In the middle of a snow stormy night 

“Standing in a snow storm in the middle of the night, even if the ground is so totally shiny white, there is no way to find a way home, tonight” Gun Roswell 

In the middle of a snow stormy night 

The snow all around me, it is all I can see, as even the familiar home street, looks so strange to me. Navigation all but gone, but I have to stay strong, so not to steer wrong, as all the bright whiteness around me, is causing havoc on my senses, and I feel helpless as I am not able to see ahead, even in this supposed brightness. The coldness seething through my clothing, despite the thermal folding, but to hope I am holding, trying to figure out away, to get back on track and be on my way, back home. But feelings of all alone, in the snowy dessert, I am getting less and less confident in my own abilities, and near by there are no facilities, to have a respite, while waiting for the bulk of it, to pass by. As he storm keeps on, I wander further away, fatigue coming on and then, I know the drain of the effort is too much and Roth that last thought, I stumble down to the ground. Tired, cold and shell shocked, I close my eyes and remain lying on the very place I dropped. It could not be stopped and as I freeze, close to death, seemingly nothing left, I see it, the sign, slightly buried, but mostly fine. The address I had been looking for, is under the snow stored and with my last strength I push up to full length and start walking again, towards the direction the sign states. With only the hope on my side, in the middle of the open white and wide, I know I can finally find my way back, home, even if it may take a while too long. Thinking as I move slowly, damn the storm, for I, am still, strong. 

The seat and the snow

“Take a seat, in the middle of the snowy scenery” Gun Roswell

The seat and the snow

The white and crispy clean snow, beckoned to venture outside, to the seashore, even with the hard wind blowing. But the sun was shining so brightly and the glittering slopes, or rather huge piles of the same stuff, were perfect for any kind of wintry activities. So, picking up a pair of old school skis and a kind of a rusted and somewhat busted sleigh, and then, out the door was this eager snow loving persons way, and in the open wide wild nature to stay, as this was a perfect of days for such fun activities.

Then after so many hours, which in all honesty were just like thirty minutes or so, the sings of exhaustion started pulling towards some kind of respite for a moment to stay. As the overall physical condition were not really equipped for such a sudden outburst, where sweat and pumping heart was part of the equation. Spotting the best place in the park, and like an x marked red bench, was waiting for this tired old ass, to take a load off. And the scenery, wasn’t too bad either, as it was the best spot to spy on all the others, having their wintery fun too, on this Sunday, somewhat overdue.

Ride a bike, down a snowy slope

“Why not ride a bike, even in the middle of the winters plight?” Gun Roswell

Ride a bike, down a snowy slope

So, what if it is snowing once again, because, me, I can ride my bike, anywhere
Even if the tyres are not exactly up to spec, and then might fall me totally let
But that would be a small price to pay, for ride on this, two wheeled sleigh
Down, down, down the slippery slopes, filed with so much of the new snow
Then gradually, into traffic I go, wheeling away, really fast, but, well, mostly slow
Luckily I got my thick padded helmet on, covering this unfortunately small brain
And not to forget the elbow and knee pads, well, is there really a need to explain?
So, watch me, riding my bike, despite, the wintery weather so completely snide
And if I fall down, with only minor damage or less, well, at least I made you smile!

Cross over the frozen creek

“Playing hopscotch around the frozen creek? That is, if you fun games for the winter seek!” Gun Roswell

Cross over the frozen creek

The now solid frozen waters off the creek, once too deep to cross over, now proving to be a work of sustaining any kind of leap, faith or even a footfall placed on the very ice, once flowing freely. The watery way, which could easily have lead you to stray, now reminiscent of solid ground, rare, surely, to be found. But, nevertheless, there, the ice rests, at least while the winter lasts with subzero temperatures to pass and during this time, the crossing is made so easy, that even making pie would not top it, so whatever or whichever way you want to do, hopscotch or simple jump, to the other side.

A hidden message in the fresh snow

“A smiley face inside a heart, drawn in the fresh snow – just a simple reminder of happiness and love” Gun Roswell

A hidden message in the fresh snow

A child’s play or an adults joke, was right there, in plain sight, just to poke, those familiar feelings, long since forgotten, dormant in the depths of the very protected soul of a being, once called human, now only fleeing, from any kind of warm contact. Even, the cool, calm exterior, the stoic stance, was all, just an act, it did not matter because nothing and no one would ever be able to attack, those inner hidden qualities, most of thought now lost for good. But suddenly, the hidden message written in a messy drawing, stirred something there, and now, without any kind of fear, and odd expression emerged from out of nowhere, half scaring the passers by, as it was also included with a loud noise. What on earth? Someone exclaimed, as the laughter and a smile, so filled with life and opened wide. It must have been a sign, that the end of the world was near. Alas, the owner of said oddity, did not care, but stood and stared, at the message and never letting, that good feeling, fade away. Not at least, today. No, but maybe, tomorrow, it would all go back to normal, what ever that meant.

