Raindrops, heavily on the window

“The rain is here again, falling the way down, sometimes heavily, sometimes slow. “ Gun Roswell

Raindrops, heavily on the window

The rain is upon, heavily now as is the storm, the weather having gone, from totally hot, to still warm to freezing cold, the winds gusting all around, nothing really sticks to the ground, as it such a whirlwind of a  thing, a scene of sorts, going on, and will most likely last, until the end of the season, until more solid stuff start falling down, the dreaded snow, so, until that time, simply enjoying the rain, the droplets making a great painting onto the window, still tainted by the summer flowers, but now, all getting cleaned up rather nicely. 

Foggy day on the beach

“No matter, sunshine or not, as it is almost summer, going to the beach is a must “ Gun Roswell

Foggy day on the beach

No matter the day or time or even season
There is an inherit urge to the point of treason
Against the odds that is, as it is, the beach
Is not accessible to most of us except during summer
Which is a big bummer, but then again, winter
Is the eternal splinter, with all the cold weather
Snow and such, most of us don’t really care about
Of course there is the options to carve a small hole
Into the ice if you are really feeling that kind of bold
And dive into the freezing cold of the water
And the running but naked into the hot and humid sauna
But, for now, it might not be the perfect kind of state
As spring and therefore summer are totally delayed
For a visit to the sandy shores, still, trying as one must do
Getting there, in the foggy kind of haze, finding the perfect place
And then laying down on the sun bed, even if clothed fully
In warm winter clothing, but it is already April and the beach?Well, it may be out of reach for some time more
But hey, spending a day, even in the icy cold winds
It was still the beach and nothing or no one can deny
That I’ve got a huge big smile on my face just because, beach!

Oh not this again! Snow in April?!

The weather be a cold hearted wench, literally! The snow and ice, that ain’t at all nice! Not in April!“ Gun Roswell

Oh not this again! Snow in April?!

The weather, always be there, not matter where you are on this small sphere

Perhaps, if going to the moon, then there would be nothing there to over swoon?

No rain, no snow, no heat no warmth, definitely no sunshine, well, at least some, maybe?

But, always and forever, the weather down here on this planet, upon us daily dwellers, present

And that fact, simply annoys the hell out of those who can only see the one point of view

That of there being of an eternal summer with full blown heat and no rain to spare, with drought too, I am afraid

Or then the continued cold of a harsh and monochrome winter, snow, sleet, ice, nothing ever nice even on a dare

The weather gods dropping on their way, just the same old pouring stuff day in and out

Hey! I finally shout to those possibly listening in, what the f..k were you all thinking?

The calendar on the wall, clearly states this is not winter nor fall, but spring time should be all up and in the air

And so, send us some warm kind of weather and sunshine and perhaps a few drops of water too!

On the snowy branches

“Snow covered branches for the wintery feel it’s a great deal, don’t you agree?“ Gun Roswell 

On the snowy branches

The sugary feel of the snowy cover to seal the deal of the winter still here, and it’s a good kind of feel, as it all looks so great when venturing out to the forest too see all the coolest of what this season has to offer. So, when heading out to the deepest of woods, to perhaps get hooked, with the winter scenery, which is more pretty than the actual seasonal weather of cold and damp, the frozen surfaces mostly annoying, but all this easily forgoing as the pretty effects of the snow covered branches and such, can capture even the most hardened winter hater, and before it becomes later, make sure to step into that snow overcome world in the forest, unless you are living in a concrete jungle, then those kind be more difficult to find, then simply be on the look out for any kind of green thingy, a bush, a small tree, whichever kind you might just see, as there is nature all around, no matter the place you are bound to, and then you too can see that some of the more wintery season, can be good and gorgeous.

There is a blizzard out there

“The weather outside never seizes to amaze me, especially of today” Gun Roswell 

There is a blizzard out there

Nothing too invigorating or more intoxicating than a wet smack across the face as that is as the wet and freshly falling snow in the stormy weather outside is totally the wild thing to see today, as the calm and blissful sunny day, turned around and soon enough we found to be inside of a tumbling around, even howling like a fool in a big and creepy kind of a blizzard, not to be messed about with, but still something extreme in it calling to venture outside, at one’s own peril.

ReL pretty to watch from the inside, but when outside, it will give you a helluva ride, and if getting totally drenched is the way of fun for you, then just get out there in the wild or rather not even too far as the moment the outer door is opened, consider yourself wrapped around in a completely wet blanket, as that is the total sum of the fun you will get from this storm filled weather kind of a day in the middle of another wise sun filled may.

