Ships on the yard

“The ships on the yard? Well, guess it is true, that any port you can call home… is something something!” Gun Roswell

Ships on the yard

The old and discarded, wooden and made ships, on their sides left to lay, on the back yard no less, apparently having become obsolete and useless after some fashionable new ones had taken their place, what a waste!

Then again, isn’t that the way of the present day? But, if there was a way to restore these old school vessels, the beauty still there, even under all the dirt and old paint, the effort too big to take on? Anyone?

But for now, it seems, that those craft are left for all to be seen, as nothing more than a rotting pile of useless junk, making a good hiding place for the mice and even a few skunks, after all, the animals seem to be able to recycle old stuff, so why not us? 

Big ship, small boat, some kind of vessel 

“The size does not matter, as long as it can be called a boat, a ship or a vessel, even a seaworthy craft” Gun Roswell 

Big ship, small boat, some kind of vessel 

As long as you can row it, sail it or even have an engine of a kind to power it up snd then get it moving along the water’s surface, you have become a sailor of sorts and that can certainly be said without any loud snorts, as this is all something of a matter of pride, so no use being snide.

It does not really matter what kind o a boat you have, as you are the official bad ass of a captain of your own ship. So don’t let the good weather slip by. Simply put on a huge smile and take that seaworthy craft out for a ride, as you really don’t want your pride and joy to hide, am I right!

So now as you are finally breaking through those waves, enjoying it all ain’t no shame. Keep on moving along the water’s flow until you reach the ends of the earth and then take it slow, so not to fall of the edge as you can never be too sure if there is ledge there or maybe the planet is a big round sphere after all😜