Peekaboo, through the view

“There is snow on the ground again, a lot of it!” Gun Roswell

Peekaboo, through the view

A forestry type setting
As the son slowly letting
The change of something
Quite new and alluring
White and crispy clean
Still untouched not seen
The view from behind
The trees to a divine
Setting from a fairytale
Which is not for sale
And lasting only for a while
And then it’s gone with a cry
But even if you manage somehow
To capture the image right no
You can see much more
Than any picture has in store
A moment of perfection
Fleeting by to a direction
New and most likely fine

Tall shadows of winter

“The tall shadows of a low hanging sun in the winter time look gorgeous, but scary too”
Gun Roswell

Tall shadows of winter

First snow fell, heavily onto big piles, all over, the grey ground
Not one single spot of dirt, or other matter, was there, to be found
And as the sun started shining, on one slow afternoon leaving
Tall shadows across the snow in its wake, making shiny sparkles
Like tiny little diamonds, so gorgeous, that all those of us looking
At them, could for a fading moment enjoy the captivating spell
Of this one and bright winters day, after the long and cruel darkness
Broken if only for a tiny fraction of time, and then feeling fine
Almost divine, until it was once again, completely, and totally dark
But even after the bright sun was gone, remaining only, was
That one and hopeful spark, that one day soon, after the moon
Had gone to sleep, the sun would come back, and then maybe, stay
Forever, and then all of us dwellers could spend all of their days
Counting the newly formed, and various kind of shapely shadows
Sometimes tall, more often times short, but the hope of the light
No matter if it was shining bright, was in their own hearts, forever

Red Leather Gloves

“My little pretty red gloves bring me joy and warmth; after all it is winter or at least, it started once again, surprise!” Gun Roswell


Red Leather Gloves

“This is when the gloves come off!” She stated with a huff and added a puff.

Throwing down the protective shielding onto the ground, she was about to defy all beliefs of what would happen when exposing yourself to the elements.

It was that time of the year, when the cold season had taken over. There was no hiding from the white powdery substance covering most of the northern world. The only thing to do to survive was to put as much woven garments on top of the skin as possible. The degrees sinking down below zero in the tens, sometimes even hundreds, this season lasted for a length of six moons.

But those damn gloves! How they irritated her, especially today. They were always in the way. Grabbing things was not easy, not to mention holding a big rugged shovel.

She looked at the discarded gloves laying on the ground. Red against the whitest of snow. Pretty were they, she thought and kept staring at them, while her fingers were getting numb. Finally, as beckoning her, she scooped the offending hand garments from the pile of snow, pulled them on and admired the colour and the feel of them.

Once again, she was very, very happy in her gorgeous red leather gloves.

Winter Shadows

“The spring sun, came out for some fun and brought up, tall shadows” Gun Roswell

Winter Shadows

As the spring time approaches
It’s time to dim down the torches
The sun getting so high
Up in the bright blue sky
It is so unusual and unexpected
Almost as if everyone somehow neglected
Is the brightness and lightness of it all
Because ever since the time of fall
Darkness was all these creatures would know
But now, as the warmth and sunshine descends
Over the land, minds and souls start to reflect
All those happy thoughts one could do
When the nature and mankind alike
Start their journey out of the blue
Stepping into the now blinding light
Shedding their winter gear just out of spite
For, spring, followed by summer
Can never be, a total down letting bummer

Winter Madness

“Nothing like a snowstorm in the beginning of spring to bring out the madness within” Gun Roswell

Winter Madness

When the early march morning beckoned
It was time, most of us reckoned
For nice, warm, sunny weather to begin
After all, it was supposed to be the start of spring

Alas, the weather gods above disagreed
Raising hell, with a cold streak instead
Pouring to the very ground as much as possible to be
The white powdery stuff came down on our necks

So, is there a lesson to be learned here?
Maybe, as long as we live on this blue sphere
Never expect the good old days with weather great
And always be prepared to the worst, with a bursta
After all, we live in the “good” and not so good modern days!