Raindrops, heavily on the window

“The rain is here again, falling the way down, sometimes heavily, sometimes slow. “ Gun Roswell

Raindrops, heavily on the window

The rain is upon, heavily now as is the storm, the weather having gone, from totally hot, to still warm to freezing cold, the winds gusting all around, nothing really sticks to the ground, as it such a whirlwind of a  thing, a scene of sorts, going on, and will most likely last, until the end of the season, until more solid stuff start falling down, the dreaded snow, so, until that time, simply enjoying the rain, the droplets making a great painting onto the window, still tainted by the summer flowers, but now, all getting cleaned up rather nicely. 

Through the looking glass we only really can see

“Nothing quite exhilarating there is, when you are glancing through the window peephole, seeing the world as brand new below” Gun Roswell

Through the looking glass we only really can see

The world below, too small to the one, looking from above, through the clouds which shroud the priceless blue marble, a total marvel, with all the trimmings one could ever imagine, right there, at reach, but the feat is, on how to understand it all, as being up in the tall skies, only to spy, what is happening below, before jumping in there, trying not to be the ball which simply keeps on moving, getting larger as it strolls, across each and every land, even the strands out of reach, just because there is no knowledge of what they might just seek, is a dangerous thing to do and soon, the once mighty and flavoured blue globe, is nothing more than a stinky coughed up fur ball, created by a kitten who ate too much in its greed, and so, before you decide to jump in there with the other fools, dare to take a simple peek, through the looking glass of this window, and then decide if you want to be the ball or simply just a cog, but part of the whole.

Cozy warm lights on the window sill

In the late evening in winter time. when it’s really, really dark outside, the cozy lights are lit up, just for the simple feeling of warmth and perhaps of the memories of summertime“ Gun Roswell 

Cozy warm lights on the window sill

The reds, the blues, the greens and all the yellows, are the warming colours, of artificial lights, set up on the window sill, not to chill, rather to give the illusion of the warmest night, even when it’s very cold outside in the world wide, and perhaps to give a small smile, to whomever might be passing by the window, out there on the street close to home, and then maybe the very cold they were feeling just then did no longer make them shiver and shake. But mostly, these colour filled lights were there for the delight of oneself, to bring a little bit of that summer feeling into the home, during the dark times taking so long, getting the inspiration of going on, until the shining sun would finally come along and shine the warming colour filled light upon, the cold of the outside, making it all filled with colours and light, but for now, these small electrical devices would do just fine, perhaps even bringing some much needed delights to the dark and daily grind.

Through the very looking glass

“A single window on the wall, or even a double window from ceiling to floor, it’s all the same, as you can clearly be seen through them, as they are acting as the very looking glass” Gun Roswell

Through the very looking glass

The glass will not hide it all, even if it might be covered with something quite strong, as it is always acting as the one true looking glass. Letting a peep or two, into the lives of those, who might not wish to hide anything, or at least, that is what they are ensuring, that of their very lives being an open book for anyone to read and see.

But for the others, whom might value their privacy, even if the do like to take a look outside and peek, at those around the only, and not wanting to invite them of the same courtesy, then hanging a bunch of drapes on top of them, to simply hide whatever they do not wish to be seen, by any other member outside their own family.

Just a gentle reminder, that which ever group you think you might belong to. It’s never that simple and easy to not be seen and stay in hiding. Because someone will always find you, through the looking glass!

Point for a View for Daily Photo (three)

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“A point of view can be a dangerous luxury
when substituted for insight and understanding”
Marshall McLuhan

Point for a View 

Raggedy windowsill
With colours diminishing
Time may be standing still
But where there is a will
There is still a thrill