A Dreamers Dream

“When dreaming, always dream big, unless, you have small dreams” Gun Roswell

A Dreamers Dream

The coolest of blues hit me, with the blues
As I sat in the seat, carefully chosen, by the coolest seas
Watching the skies, expanding in my very eyes
And then, what the hell do I spy?
An aeroplane, in mid air, in flight
Yeah, right!

It was supposed to be my special dream
From this dreaded place, for once at least to flee
But now, here I sit and watch, as others, obviously, have taken my spot
On that flying machine, up there, for all to see
And, where am I?
Well, down here, on this pretended life of a scene

But as I sit here, in my own fear
And the air vehicle, slowly into the skies disappear
I start to deep into my own thoughts sink, maybe even think
That this place, where I seem to always so long stay
Maybe, it’s not so bad, even if I am feeling sad
It’s an OK one, sometimes even fun
So, maybe, this is the dream after all
I just have to adjust and then, dream small!

Red Flames

“Where there is a sparkle plenty, there must also be, a roaring fire, eventually” Gun Roswell

Red Flames

A sort of a sophisticated device
Landed, on the top of the table so fine
And then, without too much of an advice
I started staring, in to those flames so stable, and oh so very alive
The warmth of the dancing red life
Got me thinking firstly, but eventually, I got comfortably tired
And then, with a huge, content smile
I fell into a slumber, all the while
The fire kept on burning, but there was no dire
Only comfort of the slightly roaring fire
Letting me gently sleep and dream, of all things nice
Until it was time to move along the isle

It’s cold outside

“It’s freezing weather, ice the only tether for my poor bike” Gun Roswell

It’s cold outside

When the weather outside is cold and frightening
And you start to wish for thunder and lightning
That one perfect summer’s storm to make it’s way
In to this white and blue ice hole we now in stay

Even the poor bike is frozen solid to the ground
I was so lucky, to even have it found
Under all the pounds of heavy piles of snow
So now, all I need, is a big shovel to plow

But after some heavy lifting outside
I finally got out my one and only ride
And ventured to the streets paved with white
Which was an adventure, but not without a smile

The winter may be harsh, unforgiving and cold
But once you get inside, with something very warm
Looking out the window, the view filled with so much charm
This scenery is worth, more than a pile of gold

A Break after Christmas

“A beer with some cookies, certainly a well deserved snack after X-mas” Gun Roswell

A Break after Christmas

When the holiday season is celebrated and done
It is the time for the Christmas labourers to have some fun
A well deserved break with family and friends
Before the big bearded boss them back to work sends
Some beer, burritos and a few cookies to enjoy
Makes forget the hard daily chores and shout ahoy
Seated in the North Pole’s one and only cafe-bar
Since there is really no time to go too far
Soon the bell beckons them all back to the ever going assembly line
Because next years stuff needs to be started in time
So don’t blame these busy bees of getting a tad drunk
It’s just to get out of this seasonal funk
And soon enough with a big fat smile on their faces
They will be working all over them places
Putting together all things on people’s lists
Yes, those are the elves, who’ll manufacture all your gifts

Seasons Greetings, or something to write home about

“When the time of the year for celebration has past, well, we knew it long would not last” Gun Roswell

Seasons Greetings, or something to write home about

Elves, candles, green pine trees and lights
Gifts, food, people and all things nice
When the holiday season lasted for three days
No one really wanted to leave, but only in to stay
But this seasonal celebration was only a rental
Because we cannot really time stall
Since time here on this wondrous occasion ended too soon
Then sadly packing up is all that is left to do
All those things we received as presents
Waving our good byes before away sent
But do not worry, do not feel sorry
There is always a new one rising
Just look out there in the horizon
Another seasonal party just awaiting
So cheer up, and say: To all Seasons Greetings!

