Basking in the last rays of sun

“It might be already autumn, fall, but these last rays of sun shine will be soaked“ Gun Roswell

Basking in the last rays of sun

They don’t look like much, and even the slightest touch, can make them crumble all the way down, but these hays, the lonely strays, far away, from the fields they were born, still hang on, until the last rays of summer, have been consumed.

And so, these strays loom, gently, softly in the winds of fall, as if trying some more time to stall, and still heaving, leaving, the onlookers in complete awe, as these, straws of summer almost passed, are quite strong and most likely will last, even past the strongest of winter’s storms.

Shadow and the light, ever so bright

“Just watch it peek through, the light, so powerful, no shadow can hold it from bleeding through“ Gun Roswell

Shadow and the light, ever so bright

The darkness defending the land, with its cold hand, touching all in its path

But not even the most darkened shadow can last, when a burst of light, so powerful is cast

Over is the dark and dank feeling in an instant, as as soon as the power touches like a plant

Through time and space it will reach and then make its very own place to last

The light of the day, the light of life, will be able to cast away any doubt of darkness making its place forever, even if it might remain, in the shadows

Blinded by the Sun

“The sun will be shining, long after we are all gone, and even if it may be dimming, never again so strong, for now, trust that the rise and set will be there for you to let, dictate your very days to come“ Gun Roswell

Blinded by the Sun

The streets are as long as are the shadows cast, the very mood, the overall ambience just like from the past, meant to last, long after those admiring the special moment, have come and gone, and over the rainbow bridge passed.

And so, do not worry, and for goodness sake, don’t be sorry if missing the special spell in time, as the sun will come back again in the morning, it always does, even if there just might be a totally cloudy cast and with rain and thunder hitting hard, because the sun, is somewhere there, behind the curtain, only waiting for its moment to shine through.

And so, with that thought, safely go to bed, fall asleep, knowing, the one sure thing in life will be there, even if all other things might just fall apart, as the globe of fire, is totally smart, meant to last, way longer than any kind of life, here on this small blue ball.

Sun Hats

“Wearing these sun blockers during summer, can be a bummer, but then again, too much sun? Never fun!” Gun Roswell

Sun Hats

Wear it, share it, sit under it.

A sunny hat for the warm climate.

Colourful and never dull at best.

Just use it, like the rest.

On the beach, you might seek, a parasol like feat.

Something to protect you against the wind and the sun.

The rays burning surely, around noon, never fun.

So, go get, and sit, under the sol blocker instead.

You will still get some kind of a tan, if you are a fan.

Fun and the Sun

“Nothing like frolicking footloose and fancy free under the sun, and then taking a dive in the cool blue waters” Gun Roswell

Fun and the Sun

The month of June, came way too soon, as no time to prepare for what sun filled days laid ahead, but once getting over the overall thinking of somehow having to be prepared, simply to spend some time of and to spending it without an agenda, under the warming sun.

The mindset not easily adjusted, but once done, it was time to commence the long awaited task, because that is how some of us see it, but after some time and fashion, getting used to the very objective of it all, which is, not to plan and worry, rather embrace, the moment of fun.

Beach side under the parasol do I smile

“The sunny days long and endless, but on this beach, laying like a beached whale, I could care less about leaving this place” Gun Roswell

Beach side under the parasol do I smile

The sandy shores, might give someone else a bore, but for me, on this day of sunshine and blue skies, my only chore, is to simply stay put, lay on my back and enjoy the laid back atmosphere, unafraid of being judged of being too lazy or square, simply because I want nothing else to do on my day off, than just be, without any kind of huff or scoff. 

There are no agendas, no to-do lists, not one other thing exists, here on this beach, under the parasol under the mighty sol, where I rest my weary head, just because of instead being the one running amok back home, trying to get the seasonal festival up and running, something which seems now totally funny, as to the effort put for only a three day puff.

But not this time around, as I have found my peace finally here, on this sandy and calm beach, where I intend to rest my lazy body and head, for the foreseeable few days of time off, and not have a care in the world.

