The best things in life? Coffee?

“Coffee, what else do you need in life?” Gun Roswell

The best things in life? Coffee?

The first thing on your mind in the early morning light
The last thought when you lay down your head at night
It can’t be totally wrong, because if feels so totally right?


When the gloomiest of days day is upon you
And there is no one else to guide you through
What is the one thing you can always turn to?


When the sun is above so warming shining
And life is so good you can only be smiling
Is it time for champagne so divining?


When at a cross roads you finally stand
And it is time to decide, old life or a new plan
What is the one thing that unleash those thinking grey sells can?


When all is well and you’re feeling swell
A soft and cold Sunday afternoon dwell
Then, go ahead, because, enjoy, you might as well:


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