Take a seat in the snow if you dare

“The snow is everywhere! It keeps on coming down, and fills the ground and everything else, is lost inside of the white fluffiness“ Gun Roswell

Take a seat in the snow if you dare

The beachside stroll, not so easy, during the winter time, no matter if the sun is shining, because the snow, has taken over the world!

So, for those, daring to venture to the outside, even the seaside, none too open nor wide, during this seasonal time, the benches beckoning to take a load off after a long walk.

But, what will said traveller there find, if nothing but endless piles… yes you guessed it, snow!

Still, either take seat if you dare or then, find a friendly person with a shovel, remove the snow, and voila! A more comfy seat is revealed from the beneath.

Sitting in the sun, even in minus degrees, can be fun!

Take a load off in the snow

“The snow is everywhere, even having taken over the seats in the park!“ Gun Roswell

Take a load off in the snow

Snow, snow, snow, a lot of it all over

But if you don’t mind a little bit of cold

Then perhaps, a seat covered with snow

Is just that perfect spot

For you to take a load off?

Simply remember to dress up accordingly

As the cold weather might just become a displeasure

The dampness of it seeping through

Loose pants, if you did not remember to dress up accordingly

But if you did, then just take that seat

And enjoy your day, in the, well, snowy haze!

The Looking Glass

“The reflections from the inside out and outside in, all coming together in a perfect mix“ Gun Roswell

The Looking Glass

The perfect view, from here to there and back again, the thin glass the only divide between, separating that which is here on the inside, to that which remains on the outside

Equal are they all in time, no matter where those left might reside, the reflections, as they are not there to divide, rather parse it all together, into a common guide

It’s all setting the scene, that not all as it was it seems, but whatever you want it to be, so do not trust your eyes, rather feel, the universe around you as nothing, is real.

Frosted Blues

“That moment, when the blues hits, the same time of the day, when nature paints all the outside in the same colour as is the mental mood of the on out there, standing on display.” Gun Roswell

Frosted Blues

The mood reflected all around, from skies to the ground, the colour varied in hues, but it is, definitely, the Blues.

No matter the time of year, no matter, whether the sun was up there or simply the grey clouds spreading their shades of two.

It is always the same, at the exact moment of the day, when it all happens, out there, where no one dares to even imagine the why’s out of fear.

But those familiar with the colour, the many shades of it, no matter what they call it, it will go by one single name, the Blues.

Dare to embrace it, feel it, sing it, hang on to it for the moment when it hits, as in a split second, it will surround you and then, like it did hit, it will be gone as quick as that.

Trying to hang on to it, is never good, and why you really shout not, can be tough, but letting go, is the better choice, as the spell of it is luring, and the pain enduring while under the Blues, rewarding.

But it will never really be gone, as long as you are one with nature, so, without hatred, embrace the Blues and when the moment hits, live in it, but let go, and more strong will you be.

As the Blues is not something anyone should really own.


“It looks like someone sprayed frosting all over the trees, like on a cake!” Gun Roswell


The wintery forest like a magical garden, all in so many shades of white, the frozen snow and ice, looking more like a topping on some food thing than anything natural.

But, we all know nature performs miracles and winter is among those for sure, the sugary coating looking all too good, but certainly not something anyone would chew on.

Still, it looks pretty while it lasts, the picture perfect draft of an image, taken in haste, as the cold seeping in through the cracks of this human being, only wanting to have the perfect memory of a winter’s day to last.

Flash Frozen (meaning very quickly)

“When the cold front hits, well, things get frozen solid.” Gun Roswell

Flash Frozen (meaning very quickly)

The problem or beauty of winter is, that when the temperatures plummet, the waters get frozen, no matter in the creek or on top of a dozen, the weather really never discriminates not for nature or human nor animal alike, they all freeze if no cover is applied

So, when you come upon a gorgeous display, of something frozen in their way, still life for the times, or at least, until the warm front hits again and melting process starts, revealing a living thing underneath all that ice, surviving the harsh coldness of winter, which is alway nice

Crossing the Ice

“A cold and crispy day, but sunshine warming up the display of the outside looking inviting, for a stroll on the lake“ Gun Roswell

Crossing the Ice

The sunny day beckoned towards the open waters, only they weren’t as open this time of year, rather frozen solid like the rest of nature.

The snow covering the surface of ice, thick, which in a way is safe and nice, especially for those taking a shortcut across the lake.

The tracks there found  by so many others gone there before, taking a leisurely stroll or hurrying to work, and the one perk of enjoying the scenery while doing so.

But for those having the time, simply enjoying the warming sunshine in the midst of the coldest of winters, is something totally divine.

Sunshine and Snow, with a Touch of Grey

“The sun will shine, even in the midst of the divide, the snow storm long since gone, until it is back again“ Gun Roswell

Sunshine and Snow, with a Touch of Grey

The endless blue skies emerged from behind the greyish curtain of snow

The cold weather, the below freezing temperatures never disturbing the above

But, as the world turns, the bad following the good

Great weather, a touch of light, will not undo the strife

The grey soon to follow the calming blues

As the storm front will hit the those most pleasant hues

Soon enough the dull and dreary will be the way 

Noting close by to save the darkened days

Winter, the annoying splinter, milking on each and every dime

As the rest of us only waiting for summer biding our time

In the midst of a surprise winter

“The winter fell all of a sudden upon the unsuspecting land, without so much of a warning, leaving its frozen assets all over, without ever lending a hand in taking care of all that, snow!” Gun Roswell

n the midst of a surprise winter

There is nothing wring with aa little snow, but too much of a good thing, well, it’s really never good

As the never-ending piles and piles to be shovelled from the isles are getting on the old bod

The constant cold, the frozen over and slippery pavements, the slip and sliding tires of the cars and not daring to go that far, as getting stuck in a pile of the white fluff?

Well, winter, how long will you be here, bugging us, as we kinda lost, the month of monsoons and heavy rain, skipping fall almost and going straight to a frozen hell?

So, here is my ode to you winter, please leave before you become a sore and feasting splinter!