A Dreamers Dream

“When dreaming, always dream big, unless, you have small dreams” Gun Roswell

A Dreamers Dream

The coolest of blues hit me, with the blues
As I sat in the seat, carefully chosen, by the coolest seas
Watching the skies, expanding in my very eyes
And then, what the hell do I spy?
An aeroplane, in mid air, in flight
Yeah, right!

It was supposed to be my special dream
From this dreaded place, for once at least to flee
But now, here I sit and watch, as others, obviously, have taken my spot
On that flying machine, up there, for all to see
And, where am I?
Well, down here, on this pretended life of a scene

But as I sit here, in my own fear
And the air vehicle, slowly into the skies disappear
I start to deep into my own thoughts sink, maybe even think
That this place, where I seem to always so long stay
Maybe, it’s not so bad, even if I am feeling sad
It’s an OK one, sometimes even fun
So, maybe, this is the dream after all
I just have to adjust and then, dream small!

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