Mundane Monday once again

“It’s Monday again, Mundane Monday, yeah that one!” Gun Roswell

Mundane Monday once again

No matter if you are travelling or at home
There is always something mundane going on
During the first day of the week
You might not always really find what you seek
But look around what the world of mundane will bring
You may be surprised of the same old things
Look so much different depending of the mood or light
Some of them coming finally to life
There is art where you least expect it to be adored Just grab your camera and a new attitude and go to explore
It may be Monday, that one specific day
We all love so much to hate, well, at least of it debate
Just call it the beginning of an interesting week to enjoy
Because Friday will get here sooner than you have time to shout: “Ahoy!”

Go to Paris in a virtual mode

“There is nothing more nostalgic, than perusing down the memory lane, I the form of old travel pictures of days now gone“ Gun Roswell

Go to Paris in a virtual mode

The busiest of streets, of the quite big metropolis, are never, ever dull
The markets and shops, the bars, and even cafes, always, packed full
At least, so it totally seems, in those very colourful snaps, of before
When travelling, to distant and foreign lands, was not, such a chore

Alas, the sights and sounds alone, are well worth the total of this short trip
To one of the best known cities, that of bright lights, some of us call, well, Paris
Even if it is, just in the faded memory, of this traveller, now home bound
There are still lots of thrills and quite joyful moments, there, to be found

Taking a virtual tour, of the times strolling on some afternoon by the shore
And alongside the long river banks, and maybe even, a short tourist boat tour
If you are game enough, then try to climb the steps up the tall tower structure
The Eiffel one, with the shining lights, covering each and every touristy picture

No matter how long the trek or what the destination, take it, without hesitation
Travel deep into the recesses of your own mind, in a cozy spot during meditation
Pick up the best of places of your travel, take a walk through the night time streets
Then make a short detour to the museums and later, how about something to eat

Well, at least, virtually, if you totally forgot
To order home food, from the grocery shop
As in times like these, to avoid that, disease
All of us stay home, and mostly, out of reach

Only in my imagination, exists the perfect vacation

“These days, virtual travel either on the internet or thought the memories of the mind and photographs, can we travel” Gun Roswell

Only in my imagination, exists the perfect vacation

The mind might be playing some tricks on me, as I am slowly sifting through, all the bundled up memories in my own mind, of the holiday, years back, quite sublime. It really happened by accident, as I ran across, an image in a forgotten folder, of the vision captured, at the perfect moment frozen in time, when all was simply, fine, in the good old times, when we were all freely allowed to explore the world around us, without too much of a fuss.

So, dwelling on that photograph for a while, without rush and hurry, even if the image was a tad blurry, as was my locked away memory of the place, the time and the plenty of sunshine, un-phased by whatever negatives there might have been there along the way. But as so many other things in our minds, those hazy days of yesteryear will always have a golden hue to them, or most of them do, as trying to save only the few good ones, with or without the puns.

Window views, with imaginary scenery

“I don’t think I can ever get tired of the scenery outside my window” Gun Roswell

Window views, with imaginary scenery

The many lands, the foreign vistas, the great unknown and all the open possibilities
For the exploration, to what ever lies outside, these empty and dull suburban streets
Behind the frames of this view, ever changing, but still, mostly, the same remaining
Window with the most perfect view, at least in my mind, leaving me feeling, never, ever blue
As I sit at the sidelines, in my usual comfortable seat and think of the open wide
World, just at reach, at least, in my mind, out there, outside, I cannot help but smile
As I gently lull myself into a dream state lazy, and then travelling to all the places
Wherever my own imagination dares me to carry, smoothly, never in any kind of hurry
Having always the perfect amount of time, to explore, to see, to feel, to live in it all
Even if it is never, well really, quite real, it is still, a trip or sorts, out there
Never leaving the comfort of these walls of my sombre home, still, never really alone
Not at least, when visiting these, far away lands in my mind, for the perfect scenery to find

Alien vistas, revisited (at least, in my mind)

“When travelling, in your mind, why not travel as far as possible, to the unknown places of the alien vistas?” Gun Roswell

Alien vistas, revisited (at least, in my mind)

Once again, I am slowly, but surely, falling into, a deep, deep slumber
And it is really not because, I am tired and want to go to sleep either
Rather doing my thing, and once again travelling, within my minds frame
Only this time, rather than taking the trip down, the good ol’ memory lane
I will spread my tall wings, figuratively of course, and then something, new trying
While letting the imagination fly, towards the very blue skies, and then visiting
Unknown places, out there, in the stratosphere, on the well known space trail
In the great and wide unknown, where you can find, if you really hard try, without fail
Alien vistas, with completely colourful places, totally opposite of our own world
The oceans and skies, painted in fire engine red, the beaches laid with soft dark silk
Instead of the usual sand we get here, mostly nice, but getting everywhere, so quick

No crowds to be found anywhere, which truthfully today, is pretty similar here as well
The cafes serving beverages and food totally out of this world, luckily, the coffee smell
Is also there as a familiar tell, so maybe, these aren’t as different from us after all
But when you run into a few locals there, on the open streets, the small and the tall
Beings occupying this specific place, with four arms and legs and three eyes round
Are a dead giveaway, we’re definitely not visiting Kansas on Earth, this time around
Not wanting to give too much away, as each and everyone should visit themselves
A place so alien and indescribable, yet fantastic, that only your own imagination can tell
When you dwell, inside those imaginable worlds, where your mind will be hurled
Once you let it relax for a moment, and go beyond the known realm with a turn
Then maybe you too, will have some, out of this wold and odd tales to tell
Having your own “fake” memories in your mind, even if no one is buying what you sell

Travel Time (virtually so)

“When the working days get to be too much, it is time for some travel, well, at least virtual travel” Gun Roswell

Travel Time (virtually so)

The old snap shots of the days spent in the sun
When time stalled and we all had so much fun
The memories might be bigger and much brighter
Than the actual time spent days poolside none the wiser
Of things yet to follow in our near future

Where not only the body but also the mind, needed a few sutures
Despite the four walls us having confined
Deep down in the minds, travelling far behind this daily grind
Taking the moments to lift the torments
And dwelling in those fun times where all was till fine
Might seem frivolous to some, but pardon the pun
There so much the imagination can do
If you only believe and then choose yourself in the memory to loose
And to set aside all the bad feelings in this times and try to find
That this type of travel the virtual kind, can be almost as much fun
As the real thing, almost, as it is only there, in your own mind