Some kind of Winter weather

“There is always some kind of weather going on out there in the world wide” Gun Roswell

Some kind of Winter weather

The actual chance of stepping outside and not getting any kind of atmospheric reaction at all, well, those odds, unless you plan to go to the Moon are practically zero as whenever you get out there, there is always some kind of weather going on, that is the one constant when living on this blue globe of a planet and so, we get to totally enjoy so many facets of the phenomena called weather, surmise surprise!

And so, on this day of writing about this marvellous invention, which keeps us mere dwellers on our toes, daily I might add, as during the seasonal changes, when earlier we had four, now it seems we have several more, like the between seasons going on. And now, as it seems to be winter, even during this time, we get so many fun events, starting from freezing cold up and to some warm green kind of summer-winter whatever might down fall.

Snow, that has been the one constant during this time, the soft and nice flakes falling down, and then on the next day, the heavy rain filled sleet, which everywhere seeps, until the very next day it will all turn around and slippery will be the streets and slopes all around! So, there is really no bore ever this time around as whether it is winter, it is not the traditional kind of splinter, as sometimes, the sun comes around and then, the green grass is once again visible until it snow again!

This is all certainly a fun filled merry-go-round to say the least and well, one cannot really complain, as it is simply, weather, as forecast!

The end of the holiday season

“The holidays have ended and the weather changed too, what are the odds!” Gun Roswell

The end of the holiday season

The ever consuming darkness on the outside
Needs to be shedding, with some much needed light
All the small decorative candles flickering bright
On the window shill, I once painted white

As I watch the weather in constant turmoil
I venture back to the days with seasonal joy
The ground always covered with so much snow
When going outside was fun with only a toboggan in tow

Alas those days may have passed
And the changing seasons are of the past
But somehow the silent smog outside the window
It is still comforting enough, even with a little wind blow

Blue Moment has descended into the Winter’s Forest

“The silence of the wintery forest is palpable, as the cold settles in and nothing really wants to move or sing“ Gun Roswell

Blue Moment has descended into the Winter’s Forest

The day was slowly but surely ending as the supposed sunshine was now setting, deep into the horizon, only to be rising again, the next day, perhaps as is the promise of this endless cycle of the dance of the sun and the moon and the stars. But in its way it left a deep blue colour without regrets of any kind, for the sun setting but with a kind of a smile to give all those who were believing in her return, even if sometimes there were doubts of that shiny ball of a light to never emerge again. But mostly there was a trust so inherit, that the sun would rise and that was enough to put a smile on the dwellers eyes, and so the calming of the blue moment, set deep in the forest on this winter’s day, was enough to convince them all, there would be another sunny day, if not tomorrow, or the day after, then at least, soon enough, as life was totally rough, in the cold darkness of the winter’s forest.

Criss cross on the snow

“On the frozen lake, not much is at stake, when criss crossing from bank to bank“ Gun Roswell 

Criss cross on the snow

The winter morning sun, beckoned the dwellers outside for some winters fun, as the frozen lake close by provided a spot to run around in the otherwise crowded and small city side. The options plenty and the styles wary, as the people now put to enjoy the day of fun in the cold and crispy winter’s sun, as this kind of pleasure was as rare as finding hidden treasure. But perhaps this was even better, as the laughter of the dwellers enjoying their time out, was echoing through the streets quite loud. The playing on the wide field formerly a puddle filled with water, now snow and ice, was having everyone skating, skiing even playing the hockey of ice. Not too seriously though as everyone felt the playfulness of the situation and none was having a serious expression on their face because on this day, only fun and laughter were present. So, the essence of the lesson of this experience is, to go and get out there, no matter winter or not. Just take part in whatever fun filled games are played and try to be safe.

The tall shadows of winter

“The tall shadows of a low hanging sun in the winter time look gorgeous, but scary too”
Gun Roswell 

The tall shadows of winter

First snow fell, heavily onto big piles, all over, the grey ground
Not one single spot of dirt, or other matter, was there, to be found
And as the sun started shining, on one slow afternoon leaving
Tall shadows across the snow in its wake, making shiny sparkles
Like tiny little diamonds, so gorgeous, that all those of us looking
At them, could for a fading moment enjoy the captivating spell
Of this one and bright winters day, after the long and cruel darkness
Broken if only for a tiny fraction of time, and then feeling fine
Almost divine, until it was once again, completely, and totally dark
But even after the bright sun was gone, remaining only, was
That one and hopeful spark, that one day soon, after the moon
Had gone to sleep, the sun would come back, and then maybe, stay
Forever, and then all of us dwellers could spend all of their days
Counting the newly formed, and various kind of shapely shadows
Sometimes tall, more often times short, but the hope of the light
No matter if it was shining bright, was in their own hearts, forever