A few, then two, then, only one (mundane monday)

“I think you can find all the elements that you can find in great literature in mundane experiences” Harvey Pekar


A few, then two, then, only one

It started with a still quite a few
But then, there were only two
Until, finally remaining
A single, solemn one
Nothing was there, to be done
For the harsh time of Winter
Had finally, to this place, come


5 thoughts on “A few, then two, then, only one (mundane monday)

  1. Great poem and the images added to it.
    About the quote, I don’t want to seem like a “smarty party” but to me it seems quite obvious about finding in our day to day life, “small” things, to inspire us and create great literature, mine might not be great but I see a empty bottle of water for example and can create some poem around it. If it end up good or bad that’s another thing, but it is the creative process that I enjoy just from imagining what can I write about that empty bottle of water and as I´m writing this ideas are commit to my head about writing of that empty bottle…..

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