Autumn Vibes

“The crispness in the air and frozen puddles of the mornings, the changing colours of nature, yes, Fall has arrived once again“ Gun Roswell

Autumn Vibes

The harbour quiet and void of people, as the vessels of summer’s fun had been towed into the safety of the solemn docks, anticipating the changing of the seasons, as the cold air landed without too much of a reason, it was simply that time of the year.

The seagulls however did not seem to mind, flying their usual rounds, albeit there were no fishermen, either working or hobbyist returning from their trips, as all their ships, were permanently moored to the docks awaiting the upon coming winter time, when the waters freeze over and the snow starts to fall, after all, this is Autumn time, ie. Fall.

Feeling a tad on the off side as strolling down the piers empty now, the hustle and bustle of summer gone now, the silence descending on the place, at least until one more day of warmth hits the skies, a reminder of the time past, but just that one day of fun, before it will be gone, at least for a few months, when all this will be covered with snow and ice, until next summer.

Ode, to my very own Wellingtons (yes, it’s that time of the year again!)

rain boots 4

“I may be an optimist, but I always pack my wellies”

Ode, to my very own Wellingtons

You beautiful lovelies
My sweet red Wellingtons
Luckily I wasn’t swayed
By those tempting sandals
I would have been betrayed
When the rain came pouring down
Hopeless without my crown
Puddles all over the ground
No safe harbour to be found
Taking a small step
Anticipating the get wet
But to my surprise
You saved my life!

The red lady bug

“The red coloured bug looks mighty snug seated on the leaf” Gun Roswell

The red lady bug

In the middle of summer,, all kinds of loud hummers will fly you by
But the one most likely candidate which will surely make you smile
Is the one born in the bright red colour and a dozen dots on its back
And that simple fact, makes this tiny bug, one of the most prettiest
It’s not just out of a jest, that this red one wins the buggy contest
Simply look at it, the perfection of its armoury, as it looks quite adoring
A true winner of miss nature, being one of the prettiest of bug creatures
So, giving the kudos and crown toggle one whom one the great title
Even if it was simply sitting pretty, posing for the camera set on idle
So, do salute the red clad lady bug, whenever you might her closely pass
Sitting pretty on a flower or a long lush green leaf for the duration of summer
And do hurry, as this pretty thing, can only be seen during the long months
Of warmth and fun, May, June, July and August, maybe even longer
Depending whether the weather might remain mildly warmer in the fall

The red flower on top of the roof

“There is some kind of a flower on top of that roof over there, which looks kinda cool” Gun Roswell

The red flower on top of the roof

Sitting there quite pretty and aloof, that special kind of flower way up there on the high flying roof
And I guess when you look at it, spending its time in the sun and sometimes even rain it is proof
That nature really does survive, overcoming any kind of dilemmas and then they’ll totally thrive
So, whether to worry about the pretty flowers out there, standing all alone in the heat or storm
Don’t as they will make it just fine at least most of them, and the rest, well leave it to the worms
As they will most likely use those as food or whatever else they might just do with the remains
Still, after the storm clears, it’s all pretty soon enough again, the fields filled with flowers and all
And yeah, that flows up there on the roof? Did it really make it through? All that bad weather?
Yeah, it’s still there, standing ever so tall, and right beside it, a few of the same but in size small!

Flora and the Leaves

“The flowers in the garden sure are blooming right now” Gun Roswell

Flora and the Leaves

Leaves of purest greens, so totally slender and and sleek. Some of them looking nourished and clean. While others are eaten and filled with holes, most likely done by the feasting bugs and worms. But, no matter their status, they all have a past. Even if not from a very long time ago and their existence will not that long last. Still, for this very moment, they are standing tall and strong in the summer’s warmth, bathing in the rays deserved by all.

Swaying gently with the soft winds lulling them during the days longer. Only waiting for a flyby bug or a small bird deciding to stop on the branch for a brief sing while flapping their wings. Looming gently over the small buds of a flowers to be, which hide beneath these protective sleeves until such time when they sprout out in the air and looking for their fair share, of admiration. And all this simply because the green coloured armours have shielded their growth until the day they are strong enough to come out and make their way towards the skies just like those leaves did before them and now, it is time for the backstage.

Flower in purplish blues

“A flower a day, keeps the bad mood away, at least for a while I think” Gun Roswell

Flower in purplish blues

Nature at its very best during the times of warmth when the rest of us just want to rest, lay about and do absolutely nothing. But these pretty things of colours in various purples, keep sprouting up from the ground even if there has been no rain for a while. But it doesn’t really matter how these pretty ones came to be alive as simply looking at them for a while, makes one in a better mood and giving at least, a slight smile and that in itself is simply fine.