Sunshine on a Mundane Monday

“It is great to find magic in the mundane, especially on a sad day of Monday” Gun Roswell

3 peekaboo-i-see-you

Sunshine on a Mundane Monday

Look, who decided finally to show up
And for a while there I was starting
To get all upset and wound up!

Then quickly, I am up from the tub
Grabbing a hold of my favourite cup
And then towards the outside,
With a set of a few huffs and puffs
I dare to go
And yeah, none too slow!

Just before, that is, 
My all time favourite show
On the television, is up!
As the sun decided to turn up
Way too late of the day
Much to all those waiting
And now complaining!

But hey, it’s Monday
So what did you expect!?

All kinds of shade

“When in doubt, put on some shades and you are hidden away from prying eyes and the sun and that is no pun!“ Gun Roswell

All kinds of shade

When the sun shines to hot and bright, it is time, to make a move to the right, or left, depending on where you can find, the right kind of shade, for cooling off and taking a break, from that warm globe high up in the skies, which might have made you smile before you realised it was pretty hot out there, with all kinds of flares, because you ventured out there on your first day on a dare.

Sitting or lying down, it is all just fine as long as there is no frown shown on your face, as it might there permanently stay, if you gotten yourself burnt by the rays so hot and sizzling, it got you all bothered and dizzy, but all is well now, in the cool shade. And no need to hurry away, simply stay, as long as you need or even for the rest of the day, you can in this safe haven of sorts lay.

All kinds of shade is what you can find, when the sun and maybe the rest of the worshipers of the golden globe up there, gets too much even if it was fun to share, the beach so warm, the sand getting that was getting everywhere, but hey, this is part of the deal, of enjoying the so called summer activities, and not being the odd person out, even if you needed to shout because it was simply too hot and too much out there, in the sun, before you decided to run and come to the dark side, out of the light, in the cooling calming shade.

Tall shadows of winter

“The tall shadows of a low hanging sun in the winter time look gorgeous, but scary too”
Gun Roswell

Tall shadows of winter

First snow fell, heavily onto big piles, all over, the grey ground
Not one single spot of dirt, or other matter, was there, to be found
And as the sun started shining, on one slow afternoon leaving
Tall shadows across the snow in its wake, making shiny sparkles
Like tiny little diamonds, so gorgeous, that all those of us looking
At them, could for a fading moment enjoy the captivating spell
Of this one and bright winters day, after the long and cruel darkness
Broken if only for a tiny fraction of time, and then feeling fine
Almost divine, until it was once again, completely, and totally dark
But even after the bright sun was gone, remaining only, was
That one and hopeful spark, that one day soon, after the moon
Had gone to sleep, the sun would come back, and then maybe, stay
Forever, and then all of us dwellers could spend all of their days
Counting the newly formed, and various kind of shapely shadows
Sometimes tall, more often times short, but the hope of the light
No matter if it was shining bright, was in their own hearts, forever

Under cover, under the parasol, under the sun

“Hiding, my face and my self, from the bright sun, under the sheltering parasol“ Gun Roswell

Under cover, under the parasol, under the sun

From the deepest recesses, of this, these days virtual travellers own mind
Thinking of, all of the warm summers passed, and always with a big smile
When lying, on the sandy beach, everything off, completely, out of reach
Only thinking of, what and then when would be the time for the next eat
Alas, not everything around and under this scorching sun is a total slack
As swimming, walking, writing and reading, is part of each days list of tasks
But the one thing, even enough sun block can win, is the one simple fact
That too much sun, can give a dweller out and about each day an attach
Of the said sun and that cannot be too much fun, so best bet to do to avoid
The trauma causing the traveller to get annoyed, is to stay, under the parasol
Greatly protecting any harmful rays of the on top hovering bright ball, the sol
Besides, there are lots of things to do there, without the need to squint the eyes
Board games, books, and maybe, even the odd iPad to track, some of the lives
Left behind in the homeland, as the traveller, is on a holiday, for the duration
And, if and when asked, they would simply answer without any kind of hesitation
“I have earned this leave, and will stay here, until I totally need to leave!”