The Road Clear Ahead

“The road quite clear, now that the plow towards it had steered, vacuuming away all that snow” Gun Roswell

The Road Clear Ahead

The main road, leaving towards towns and even destination unknown, was filled with snow, suddenly having poured, over night

What a total fright!

But hey, it’s all alright, now that the plow has arrived

Working hard, no one single part, not even the very sides

The offensive snow, soon hauled away, even if it is just for a while there

As soon enough, a new front will arise and more snow will be on the way

But for now all ahead is perfectly clear

From very far away and even near

The road ahead, simply waiting for the travellers to get on instead of waiting 

Perhaps even hesitating, whether to hit that path towards vistas familiar and unknown

And so now, it will be easy enough

As nothing really too rough awaits 

No need to carry a shovel, unless, to some non-plowed road you want to travel

Two cherries

“Two berries, both cherries, hanging from a branch, it’s not much, but it’s a start” Gun Roswell 

Two cherries 

There are two of them left, just there, hanging by themselves, after all the others have gone, eaten perhaps or thrown off by gusts too strong, the rest plucked by birds, just for the off chances of fun.

But the two of there remain, looking exactly the same, as in the very beginning, remaining still there even if the high rain came, the two keep on, the colour never changing, always the brightest of red.

Nobody even thinking of picking them off anymore, simply letting the two berries to stay put there, as if they should, the reason unknown, guess it’s just because the all want to keep the myth alive, at least for a while.

Snow and the seaside


“The snow has descended onto the waters surface… yeah, it’s winter, so what did you expect?!” Gun Roswell 

Snow and the seaside

The sea is now filled with frosted ice and white fluffy snow, no matter which way you look or try to go, the endlessness of it all, the monochromatic feel as far as the eyes an see, like it is there for eternity, but then something happens, a meltdown of sorts and it is all totally gone, at least for a while, before a new cold front hits the town again and again and it’s all back to the wintery normal, and without being too formal of a thing it is, bringing back that familiar cold frosted feel, which in it is simply great to reel in, at least for a moment longer than what really is the need, as it is so a permanent seed, that frosty cold of a thing which has been put inside, onto each and every single dweller of the coldest of north, and so what has been usually sought, is now brought back, without any kind of slack, and then without further thinking as to the whys, we are all giving our biggest and most heartfelt thanks.


The end of the holiday season

“The holidays have ended and the weather changed too, what are the odds!” Gun Roswell

The end of the holiday season

The ever consuming darkness on the outside
Needs to be shedding, with some much needed light
All the small decorative candles flickering bright
On the window shill, I once painted white

As I watch the weather in constant turmoil
I venture back to the days with seasonal joy
The ground always covered with so much snow
When going outside was fun with only a toboggan in tow

Alas those days may have passed
And the changing seasons are of the past
But somehow the silent smog outside the window
It is still comforting enough, even with a little wind blow

Let it snow!

“It might be snowing or then it rains, as nobody can really the winter weather explain“ Gun Roswell

Let it snow!

The weather outside might be quite the frightful, but hey as the song says, just keep up an open mind, then that forgotten smile you just might find, especially during the wintery season, as loving it over the summer is certainly no treason, and once the bad weather and darkness subsides, and the snow starts to gently onto the ground fall, it is almost a moment of time having stalled, as the world turns to a crispy clean surface and getting out there to play is most certainly not a burden.

So, let it snow by all means, even if it sometimes means, that you have the streets to keep clean, from the excess of the powdery stuff there piling up, but it’s all worth the hard work, as after the pavement is plowed, you can once again the others join, and recreate that fun you once found as a child all those years ago, while frolicking in the slippery and cold snow, but never mind, just dress up really warm and you are prepared to even take on the storm, so just let it snow, like it does in the old snow globe.

