Snow and the seaside


“The snow has descended onto the waters surface… yeah, it’s winter, so what did you expect?!” Gun Roswell 

Snow and the seaside

The sea is now filled with frosted ice and white fluffy snow, no matter which way you look or try to go, the endlessness of it all, the monochromatic feel as far as the eyes an see, like it is there for eternity, but then something happens, a meltdown of sorts and it is all totally gone, at least for a while, before a new cold front hits the town again and again and it’s all back to the wintery normal, and without being too formal of a thing it is, bringing back that familiar cold frosted feel, which in it is simply great to reel in, at least for a moment longer than what really is the need, as it is so a permanent seed, that frosty cold of a thing which has been put inside, onto each and every single dweller of the coldest of north, and so what has been usually sought, is now brought back, without any kind of slack, and then without further thinking as to the whys, we are all giving our biggest and most heartfelt thanks.


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