Too young or too old?

“Either you are too old or then too young for something, you always seem to be at the wrong age at the wrong time” Gun Roswell

Too young or too old?

You are too young to understand, but you are also too old to play with toys

You are too old to live at home, but too young to get to an old folks home

You are too young to think of such things, but you are too old to not have a plan

Whatever the age, there is always a restriction of what you can or cannot do

Seems no matter what, you always end up on the wrong side of the age fence

And so, if you are stuck in the age mind loop of things, nothing moves along

So, forget age, be what you want to be, no matter how many stages you have gone through

Life is hard and living no matter the age is, an so all that which really matters

Doing the things you like at whatever stage, playing, laughing, trying on new things