Sneeze!)

But for us flower+ pollen challenged ones, well, summer can become a bummer, unless you wear a mask, permanently and take a lot of meds, that at least some of the sneezing sheds.

And so, if possible stay indoors and only admire the vistas and views of summer through the comfort of your very own window!

As summer, oh dearest of summer, you, apparently, will be here a while longer!

Secret Hideaways

“Lush greens, do cover so many things, homes even, dwellings for those who don’t want to be seen” Gun Roswell

Secret hideaways

The red coloured houses, would usually indicate a stop sign, an x marks the spot type, to more like come find us, we are here, come see who we are, step inside our house!

But, the colour is well hidden, behind the lush green scenery. Hard to find, even at first glance, the small dwellings, even in the middle of the busy neighbourhood, there really is no reason why pass by you simply could.

Alas, with a careful eye, some of us spy, behind the leaves several well hidden lairs, but, being courteous, never wondering close enough, only taking a small peek, at what there just might be.

Pop up flowers

“Flowers everywhere! Popping up at will, after the rain, after the warmth, they just keep coming back no matter what!” Gun Roswell

Pop up flowers

Flowers pretty and crisp, cannot resist, smelling them, as I pass by them, in the meadows, in the garden, on the streets, where ever they just might be, as it seems, they are all over and everywhere!

It is the doom or glory of summer, whichever way you want to look at it, those reminders of nature and good times I guess, are popping up every where, simply wanting to exist and us humans, well, we cannot the beauty resist!

Summer Vibes

“Summer is definitely still here, as per proof, the hot weather, skimpy outfits and reddish sunburns, which really do hurt! And those, are just few of the vibes, of the summer’s jive!“ Gun Roswell

Summer Vibes

Summer is always such a special time for most of us anyway. As it comes by every now and again. And while summer only lasts for a brief moment in time. Perhaps it is just fine. As then, it is much more easy to admire. All that it is. to worship the plentitude of nature as it hits. Out of the blue, all green, yellow and well, blue too. Take it all in, let it grab your heart and then you too can sing. As soon enough, the rough of the upon coming fall. Followed only by the cold and harsh of winter stalls, all the time in the world. While seemingly lasting forever. But will make the Summer Time, feel so much more better.

Sitting by the seaside, pondering of life

“Life, death, life, things that nature, always come to mind, when sitting in absolute silence, by the seaside” Gun Roswell

Sitting by the seaside, pondering of life

Life is but a dream. Or so, it could quite easily seem. When seated at the soft and sandy beach. The calming blue waters gently flapping against the shores. Some would say the silence and the calm would be a bore. But for those of us waiting to simply ponder about all the wonders around. Well, noting could be farther from the truth. As both older people and some of the youth, need that special time, feeling fine. Simply, by sitting down and letting only the mind. Wander.

Simply Adorable – Just Flowers

“It’s summer again, all of a sudden, all the nature green and lush, kind of a surprise, as having been dwelling in the darkened rooms for the duration of spring, it was really something, to see the images, oh, real life! Well, just go figure that one out!“ Gun Roswell

Simply Adorable – Just Flowers

Fluffy, soft, the odours alone, yeah, guess it’s that time of the year, when all the world, nature in particular is really ‘here’, present and not at all hidden, rather thriving and all over the place, everything is growing at the speed of light. 

But yeah, it is summer so, guess it was bound to happen, even if this small thing, did not see it coming! Still, enjoying it while it lasts at least, in small bouts and with the odd snap to the memory adding for it longer to last!

Raindrops trump the scowls, apparently

“There is just something about rain, I dunno, but yeah” Gun Roswell 

Raindrops trump the scowls, apparently

The rain banging against my window in the middle of the night, well it’s morning, but I’m not really counting, cause the loud clanging kept me from my beauty sleep, not that it was really ever that deep, just the same, I would like  it to blame, for the lack of my extension span, being quite low, in the early hours of the day, as starting with little of now sleep a day, surely a permascowl plastered now and there to stay, for the duration at least, but the I see, the tiny droplets gathered onto the leaves of the flowers I had bought cheap, and an involuntary smile creeps up towards my cheeks and ain’t that just creepy, but I like it just the same and the rain apparently is to blame!

Droplets in puddles

“When it rains, it pours, unless it just makes tiny drops into puddles” Gun Roswell

Droplets in puddles

The rain fell, on top of the table and there dwelled, in small puddles before finding their way to the ground, being soon absorbed and then nothing more of it found.

But those remaining droplets danced, pranced as an onlooker glanced at the nature’s mini fiesta, in the middle of a summer’s day, before the sun came and washed all of it away.

The rain, might be a big pain, at least in some ways, but in small dosages, it can look pretty cool, and don’t be fooled, we need the rain, to simply survive another day.

Yellow and Green

“Summer is filled with all kinds of colours, but guess the yellow and green ones are the most admired, simply because they are the most reminiscent of summer“ Gun Roswell

Yellow and Green

The flowers in bright yellow, as if positioned against the green of the meadow, posing there for a picture perfect stare.

But it wasn’t all these pretty flowers and green grasses were, not for those loving the summer, it’s freshness, warmth and sunny glares.

The fluffy clouds and blue skies, running outside without too much in clothing wise, as the colours beckoned from the window seen, all of those yellows and greens, never in winter time seen.

Fluffy fields of summer

“The flowers of summer are so pretty, one cannot help but spend some time gawking at them” Gun Roswell

Fluffy fields of summer

Summer, never a bummer, for those loving to frolic in the midst of the lush green fields, without any kind of shield on their person, running amok, that much is certain!

Still, picking up a few flowers, perhaps the body to adorn, or simply, them to adore, whatever the situation is, nobody will be amiss, of the warmth surrounding them all, a perfect utopia, Eden, this time of year is for them all.

And so, whether you are a lover of the flowers, the colours or simply running about nekkid in among the greens, this feeling of summer will never you leave.