Smart Sailing

“The time for sailing is now, over the grey waters before the storm hits” Gun Roswell

Smart Sailing

Just before the storm hits, the itch gets, to go sailing and embrace the dark waters and skies, it’s after all the place where danger lies, daring the elements, even life itself, but still, if you are smart enough, avoiding the most rough stages of the storm, hitting them waves, making them slaves to the sails, and gliding along the surface of the lakeside open wide, as you are alone there, all others gone in fear, but never mind, that rush, you will soon enough find, going fast, and hey, try to avoid into anything hard blast!

Elements of the beach

“The elements both natural and man made, as observed from the coolest of shades” Gun Roswell 

Elements of the beach

The sandy shores, never a bore for the ever vigilant observer of nature, the elements found, simply by looking around, head turning all across the expanse of the beach, nothing ever out of reach, many an interesting elements to be found, just looking up and from the ground.

The water, always blue and inviting, the skies with a similar hue, fluffy cloud formations floating by, when the eyes look at the ever so highs.

When too much it gets, then the glance down let, observe the ground beneath found, the rock covering the dirt, but don’t get your feet hurt, wear flip flops when venturing to the shore, never a bore, with the waves crashing to the soft sand, just feel it with your hand.

The pier man made, concrete or wooden, it’s all the same, the construct pushing ever outward to the high seas, walk down there and the even you can see, out there over the great sea.

The water, the rock, the sunshine

“The elements of life, well, at least part of them, mostly those used for a great summer’s break“ Gun Roswell

The water, the rock, the sunshine

The spring of life, the cool blue stuff, the liquid so clear, you can see through it, and the best thing of it is, that you can actually drink it, bathe in it and simply, lull yourself to sleep while floating on it, truly the multipurpose tool for any kind of fool in need of some relief from whatever kind of ailment.

The rock, hard as they come, an element, none too fun, but good to be used as another kind of tool, like hammering down a nail or using it to cover up a trail, whatever use basically thought of, even a house built, well, sort of, but also, a great place to sit on, when all other furniture fails.

The sun, shining above, the warmth, the bright rays, the light, all of it combined, what a great surprise, after such a long while of remaining in total darkness, and so, for the duration of a season, perhaps more, the shining sun, sometimes a bore, mostly though, praised by lore, will be the one keeping up the spirits of those seeking its audience.

Painted Waterfalls

“The waters are pouring way down, all the way from the top, towards the bottom, where else did you think they were going?” Gun Roswell

Painted Waterfalls

The water falling into the small pond surrounding by colours and odours of all kinds

The place while hard to find, the picturesque setting alone was well worth the grind

Trekking through the jungles and muddy roads, don’t seem to weigh so much anymore 

Now that the views of this place are visible first hand, right here were I now stand

As this was the land I had been looking for a long time and now I am finally here

In this outer worldly place, painted with colours which only could be concocted out of fantasy

The waters soft and inviting, cascading through the fall and into the fountain below

Tempting for a dip in the calming balms of the elixirs of life, in the surroundings without strife

This indeed is the life, anyone could ask to be a part of, even if it was only constructed

For one special moment, inside the mind of a fantasy locked deep inside for a long while

But now, I am finally here and this is where I will forever stay, without any kind of fear

Blue, Blues, Bluest

“The blues a beckons once again, I reckon, it’s that time of the day or week or even year, when all of it and us too, will be engulfed inside the coolest and calmest of blue“ Gun Roswell

Blue, Blues, Bluest

The blues of the day, when I first opened my eyes and onto the gorgeous scenery lay, those magnificent varied hues, making me shiver just out of the blue, with the pun included of course as today was all about becoming one with the blues.

The cooling and calming skies and waters, all now combined together, or so it seems even without the tether as the skies and endless seas are blurred in to each other like someone slurred the words out and then painted on top.

Blue, bluer, the bluest, those are the best of the hues, at least, today when all I want to do is sit and play the blues, and that is okay to do. Just enjoying the calmest of views, without too much to do, until perhaps some other colour takes their place, tomorrow.

The calming blue liquid known as water 

“Water is the most coolest of all the elements. It is so totally calming and always rejuvenating, and so, there is no way to not to feel refreshed after a deep dive into it.” Gun Roswell 

The calming blue liquid known as water 

Water comes along in the colour of blue, turquoise, or something in the shade of grey, or perhaps without colour at all, it really does not matter, as long as it will continue to fall, down, down, down from the open skies, at least sometimes in most areas.

