Sailing into the sunset

“Sailing away, to far away lands… or at least now, that the sun is setting, getting, home is enough for the weary traveller, right?” Gun Roswell

Sailing into the sunset

The setting sun, is the time indicator, time has past flown, and so now, setting the helm towards home, is the best option, perhaps the only option to follow.

As adventure, can always wait, for tomorrow will be another day, for sure, and the lure, of the far away lands always present, never letting the traveller at peace.

So, either a restless night, without sleep, depending of course, how deep, the thoughts of the ventures ahead are, the smart ones, will figure a way, to set sail, even when with little if no sleep.

But before you get in there too deep, remember, to eat, and have plenty of coffee, as the adventure will take time long, at least, until the next sunset is upon.

Setting of the Sun reflected

“The sun is setting with a fire in the skies, and reflected on top of the water’s surface in kind” Gun Roswell

Setting of the Sun reflected

There is fire in the skies, because the sun is painting red colours of its demise, at least, for the night, as come morning, the sun will be up there again, hot and scorching.

But for now, the spectacle on display, every which way you may just glance, there is the setting sun, reflected, on each and every surface, finding its purchase before disappearing into the ocean no longer blue, before only a streak of the powerful light will ensue, and then that too, will be gone for good, or at least until the new morn’ will emerge. 

Crisscross across the lake, because it’s late

”The sun is setting, because the moon is finally letting, exhausted from all that shining and so, without too much whining, going to sleep, for the night” Gun Roswell 

Crisscross across the lake, because it’s late

The small lakeside, getting much more darker each passing moment, being almost like torment, for those wanting nothing more than all that  light of the day, there for all of the night to stay.

But, it was hardly possible, to sustain all that light, especially during the ever darkening night, and so, another kind of workaround was devised, that of artificial light, with an on and off switch, on its very side.

And so, even if most of them did adore and worship the sun and it’s bright light, they had come to terms with the fact, that the dark night, would be their continued plight, it was still all fine, as now, they could simply switch on, a brand new light, not as bright, but still totally fine.

The Sun

“The sun is shining again, after a long time being on the bend, at least, here, Up North, there is hardly any kind of daylight seen, not until now, the sun so bright, here is definitely light, in the darkness” Gun Roswell

The Sun

The sun became the very one, a synonym for late spring and summer, because before it was a total bummer, rain and wind, snow and cold for a while long, but now, it’s starting to look a lot like not x-mas, rather the days of something else, greens, blues and other colours too, life everywhere sprouting out, and all someone had to do was to shout; summer is here!

But, do not fear, winter will get back on schedule soon enough, if you are interested in that kind of stuff, like the snow and the sleet, when you totally get cold feet, but for now, let’s simply look up at the skies, as times do fly and soon enough, there warmth of the sunny rays, will be to bed laid.

Sunset reflected

Rhodos, Greece

“The cliched sunset is always fun to watch, no matter where its reflected at, each surface playing an important role” Gun Roswell

Sunset reflected

Multicoloured reflections over each and every surface, searching for a momentary purchase, before slowly fading away into the darkening of the night, just like each and every day, the circle continues, most of the times.

Inside those reflections, images from the distant past and nearing future, tethered together with invisible sutures in this precious moment of every colourfully reflective and warming ray of light.

The grind of the day will soon be laid to bed, following the sun’s set, a respite for the weary for a while sleeping, under the darkening skies of the pending of the night.

And even if those moments of the gorgeous scenery of the setting sun might soon be a memory laid to rest in the past, alas easily conjured up, wherever and whenever needed.

After all, not all days are filled with glorious sunshine, not to mention the after play of a sunset, onto the minds of the lowly reflected, and needed is a reminder, there will be light after the long moments of darkness.

