Walking to the end of the long pier

“Walking to the very end of the pier, well, look around, you don’t have to be a seer, to predict this outcome!” Gun Roswell

Walking to the end of the long pier

Predictions of a good view? Reserved, for the chosen few?

Hardly those as at all, as anyone could walk down the long way, finding the same display, as the rest of us could see gleaming from the seashore, never a bore, is the greeting for us in store.

The blues across the horizon, whether the sun or moon is on the rising.

Whatever the time of the day, it does not matter as this, this is the best place.

The end of the pier, is where the sights so dear are seen.

So, why would anyone want to go anywhere else at all?

Well, simply because, this place is not reachable by most.

And maybe the seaside is not even your very special thing.

But whatever the case is, whether you love or maybe even hate it.

Just try it once, take that walk down the long pier and who knows.

Maybe you too, will become a believer of the moon, the sun and even

The view at the end of the pier.

Walk on the wild side

“Dare to walk on the wilder side of life, near the soaring oceans, and then, diving into the deep end” Gun Roswell

Walk on the wild side

The nature dangerous and rocky, but feeling rather cocky, at least for the very moment as the slippery slope down the rickety pier, could easily end up in plenty of tears, but soldiering on, as the goal, is to take on an adventure, though minor in nature, still a big one for this weary soul, the idea totally bold, to take a dip, into the salty slick, the blues of the water’s end beckoning, or then, simply because it is there, to plunge in and splash around for a moment, before finding a away back on solid ground.

Up, up the very stairs we go

“Climb the stairs ever upward, who knows what you will find up there!” Gun Roswell

Up, up the very stairs we go

There is always something better, up there, at the top of the stairs.

At least, that is what we all like to think, that somehow, higher is better, that something good is waiting for us on the higher levels, like a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, similarly something good will be there if we only dare to, climb ever higher?

An illusion perhaps, a fantasy no less?

Who carers, because I have already started my ascend and I am half way there! Raise you the rest of them way!

Up the stony hill we go

“The stones might be many and quite slippery, but we’ll make it as long as we keep on moving, up the damned hill“ Gun Roswell

Up the stony hill we go

Step by step, breath by breath, moving along

Ever upwards the slippery hill, against the chill, moving along

The prospect of injury, in the air heavily lingering, still, moving along

The need to get to the very end, never mind the time spend, just moving along

The question lingering in the air for a moment: why all this torment?

The answer not so simple, perhaps too complicated to unravel, so, moving along

The many thoughts of giving up growing ever so stronger, as the longer, moving along

But then reminded of the reward, finally getting the big score, continuing moving along

And so, pushing aside all them troubling thoughts, even if against fought, and keeping on moving along

Then, something strikes across the open air, the foul stench of utter despair?

Halting, reconsidering, fighting back perhaps, eyes searching for something, a reason perhaps, for moving along

A moment passes, then another, and a third, internal struggle, pushing back and moving along

There is always something, an excuse or other, but, winning the internal struggle and moving along

A few pebbles more and the top shining, ever so brightly, the last steps lightly, moving along

Reaching the spot, right there on the top, at the end of the slippery slope, but finally able to breathe, as this was where the designed path wanted to lead

Up the escalator, down the stairs

“Take a ride on the rolling stairs, you just have to hang on and laze!” Gun Roswell

Up the escalator, down the stairs

Rolling along, up and up and up, until the stairs are gone and I am where I wanted to go, even if it seemed a tad too slow, but faster than dragging a keister up along the stairs, still slower than jumping and bopping my way to the music downward.

But whichever way I look, I am impressed by the looks of them, all shiny and metal, and the humming noises like a rhythmic beat, all the way up and wasn’t that just fun! No need to run today, so escalator was the way to go, even if it was quite slow.

Up on the wall

“Sometimes up the wall is the best bet to go.” Gun Roswell 

Up on the wall

Up, up and away, up the tallest wall to be climbing, perhaps even with a bicycle to be riding, when that, maddening feeling hits and all the way up to the ceiling I wanna go.

It might sound dumb and crazy and certainly not safe, but this would hardly be the worst attempt of anything I’ve done so far, and far might not be the road, as up the wall and into the ceiling I will go.

But, when finally reaching that goal, and hanging there up on the pole, I can retort,

I’ve made it to the top!

Under the cloud skies I am sailing

“There is no good or bad weather, when the need to set sail hits, it just is what it is, and then, you find yourself in a dingy, lulling on the waves on the surface of a body of water” Gun Roswell

Under the cloud skies I am sailing

The weather might be changing every which way, but no matter if it’s snowing, raining or even hailing, the need to go out there, to set sail, the destination never really important as is the feeling of being free, letting the winds of change take you there, as this sphere, has infinite possibilities to explore, even if it’s just hanging in a small boat, in the middle of a home lake.

Turquoise is the water

“The water is positively glowing, in the bright light of the sun, the colour totally clear, with a hint of, something like, turquoise” Gun Roswell

Turquoise is the water

The surface calm, nothing moving, not even the wind, causing any kind of ripples, keeping the liquid clear, with a hint of something cool, despite the warmth of the weather, causing the air to remain perfectly still, but the one hint of colour there, shining through even though the sun’s heated rays were trying to absorb all of it away. The turquoise was there to stay.

And even if the surface was sometimes about to break, do to someone taking starting in the water to bathe, the colour really never changed, staying the same shade of clear and turquoise as always, an eternal colour chosen because… well it all looked good, against the scenery and so after so much applause, it had remained that way and most likely would forever more.

The vibrancy of the season 

“The vibrant colours of the season have come to life just as it’s about that time, when we start turning to winter’s cover of white” Gun Roswell 

The vibrancy of the season 

The leaves are slowly turning from the lush greens to the mellow yellows, perky oranges and those on the more fiery side of red. And the intent is less to shock but rather to make all those  onlookers flock, in awe and admiration, of the pallet of nuances and differences on those various leaves, on bushes and trees, even the odd flowery stem, receiving a much more colourful hem, than existed in the summer, as Mother Nature is continuing the tie dying task of the materials all out there willingly joining in the project, as it is all part of the process in the change, from summer, to fall and to the last step of it all, the winter season when the white blanket finally covers it all. But for this moment, all of the participants will be holding the special coatings on, the multitude of colours and their accompanying odours will be the centre piece of the show in progress. The flashing lights and clicking of shutters the sounds heard all around as the audiences new found interest is no less, this autumn time out there in nature on this blue sphere.

Lunch Time!

“The biggest thing about Sunday is, that it will always be followed by a Monday” Gun Roswell

Lunch Time!

A week full of labour
Still, bearing its fruits

Lunch in the coffee area
No time for feeling inferior

Chums and colleagues take a stance
Together we eat, be merry and laugh
Even time for a wee Monday dance

Of course,
The sweet dessert all the previous enhanced 😛