Out of order for now!

“There is always something isn’t there! 
In the IT world nothing is more sure than the fact that something breaks!” 
Gun Roswell 

Out of order for now!

Dear WordPress friends and readers,

My blog is currently on the fritz and rolled back to 14th of April 2020.

You see, I made a request to change my plan for the site and it was supposed to be a two hour job. However, they found a bug there (and not the several legged crawling kind one either). From where it came from I have no idea as I have not changed anything on my blog for years (admitting guilty for being lazy in that aspect) except the plan by clicking choices to boxes on the ordering page and paying for it (monetary currency so far). But now, it has been over a day since the support request was opened and so far, the site is on hold as they told me not to post anything meanwhile. But I wanted you all to know the situation as I have no idea when this will all be fixed. They have assured me that the posts are safe and I have my own back-ups of course. But all this delay seems such a wasted opportunity to me and not to mention loosing my “Streak” 😉 I can only hope this will be solved ASAP, but working in IT myself I find it odd that the paying customer has to suffer for this and keep asking the important question of “when?” constantly.

Well, this is life and it goes on even with small glitches such as this.
Today I got my first corona shot so I am happy for that at least😀

Meanwhile I will follow your stories and keep writing my own every day even if I cannot post them.

Keep on writing and most of all, keep on blogging no matter what!!!

With Best Regards,

13 thoughts on “Out of order for now!

  1. Bummer!

    I’m usually the one who can screw up anything with moving part, leaves or pixels. I am disheartened to hear that you are the one sitting on the sidelines wondering what you did to ruin it.

    Good luck.

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  2. Isn’t technology wonderful! I’m currently on restriction with Facebook because someone reported my blog post as spam. They don’t even check out the claim. I hope by now all is well with your site.

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    • Yeah, Facebook seems to be way off with their thinking. I haven’t been able to post on FB my posts on a long while as every time I tried to paste the WP link, there is a note of it is against their regulations or something like that. Which is really off, as it’s a link to WordPress. So go figure what they are thinking if anything. Today it seems that most blog posts are back and it only took some 48 hours to do😳

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