Sunshine on a Mundane Day

“It is great to find magic in the mundane, especially on a sad day of Monday” Gun Roswell

3 peekaboo-i-see-you

Sunshine on a Mundane Day

Look, who decided finally to show up
And for a while there I was starting
To get all upset and wound up!

Then quickly, I am up from the tub
Grabbing a hold of my favourite cup
And then towards the outside,
With a set of a few huffs and puffs
I dare to go
And yeah, none too slow!

Just before, that is, 
My all time favourite show
On the television, is up!
As the sun decided to turn up
Way too late of the day
Much to all those waiting
And now complaining!

But hey, it’s Monday 
So what did you expect!?

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