X-mas Mystery

“Christmas is doing a little something extra for someone” Charles M. Schulz

X-mas Mystery

Peeking, lurking even, from behind the closed, thick curtains
Heart beating, ever so loudly, in uncertain, anticipation
The waiting time, has been, far too long
But the belief, has still been, all this time, ever so strong
Now, the price, so long awaited, will finally be reviled
And the faith, of at least a short period, will be, sealed
Just, what mysteries, may lie behind the tinted window
On this day, on this holiest of days, filled, with crisp falling snow
The only way to find out for sure,
Is to venture out there, as if this thing, was a true dare
What ever may be awaiting, it certainly was worth all the anticipating

A Christmas Tale

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times” Charles Dickens

A Christmas Tale or, “Can I have some Figgy Puddin’, please?”

The year was 1845. I was about ten years of age and working as a stable girl. Our family lived and worked in Lord Hamilton’s manor house. It was Christmas time and as a gift for the servants, the Lord arranged a feast for the staff and their families.

Mommy had the children dressed in their Sunday best. My two brothers were complaining about the stiffness of the shirts. Starch was itchy and could cause rash, especially if one scratched the itch.
I had my favourite dress on and my younger sister was a bit jealous of the red and green colouring. She was wearing a plain blue coloured hand me down.

After all the fuzz and hassle with the wardrobe, the whole family was finally set to go to the main house and start with the Christmas dinner. Us servants would be dining in the large kitchen. Several long tables were brought in with extra seats as well. This wasn’t a large household. With around fifteen servants and their families, well not all had children and spouses, all in all around sixty people in total crammed around the tables. The two cooks had had their hands full with the preparations and naturally every one that could had chipped in.

But now it was time for celebration. Everyone was finally sitting down and getting quiet. After grace the noise level rose again. Food containers were passed around and everyone was filling their respective plates. After all, it wasn’t often we got to eat in this manner and variety.

After a while, everyone had cleared their plates and it was time for dessert. My favourite was the Figgy Pudding. If possible I opted for seconds. As I got my plate of the delicious substance before me, I licked my lips and dug into it with gusto. It did not take too long for the food to disappear from my plate.

My mom looked at me with a smirk. I looked back at her and passing my bowl I asked: “Is there any Figgy Puddin’ left?”

I was smiling widely, feeling exhilarated, when the bowl was passed back to me with an other helping.

When the final bits were eaten, it was time for the traditional sing along. The farmhand brought out his accordion and after the first few tunes, we all joined in. The evening was spent singing, chatting and finally picking up the tables. We all went back to our dwellings, thanking the Lord for the special meal.

Merry Puddin’ and God bless Us Everyone!

Madam Claus

“She does most of the work, don’t she and then stays, behind the scenes” Gun Roswell

Madam Claus

Always, fully and nicely dressed,
All in, that deepest of reds
Never mind, if she just got out of her bed
She is already neat, and totally complete

Breakfast, lunch or even fine dine
She is always the for to die
The Madam, oh, so totally divine
Just looking at her, makes one feel fine

They call her by many names
Madam, Mrs, Lady, nothing ever shady
In our memories thoughts the year she stays
Even if it’s just on day she does us grace

A day or two, before X-mas

“’twas the Sunday, just a day or two, away, from the holiday ” Gun Roswell

A day or two, before X-mas

Seemingly calm
On the outside, but be warned
It’s hotter than hell
Inside where it smells
Just like the holiday is blaring
And upon us without a fair warning
The house is a mess of people and things
Everyone is running, no stopping to sing
The hustle and bustle
Of cooking, cleaning and if you must know
It’s too damned busy
For any kind of seasonal spirit
Not today, not tomorrow
But when the Eve is upon
Then without any sorrow
We all settled down
Sit quietly around the table
Tell another Christmas fable
As the calm has finally descended
And all the work ended

Glitter and Glam

“It’s that time of the season, when glitter and glamour is all around for no good reason” Gun Roswell

Glitter and Glam

Stroll, slowly around
In this seasonal holy ground
In a great big shopping mall
Making you feel quite small
As you glare around in much awe
With a gaping dropped down jaw
All that glitter and all that glamour
Causing even the neighbour lady to yammer
Myself, I try not to stammer
As all the lights and decorations
Are causing some seasonal heart palpitation
Without really a good explanation
But at this point it really doesn’t matter the reason
Just enjoying and joining the celebration
For all of this only comes along once a year
So hop along the festive train without any fear