Three times cats 1

“Cats are about again, on this Saturday” Gun Roswell

Three times cats

Fisher Cat

The boats will be coming back to shore soon
That, the smart fisher cat knows and looms
Over the pier, watching, observing the tides,intently
Knowing what the time, they’ll arrive, precisely

The cat keeping all other types pests away
Never causing the fishers any kind of dismay
And at the end of the very long fishing day
The fisher cat will be rewarded, with a hefty display

With what? You may say
Fish of course, what else kind of slay!

Black Friday – The Finnish Way

“I hope your Black Friday injuries aren’t so severe that you can’t click a mouse on Cyber Monday.”


Black Friday

“Bright light, bright light!”

“Oh my God, what is that?”

“Holy hell, is it a flying saucer?”


The masses had come out from their homes and workplaces staring and pointing up at the unidentified bright light high up in the sky. Some rumours had circulated, stating Finland had fallen under attack by UFOs.

In the corner of the street, a lonesome believer was preaching:

“The end of the world as we know it, is upon us!”

That day, was the first day of the month March.


Several months earlier:


It was the beginning of October. The land had fallen under darkness. As if an evil warlock had cast a spell. Sour faces all around, no expressions, as if away blurred. Hardly any sound could be heard. People on the streets, dragging their feet. The lust for life, all sucked out.
First of March

An unidentified source of light had appeared in the skies.

“The sun”, someone said, as the onlookers stood before her, bewildered.

“It is called the sun” she stated again with a smile.

But the other just shook their heads in disbelief.

Still, turning their collective faces towards “the sun”. And, as by a wave of a magic wand, the crowd closed their eyes in unison and enjoyed that sacred moment. A collective sigh of content was the only sound heard.

For who knew, how long this would last…


The odds and ends of nature

“There are things you see and others you find, in the vastness of nature, some more belonging there, than others ;)” Gun Roswell

The odds and ends of nature

Discovered, in the gorgeous scenic scenes in the lush green forest
The summer soon over and left behind but one leaf
Now discarded, on the side, on the pavement, of a busy street
The colours soon fading, but not until there is some staining
A reminder of nature, on the side of the slap of concrete

But then, also discovered, something totally odd and out of place
A shopping cart, right smack in the middle of a stack of leaves it lays
Was it the bears or elks, whom decided they needed to run a beer run instead?
Of drinking from the clear flowing creeks and some new experience to seek
Or maybe, some over the top squirrels, running amok in the shop, just for the thrills

Whomever it was, and whatever they did
The odds and ends of nature, never dull for one single bit!

The best things in life? Coffee?

“Coffee, what else do you need in life?” Gun Roswell

The best things in life? Coffee?

The first thing on your mind in the early morning light
The last thought when you lay down your head at night
It can’t be totally wrong, because if feels so totally right?


When the gloomiest of days day is upon you
And there is no one else to guide you through
What is the one thing you can always turn to?


When the sun is above so warming shining
And life is so good you can only be smiling
Is it time for champagne so divining?


When at a cross roads you finally stand
And it is time to decide, old life or a new plan
What is the one thing that unleash those thinking grey sells can?


When all is well and you’re feeling swell
A soft and cold Sunday afternoon dwell
Then, go ahead, because, enjoy, you might as well:


Not this again!!!

“Same ol’ stuff pouring down from the skies, clear, white, no difference, it’s all the same” Gun Roswall

Not this again!!!

Early in the morning, waking up, with a bad feeling
Just like the proverbial Yoda, as I am having those premonitions
Of bad things happening and without hesitation
I jump out of the bed, and instead
Of heading to get some warm coffee, I open the curtains, then scoffing
Yes, indeed, a bad feeling, as I’ve seen
The white covering all of the land, not even a wave of my hand
Can make it disappear, as just like Harry Potter, I try to appear
But like all my fellow souls, I am doomed, of this weather gloomy
And not even a shooting star, so, so very far
Can make my wish, of a warm summer breeze
Happen, in the here, and now, I may be just having, the ultimate cow
Winter, has finally, arrived
And you do not see me, doing any kind of dance involving a jive

High Voltage

“Non d’électricité, Monsieur” Gun Roswell

High Voltage

Hey, look up, over there, in the high skies
What is that, which up there, in the air, flies?

It’s the lifeline of each and every dweller
Brought to every one by the highest of sellers

What kind of life giving miracle is it then
That makes so much of our meager earnings spend?

It’s the kind, which without you would most likely do just fine
But all them unneeded gadgets would never work
And then, you would feel such an odd jerk

Oh, so lemme get this straight:
If I buy the magic juicy from them lines over there
I get to use all my gadgets without scare
Of ever running out of electricity
As t least, not in the big city

That’s right, so do not against the machine fight
After all, this is how we run things here on this big blue ball

Excellent, that’s money well spent
On all these toys and things I really don’t need
Just to be happy, liked and out there to be seen

Note to reader:
There may just be a lesson here to be learnt or then not
But me, well, I just ran out of juice to write and must myself into the socket plug

Scooter Sunday

“Drive a scooter a day, to keep the doctor away?” Gun Roswell

Scooter Sunday

When the calendar page turns to a Sunday
That indicates the one and only fun day
When it’s time to dust off the old two wheeler drive
Give it some TLC, a shiny new appearance and a smile
Then hit the non too busy side streets
And let your hair flow in the calming breeze
The Sunday leisure cruise is about to begin
When you hit that first note and start to sing
Riding a scooter on this day is so much fun
So what if nothing else really gets done!

Monastery cats

“Cats rule the world, what else did you expect?!” Gun Roswell

Monastery cats

Hanging out in packs of threes
Climbing up ever higher, the tallest of trees
Just to keep an eye and the surroundings to see
What bipedal creatures may enter their domain
As guardians of the ever growing realm
And to carefully select, as to whom to let in

The cats of the holy monastery
Way up on the hill
Never ever for a moment still
Always on the prowl
Sometimes letting out a growl
To keep the trespassers at bay

Mice and people even some snakes
The felines will catch you even if you fake
Dressed in a long frock
Trying to get inside to stalk
But beware of the many around a laying
For with these fearless creatures there is no playing

Blue and the Parasol

“Under the shining sun, beside the blue seas, my parasol and I, sleep” Gun Roswell

Blue and the Parasol

The sun”s shine beckoned with its shiny warmth
To come and lay down on the sand covered sea shore
Where the ever changing blues are the colours of all
And time itself has come to a complete and utter halt

When stepping into the bare and fine stand for the first time
I cannot help but to be amazed of the beauty and then crack a smile
Feeling so tiny in this place open and totally wide
As even the critters beside me are so completely kind

Side by side, me and natural inhabitants coexist
As the calming effect of the sea and the skies me enlist
The other side of the world no longer matters or exist
As me and my parasol have laid a claim this spot of pure bliss

From sunrise to sunset , myself I let
This gorgeous natural resort leave me with an effect
Of calm, unhurried, never too worried kind of specs
Who knows, I may stay here until the time of my final rest

Beginning of winter

“Some of the things in nature are still going strong” Gun Roswell

Beginning of winter

The feeling now so strong
When all but summer is gone
The winds a howling in the corners
Bringing in more storming
There is no where to hide
As the nature is getting bare and wide
But keep looking around you
There is still beauty to be found
In the pretty lonesome leaf
Holding on to it’s grip
To the might old oak tree
Just keeping on with a feel
It will come back again
But it won’t be until next spring
The leaf covered pavement
Hiding all that ugly coloured cement
The majestically barren tree tops
Make you want to stop and look up
Nature maybe slowly turning
But the fired within, are definitely burning