Riding till end of the day

“The horses will take you were you need to go, and much more peacefully so, than any other vehicle really could“ Gun Roswell

Riding till end of the day

The day very long, but gotta stay strong 

It won’t be long now, before we reach home

Just hoping it will be in time of the pending storm

As usually around these places, it hits pretty strong

Rushing the steed beneath, with a gentle nudge

To move faster, with hoofs the ground hardly touching

The pace so smooth it is almost like having wings on

The soft sand of the beach, hardly reached upon

All the surroundings becoming one fading soft blur

While moving along the very path chosen further

It really does not take that long

Before reaching the home shores

The darkness heavy around us all

The heavy clouds hanging low above

But before even the first drop of rain

Will try any of our backs to stain

Riding inside the cover of the small stall

Where both the rider and their mount

Have some deserved respite finally found

Sunset reflected on the surface


“The sun setting over the horizon, the colours so vivid and living, well, it’s a cliche isn’t it, but I like it nevertheless“ Gun Roswell

Sunset reflected on the surface

The sun is always fun, the warmth, the light, the comfort of knowing it is there, alas, when the night is close and it is time to fall to sleep, the sun will also make its way into the deep, at least, from the point of view of those watching the setting of the gas giant, as the horizon gives us the illusion, there is a place of magic perhaps, where all these planetary objects lay until the very next day, when they are once again the dominant ones in the high skies, the main one of course, being that of the sun, its mighty power and shine, cannot beat not even the best of wines and so, once again, when the reflections of the light particles inside the rays, start to reflect off of each and every surface and then, us small dwellers, can bask in this light once again, until the circle is complete and the sun will compete for the dominance against the moon, while loosing and going to sleep, until rising the very next day again.

Sunset in monochrome

“The sun is always setting, no matter whether in colour, or complete monochrome“ Gun Roswell

Sunset in monochrome

The sunset is always so totally beautiful and ever so colourful, and thus the experience of the various shades of oranges, yellows and reds, leave a good memory until the one coming next. But, then, when someone makes a change and the spectrum will change to pure grey, the monochromatic way of seeing things on display, what then of the beauty previously seen of this daily phenomena touching our personal screens, as usually, the flashy and burning colours were totally part of this, scheme for hooking up all to glare and cheer.

“Quite dull me thinks!” Some might say upon first glance, of the image taken from the sun setting over the horizon, as the greys may be a tad surprising, not really the full sparkling colours of the spectacle given by this star as going away for the night, which seemingly should be no surprise, but always is. But, after some time, the onlookers starting to see, the colours even if not quite there, in this monochromatic vision of the one who dared to make the decision and snap the image in black and white, even if it might just have given a fright, for most.

Sun setting in the winter afternoon


“The sun is setting also in the middle of the winter, even if it has not been up that long, but yeah, when shining so totally strong, it has to set “ Gun Roswell

Sun setting in the winter afternoon

The day is finally done, and also so gone soon will be, way to soon it seems, the sun who dared to bare its rays in the midst of the winter season, just because without any kind of reason, but for the benefit of those dwelling in the darkness for so long, and needed to get a boost of something totally strong to be able to last until this long winter time had passed and before the beginning of the spring would arrive and then only would the darkness be gone for so long, until the next scheduled dark time would emerge. But on this day a surge, of sunny rays appeared from out of nowhere unexpected, but not rejected as the light of it all, was giving brand new hope for the weary and then, watching the last of the fading light, going into that good night, with a new sense of self to last for a little while longer until the last of the dark days were a tale to tell in the middle of the light filled days and nights of summer time.

Sunset over the calm wave’s 


“The setting sun, against the soft flashing waves, is a total cliche of sorts” Gun Roswell 

Sunset over the calm wave’s 

Watching the setting sun across the waves of total calm, trying to stay warm with the last moments of those special rays, I have been feeling all day, and soon I will have to let go of it all, but for now, I will enjoy this perfect moment in time, when it’s just me, myself and I, and with the feeling of just fine, and doing so with a big smile, as this short while, is really all I got, before the darkness consumes it all, the light completely gone, until the next morn brings a new dawn. And then once again, I will be able to watch all the reflections of the sunny rays on the surface of the waters, whether they be calm or restless, it is simply is the way of nature. Then again who could argue against it, as it is happening whether we like it or not, but just going with the flow of it, is the  best bet and then let, all the changes of the day, effect yourself in a good way.