So, let those flowers keep on popping up, wherever they want. As this time of the year might be the only one the pretty ones appear. As soon as the weather changes to something cold and unpredictable, the flowers in the fields will start to fall. For now at least, enjoy, listen and view, to the magnificence of the purples and sometimes blues as soon enough, you will wake up, to sub zero temperatures and then only in memories, or photographs if possible, those joys of the summer days of warmth, the flowers in such colourful purples.

Spring and Summer Weather

“There is nothing wrong with the weather. It is fine, I am fine, everyone is fine. It’s just weather, changing all the time.” Gun Roswell

Spring and Summer Weather

The early morning showers, woke me up, with a light flash caused by thunder. It was not at all unexpected as it had been forecast already but usually those meteorologist make a blunders. Still, as it is the merry month of Spring or even Summer, you would think, that after several days, of temperatures in the hight twenties, Celsius as the Europeans measure it, it would be as warm as a summer’s shower, but imagine my dismay as I watched outside my window display and saw what I saw. The weather dire and dull, the temperatures could have easily been closer to null as it was freezing like before the winters storms. Now this was not nice as nobody had me warned, that today would not be bathing suit degrees rather chilling cold and wet ones to possibly and most likely make you sneeze. Well, we all know that the weather gods are here for us humans to please, but come on! Wouldn’t it be nice for that the Summer weather to finally kick in with full force and warming up not just the world wide outside, but thaw also our chilly little hearts from that wintery smart? Yeah right, it’s just weather am I right!?

A Christmas Tale of sorts or Can I have some Figgy Puddin’, please?

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times” Charles Dickens

A Christmas Tale of sorts or Can I have some Figgy Puddin’, please?

The year was 1845. I was about ten years of age and working as a stable girl. Our family lived and worked in Lord Hamilton’s manor house. It was Christmas time and as a gift for the servants, the Lord arranged a feast for the staff and their families.

Mommy had the children dressed in their Sunday best. My two brothers were complaining about the stiffness of the shirts. Starch was itchy and could cause rash, especially if one scratched the itch.
I had my favourite dress on and my younger sister was a bit jealous of the red and green colouring. She was wearing a plain blue coloured hand me down.

After all the fuzz and hassle with the wardrobe, the whole family was finally set to go to the main house and start with the Christmas dinner. Us servants would be dining in the large kitchen. Several long tables were brought in with extra seats as well. This wasn’t a large household. With around fifteen servants and their families, well not all had children and spouses, all in all around sixty people in total crammed around the tables. The two cooks had had their hands full with the preparations and naturally every one that could had chipped in.

But now it was time for celebration. Everyone was finally sitting down and getting quiet. After grace the noise level rose again. Food containers were passed around and everyone was filling their respective plates. After all, it wasn’t often we got to eat in this manner and variety.

After a while, everyone had cleared their plates and it was time for dessert. My favourite was the Figgy Pudding. If possible I opted for seconds. As I got my plate of the delicious substance before me, I licked my lips and dug into it with gusto. It did not take too long for the food to disappear from my plate.

My mom looked at me with a smirk. I looked back at her and passing my bowl I asked: “Is there any Figgy Puddin’ left?”

I was smiling widely, feeling exhilarated, when the bowl was passed back to me with an other helping.

When the final bits were eaten, it was time for the traditional sing along. The farmhand brought out his accordion and after the first few tunes, we all joined in. The evening was spent singing, chatting and finally picking up the tables. We all went back to our dwellings, thanking the Lord for the special meal.

Merry Pudding and God bless us everyone!

A Visit, up there, to the North Pole

“O, how glorious would it be to set my heel upon the Pole and turn myself 360 degrees in a second!”
Joseph Banks

A Visit, up there, to the North Pole

A quick trip
To the North Pole
A little hop and skip
To the beat of the drum roll

The elves busy at work
Their faces in a permanent smirk
No time for breaks or coffee
Not even a little toffee

The holiday season is upon us
Which has caused all the fuss
Be careful where you step though
You may end up in a pile of snow

Santa’s sleigh
Without delay
Flying over the river
Presents to deliver

Hitch a ride
In a blink of an eye
You’ll be landing
At the front door standing

Was it a dream
So it would seem
But then again
Life is but a dream