A Visit, up there, to the famous North Pole

O, how glorious would it be to set my heel upon the Pole and turn myself 360 degrees in a second!” Joseph Banks

A Visit, up there, to the famous North Pole

A quick trip
To the North Pole
A little hop and skip
To the beat of the drum roll

The elves busy at work
Their faces in a permanent smirk
No time for breaks or coffee
Not even a little toffee

The holiday season is upon us
Which has caused all the fuss
Be careful where you step though
You may end up in a pile of snow

Santa’s sleigh
Without delay
Flying over the river
Presents to deliver

Hitch a ride
In a blink of an eye
You’ll be landing
At the front door standing

Was it a dream
So it would seem
But then again
Life is but a dream

A hidden cabin in the wintery woods

“It is so good to hide, we’ll, sometimes, especially during the hard winter times” Gun Roswell

A hidden cabin in the wintery woods

The snow had fallen during the dark night, still totally pristine as there was not a soul in sight
The nature around the forest area, calm and silent, even the wood dwellers absolutely quiet
The steps the outside taken, with the footfalls ever so light, in the surroundings now oh so bright
The cabin small and absolutely cozy, the interior rather comfortable despite the lack of creature comforts
But some of them still remained there, like electricity, running water and a few more of the affordables
Still, their lack would not likely had been even that noticeable, as the ambiance was anything but predictable
As all the beauty around the small cottage, more than made it up with all its beauty and dignity
And to top those visions out and all around, the morning sun was up and shining very brightly
Making the white blanket around covering most of the ground, glittering like the finest diamonds
And so, the days spent in and around the rather hidden safe space in the middle of the forest
Well who could have known to ask for a better place, where for a weekend, a week or a winter to stay and restfully the nights lay
As no modern all inclusive house or dwelling, could beat this nice small villa in a competition, even if there was none to begin with

Autumn Vibes

“The crispness in the air and frozen puddles of the mornings, the changing colours of nature, yes, Fall has arrived once again“ Gun Roswell

Autumn Vibes

The harbour quiet and void of people, as the vessels of summer’s fun had been towed into the safety of the solemn docks, anticipating the changing of the seasons, as the cold air landed without too much of a reason, it was simply that time of the year.

The seagulls however did not seem to mind, flying their usual rounds, albeit there were no fishermen, either working or hobbyist returning from their trips, as all their ships, were permanently moored to the docks awaiting the upon coming winter time, when the waters freeze over and the snow starts to fall, after all, this is Autumn time, ie. Fall.

Feeling a tad on the off side as strolling down the piers empty now, the hustle and bustle of summer gone now, the silence descending on the place, at least until one more day of warmth hits the skies, a reminder of the time past, but just that one day of fun, before it will be gone, at least for a few months, when all this will be covered with snow and ice, until next summer.

Ode, to my very own Wellingtons (yes, it’s that time of the year again!)

rain boots 4

“I may be an optimist, but I always pack my wellies”

Ode, to my very own Wellingtons

You beautiful lovelies
My sweet red Wellingtons
Luckily I wasn’t swayed
By those tempting sandals
I would have been betrayed
When the rain came pouring down
Hopeless without my crown
Puddles all over the ground
No safe harbour to be found
Taking a small step
Anticipating the get wet
But to my surprise
You saved my life!

The red lady bug

“The red coloured bug looks mighty snug seated on the leaf” Gun Roswell

The red lady bug

In the middle of summer,, all kinds of loud hummers will fly you by
But the one most likely candidate which will surely make you smile
Is the one born in the bright red colour and a dozen dots on its back
And that simple fact, makes this tiny bug, one of the most prettiest
It’s not just out of a jest, that this red one wins the buggy contest
Simply look at it, the perfection of its armoury, as it looks quite adoring
A true winner of miss nature, being one of the prettiest of bug creatures
So, giving the kudos and crown toggle one whom one the great title
Even if it was simply sitting pretty, posing for the camera set on idle
So, do salute the red clad lady bug, whenever you might her closely pass
Sitting pretty on a flower or a long lush green leaf for the duration of summer
And do hurry, as this pretty thing, can only be seen during the long months
Of warmth and fun, May, June, July and August, maybe even longer
Depending whether the weather might remain mildly warmer in the fall