A sunrise I do spy

“The sun will always rise, even if the weather is really, really bad“ Gun Roswell

A sunrise I do spy

In the early morning hours, the sun will the moon totally devour, then spit it out, sending it hurdling through space, letting it there stay, until the night will fall, when the moon will rise once again, simply because of spite, hanging there until the very next morning, the dawn, where the sun will be lurking around, duty bound, waiting only to rise and reprise the feast, of gulping up the moon, the continued circle of the celestial battle as old as time, and for us mere mortals, this is all simply fine, only standing by, observing the eternal fight.

The Sun

“The sun is shining again, after a long time being on the bend, at least, here, Up North, there is hardly any kind of daylight seen, not until now, the sun so bright, here is definitely light, in the darkness” Gun Roswell

The Sun

The sun became the very one, a synonym for late spring and summer, because before it was a total bummer, rain and wind, snow and cold for a while long, but now, it’s starting to look a lot like not x-mas, rather the days of something else, greens, blues and other colours too, life everywhere sprouting out, and all someone had to do was to shout; summer is here!

But, do not fear, winter will get back on schedule soon enough, if you are interested in that kind of stuff, like the snow and the sleet, when you totally get cold feet, but for now, let’s simply look up at the skies, as times do fly and soon enough, there warmth of the sunny rays, will be to bed laid.

The Moon in the Morning Sky

“There is a moon still up there in the skies, even if it is time for the sun to rise” Gun Roswell

The Moon in the Morning Sky

There is always some kind of a surprise, for us mere mortals when you look up there into the great skies. Sometimes, a star arises where you least expected it to, or then, perhaps some visitor from a far can be seen in their small ship running fast. But, I guess the more mundane stuff, such as the moon and the sun, can too be a lot of fun. Especially, when rising up in the early morning hours, the sky becoming red of as you might expect, from the great star, the sun soon to rise. But what do those still sleepy eyes then spy? Well, the moon of course, which still keeps on hanging up there, in the stratosphere, even if it was time for it to take a long nap for the day as the shiny ball of light was on their way to slay the day. Still, the two were up there both sharing the same stage, and it did not seem like either was going to take their bow and disappear, rather remaining there, letting us dwellers below watch in awe, as the two giants were sharing the centre stage together, without qualm.

Sunrise by the seaside

“The cliche of a sunrise, well, it just makes me smile to look at it, that’’s all, the sunrise I mean, not the cliche!“ Gun Roswell

Sunrise by the seaside

Walking on an empty beach in the early morning hours simply to reach, that best spot on the sandy shore, to catch the first rays of the dawn. Making my space on this on specific place as I wait with patience for the spectacle of the morning display to come alive because without that special thing to be seen, I am not able my day to begin, rather falling to a pit of darkness, caring less of it all, and that is no way to be living.

But I am staying strong, knowing the ball of fire will not take long, to make its appearance like it always does. And it is simply because if a day would happen, without seeing at least of glimpse of that one shiny thing high up in the skies, then most of us would likely die and that is no lie. As the bright and fiery star even from a far, give us all that we need to survive and if we are smart, we keep on worshiping the bright bringers of life each and every morning, as it rises over the horizon.

Winter sunrise in Suburbia without hurry

“January, what a cold hearted month thou art!” Gun Roswell

Winter sunrise in Suburbia without hurry

Peekaboo, through, the slight opened shutters, in the early morning hours, finding a nice surprise, in a form, of a pretty sunrise. The light alone blinding, yet somehow reminding, of a start of a new day. As the rays of light, dance on top the now snow covered grounds, which only a few days before, were dulled down with murky waters and total darkness, but, are now reflecting those earliest of rays, off of each and every surface, making a dance of it, with some splits.

With my steaming hot coffee mug beside me, I am admiring the view from the cozy inside, as the temperatures, despite, the sunny disposition in the skies, are still way below freezing your still sleepy derriere off, should you dare to venture to the quite inviting looking outside. But for now, there is no need, as the slow speed, of the winter months, has arrived with a loud thump, and sitting around without any kind of hurry, is a luxury, reserved only, for this special time of January.