Water is the one constant which is needed to survive life, to drink, to wash with, to dive into it or then simply, sit by the side of it and admire the mere miracle of nature, as even if it sometimes seems to come along far too much down, there is no hatred behind at all.

Water is the element of elements, the one to write songs about, to paint the pictures of and most of all, the one to be revered as a sent of gods, as there might come a day, when water is no longer there and then using all the spares, will leave us soon enough without nothing at all.

A pool, made to be dived into


“There is a pool out there, mighty cool blue and fresh looking too, quite tempting to be dipping into” Gun Roswell 

A pool, made to be dived into

The calming blue hues of the silky feeling liquid, filling the very large size tub, or what some might call a swimming pool, something someone thought might be a good idea to do, which was to fill a place, totally waterproof, up to the hilt with stuff so cool, that the colour of it would ensue, even if something was to disturb the very surface while diving into the tempting blue liquid, and then to play around inside of it, like a kid whose just come home from school, and had seen all the infinite possibilities of this great big puddle of water, even if it meant to be acting like a fool, still a small price to pay, for this kind of soothing place, to be able to roll around and even race, against any other willing participants joining in this phase, even if it was on a daily base, perhaps only possible during a summer time, but when the option was presented, then taking full advantage of this great experience.

Calming waves across the shores

“The waves licking the soft sands of the shores, oh so gently after the storm now passed“ Gun Roswell

Calming waves across the shores

The storm of plenty with thunder and lighting, lashing the rocks of the very shores where the one special soul was born, from the waves made of sand and salt, rising up onto its own too feet, not too steady at first, but after a moment of shaking legs, finding its bearings once comfortable on the soft bed of the beach and knowing, the world as a full, was just at its reach, as promised by those who came before and about this coming had preached, and so, restoring the harmony of the land and peace was all this being would be.

The adventure was just beginning for the one who had emerged from the raging waves of the sea, but from now on end, there would be, only calm across the lands chosen for this being to live on, as it was strong and could protect those who would fall under its domain, as the time of peace was upon. The only matter now was, whether those dwellers whom supposedly laid claim on the lands, would accept the offering of eternal peace, and giving up the lease of the land or die fighting in stead, surely a dilemma for them, but this one would not be swayed, as it was a give or take kind of a situation and never open for debate or question.

The Shade and the Beach

“Under the shade giving parasol, situated on a beach, is, where I totally like to sit” Gun Roswell

The Shade and the Beach

On a lazy day in the middle of the hazy season
I cannot find any one simple and totally good reason
For staying away from the tempting summer’s beach
Even if, someone, just might call me, a royal leach

As I am headed towards that sandy haven
I listen to the other people and their constant craving
Of taking some desperately needed and deserved, time off
But I filter it all out, because I’ve decided, to differ from the lot

Reaching the designated place, with my trusted parasol I stay
Under it because the sunlight might be burning fate
Seated comfortably with enough food and drinks
And some good reading my teeth into I can sink

I am finally out and totally day off kind of proud
To be resting on the soft sandy beach without noises loud
My mobile phone turned off and I am officially out of reach
Because today is that kind of a day at the beach

Under the shade, of course
The shade on this great beach


“The water is always so inviting, so cool, so calm and and feels like a soothing balm against the heated skin, especially in the midst of summer!” Gun Roswell


The elixir of life, the one thing which you’ll need to survive. It can be fun but also full of destruction, if you are not careful. But whatever the relationship with this element of nature is, nothing on this planet of Earth would exist if it wasn’t for it being that one special hit.

But for now at least, trying to enjoy the small puddle of the thing, right there, in the backyard, filled to the hilt. Cool, turquoise and see through liquids, just waiting for someone to dive in. It’s the summer heat after all, so better not stall, rather try dipping in at least one of the toes.

While bathing in the inviting waters all day long as the warmth outside is quite strong. Swimming with a few strokes but mostly hanging lazy, watching the time pass by in a state of hazy. But it’s fine for now at least, as soon the heat waves will be over and the need for warmer clothing is upon.

These are the days when to remember especially in the heart of the cold winter. When the water is frozen solid and there are no sings of anything green or blue, only the blanket of snow, but for now, better not get worried, only enjoy the time before it flies right by.