Scooting in the streets

“The red bike looks so cool and it has a motor in it too! So as long as you’ve got gas, the ride can last! Better get going and have a blast!” Gun Roswell

Scooting in the streets

Bright red colour flashing in the busy streets, as that is all you see, a blur of colour when the rider takes this bike, this two wheeled ride for a spin, with a huge fat grin plastered onto their face and it as long there stays, as the ride on this scooty scoot bike lasts and it is most certainly a blast for both rider and those standing on the corners cheering the slow going mobile on.

Moped by the door

“The parked motorised bike by the door is the one to take to the store” Gun Roswell 

Moped by the door

The red paint, never looks plain, even on an old school bike like this scooter of a moped, which is so perfect for a trip around the nearby town, just because it won’t go too fast or even too far, and certainly is none too loud, still this old beast of burden is powerful enough at least, to haul som stuff back home from the store, because taking this red bike out for a stroll is certainly no bore.

Life reflected in the liquid

“Life reflected in water no less, ready to dive in?” Gun Roswell

Life reflected in the liquid

Life can be scaring, living it that is

But if you feel real daring, don’t let it 

Stop you from diving in

Just like the blue liquid, take a spin

Dive real deep inside of the whirlpool

Even if you might feel like a total fool

Simply let it all go

And just let the eternal flow

Guide you to wherever you feel

Even if the future seems unreal

Because if you’d do not dare

Then the much bigger scare

Will be the regret at the end

Of life without living having spent

Falling water in Monochrome

“The water always flows, downwards” Gun Roswell

Falling water in Monochrome

The is just something about water, making it flow, whatever magic behind it, sometimes moving fast, sometimes slow, alas it is the miracle of life as well, as the drink coveted after a spell, of drought for sure, but also, when running fast and feeling thirsty, what is the one drink which can quell that?


And so, keeping on worshiping the stuff, something of clarity and that is enough, neither magic nor a miracle, simply existing in this very life cycle, as like most of us, it is the one thing built in. The water running deep within.

Caffeine is the best part of the Blood

“There is something wrong with my circulatory system! There is too much blood where there should be coffee!“ Gun Roswell

Caffeine is the best part of the Blood

The coffee system fully functional most days except sometimes, it tends to fill with some red stuff for whatever reason. And so, the need to get to the nearest coffee station to have it all drained out because leaving it there for too long a time neglected, will cause the body of the coffee person to become infected, and that would stop the caffeine circulation inside the delicate system. And that is a too high cost for any coffee addict to let happen.

Blue and the Moped

“Riding a small bike even if motorised can be a lot of fun, or at least, a nice sort of try?” Gun Roswell

Blue and the Moped

The ride of the day there on the sidewalk lay on a sunny day and as waking seemed like a chore, this tiny blue thing of a moped bike sounded less like a bore.

Paying the small fee, making sure the tank was filled, then hopping on and off into the slow pace of a street, the wind in the hair, well, someone said life isn’t fair, but on this day, it was at least so much fun!

Beyond the doorway

“There is something for sure to be found beyond the walls, the fences and behind the closed doors. Simply dare to open the closed door and enter to a world filled with mystery.“ Gun Roswell

Beyond the doorway

It can be scary and most likely quite frightening too, but once you cross that barrier, the one inside of you, the fear, then the next step, is to open the tightly closed door. 

Watching, observing, glaring and looking, only waiting for something scary. And so, when nothing bad really happens, perhaps then taking the step into the unknown, because if you do not, you will certainly regret not having embarked on the adventure when possible.

The final sept, taking the leap of faith in a manner of speaking and soon enough, the large and wide world on the outside, can be explored with some caution but mostly out of curiosity and that is the start of the path taken to enrich the small world back home.

A Snowy Day

“The snow always falls in winter times, especially high up in the North“ Gun Roswell

A Snowy Day

The snow falling, life stalling, at least for a while there as there really is no way to go with all that snow everywhere and all around the place. And as long as it on the ground stays, the roads will be blocked and not really a shock, as people up in the North really should have gotten sued to the fact after all that, the warnings ahead not to mention experience from years past. Still, each time the snow fall arrives, it seems to be a huge big sunrise for all.

A bike ride in the midst of the snowy season

“Riding a bike during winter times, especially with too much snow… can be… difficult.” Gun Roswell

A bike ride in the midst of the snowy season

Finding a ride in the haste of early morning hours can be difficult. Especially during the snowy filled times, the two wheeled ride buried deep inside and when you finally get it out, a wheel just missing be might.

But no worries, you always try on some acrobatics and ride on the one wheel only, that is if you are feeling boldly? 

The other option is to simply take on the challenge and walk?

Coffee, Life, What’s the Difference?

“The sweet elixir of life, whatever it means to each and every person, is different, but Coffee for sure, takes the lead in my book, without any strife!” Gun Roswell

Coffee, Life, What’s the Difference?

Becoming more adult, the tastes from when a child, start to develop to a more, subtle direction, at least, that is the general consensus of things, and not all do agree, as growing up and becoming an adult are two different things, and so, how we muddle through the so called life, well, that too, varies majorly so.

Getting old, means you might want to vary your diet and perhaps start liking certain things you did not before, just like life, right?

Getting even older means, you will stat to love the bitter taste of coffee without any qualms, black no sugar, no cream and definitely no milk, no questions asked, except for the one always hanging in the air when the liquid from the cup starts to disappear — one more, please!

It is totally reminiscent of life in this writers mind, as the more stale it gets as it sticks to the bottom of the pot, having been left for far too long, on the very warming plate, and so the more bitter the stuff tastes… and then what happens?

Well, the more you go back to get, well, even more of the same old shit!

And you totally see it now don’t you, the premise of this very tale, right?

As Coffee, Life, there really is no difference!