From sunrise until sunset, I keep watching the sky

“Sunrise, painted all the fiery colours, across the visible horizon. As I watched and clearly could smell, the odours, of the burning skies“ Gun Roswell

From sunrise until sunset, I keep watching the sky

The darkest of nights, was slowly, but surely, loosing, the ongoing fight
Against the all high and mighty rising sun, already set on conquering the skies
Alas this battle, was never, ever fought, with conventional swords or knives
But still, constantly present, eternally really, and certainly, a never ending plight

It wasn’t a bad thing though, for those of us, stuck here on the planets below
The ever changing skies, where half of the time it was dark and half of it was light
Helped us on the low, to plan our boring daily lives, divided, by amount of work and sleep 
And maybe, to add there a slight slice, of something a little bit of fun, in between

So each and ever single day, the sun, the moon, the stars, in the skies kept on their play
For us mere mortals down here, to enjoy the spectacle each and every day over the skies on display
And if we are to be lucky, the sun light will never fade away completely
Just for the night time, when all of us need some time for sleeping

Sky watching

“Sky watching yet again, another sunrise on the horizon” Gun Roswell

Sky watching

As the early morning darkness fades
I am set and ready on my way
Hoping, not to be too late
To catch, at least, a glimpse, of the rising light
With my own, two dark eyes
And to admire that, of the magnificent sun’s rise
Watching the sky
I never feel like a spy
Only to simply admire
Of the marvels of what expires
When Mother Nature
Plays around like a true painter
Making art work of the simplest of things
Which will make each our hearts sing

Autumn sunrise

“There is nothing better in Autumn, than a calm Fall morning sunrise by the seashore” Gun Roswell

Autumn sunrise

In a hurry, just, like always, so also, this morning
Trying to beat the traffic and get to the seaside before the dawning
To watch, experience and really enjoy, a spectacle, specially arranged by mother nature
But I am so worried, I will be belated
Alas, as I suspected, the time is not, on my side
As I am trying, towards the goal, as fast as possible, to drive
But, since the other drivers, seem to have, the exact same agenda
I worry, that all this hurry, is only going to leave me in one big surrender
And soon enough, my fears are materialized, as all the cars, come, to a full stop
As if by some great plan, they all halt, right there on the dot
Is it a red light or some other type of strife, I wonder just then
Swearing, cussing, under my breath, hoping, wishing, not too much time to spend
In this state of suspension, my face, in a constant animation
Feelings rising, emotions getting spicy
And then, just as all hope had been cast out the window
The line of vehicles gradually start to move
From the rear view window, I can see the water flow
Closer, and closer I slowly like a snail approach
The sun, rising, the reddish glow, reminiscent of a torch
As I am finally reaching the spot, I quickly find the parking lot
Rushing out of the car, I am running, even if it’s not so far
The pier, where all the viewers are now
In awe, admiring the reflected glow
Of the sun rising in this Autumn morning
Could not have asked for a better view for this dawning

Painted Sun

“A water colour image or real life?” Gun Roswell

Painted Sun

As it rises and falls
It almost time stalls
A big bright fiery ball
Staring at it for too long
And you’ll too will call
Out in pain or more

But it’s so captivating
Looking at it stating
“How gorgeous, how fascinating!”
Why was I even waiting
To stand here watching
My mouth open wide gawking
At this scene so awesome, telling
Everyone should be paying
And all the artists painting
How can anyone look without fainting?
This nature’s wonder playing
There is nothing here faking
Only a star in the making

So, it rises and it sets
Never one day past lets
Always present in the sky
And each and every day i spy
The warming sphere
Never far but never too near

Versus I two

“From the busy streets, towards the calm beach, that is the goal in life” Gun Roswell



I see the image in my very mind, it’s something unique, someplace to unwind
The colours changing now, from green to a coolest blue, some kind of hue
But then, like a sharpened photograph, everything is in my grasp.
The shining sun, rising high above, the breeze so low, the pace so slow
The turquoise waters glimmering, I wish I could swim in them

I run as fast as I can, then on to the sandy beach I land
At this point I don’t care if it is a dream or someone’s bad joke or scheme
I shed my clothing, boots and all, and into to the soft waves I let myself fall
Getting carried away to the wide open seas, where nothing and no one else do I see
Only sounds made are those of seagulls, flying high above my skull

This is bliss, this is calm, this is what I seek, this is what I want
And then, I wake up, as the car beside me honks

“Move it of lose it bozo!” I hear

Yes, I am back in the noisy street I fear
Until next time, when I dare to dream
As life never really is what it seems