Neighbourly views

“Nothing of a more perfect view, like staring through, the neighbours window, peeping into the secret life never meant to?” Gun Roswell

Neighbourly views

The windows so close to each other, it is impossible not to see what the other side does, even if the curtains would be closed, surely one or few observing and vigilant peeps are a must, of course unless you get totally busted in doing so and then, well, it could be rather awkward for all, then or perhaps not?

Because aren’t we all, small versions of a peeping Tammy or Tom? Wanting a quick glimpse of it all, of how the other side supposedly lives, especially when looking through a rose coloured lens of course, after all, if they did not want someone to look, then why bother to keep the shutters un-shut?

Still, when sitting by the window sill, an admiring the many views, natural or those created by the lovely neighbours, there is no better reason, for a celebratory drink or few, alcoholic or simply sugarcoated whatever is fine to choose, as the peeping through the windows will continue, as long as there is something to view.

News on and off the walls

“Read the news, old or new, while strolling the streets of blue, as they are all, off the wall, literally, because reading is fundamental” Gun Roswell 

News on and off the walls

They are splattered all across the walls, here, there and everywhere, the news from today and news from the before, interesting reading they just might make, even if not all are on the nerve of the day, but for those who are on the eternal stroll, not really needing anything usually to know, but soon curiosity peeking, even without seeking the right instalment, even if not from their present day kind of story, it is never boring at all, especially, when nothing else peeks the mind, and this stuff is just to unwind, depending of course, whether the news is happy or dreary, well, either way, they might leave the reader in some kind of feelings, about it all, even if it was all just off the wall, but do not worry, it is only natural and so, just continue with the stroll, as soon enough, another kind of wall will feature a set off whole selection of all kinds of news, and ain’t that just totally cool!

Seated and in waiting

“There is nothing to do, except to sit and wait, for a minute, an hour or even a year, worst case scenario being that is” Gun Roswell

Seated and in waiting

The long wait ahead, or so it seemed, even if the queue was not that long and things seemed to moving nicely, but then, soon enough, when the turn was about to be mine, the moving along halted and nothing was happening for a while. There was nothing to do about it of course, but to patiently wait, as it was this was always the catch with this kind of affair, as nothing ever happened as expected, and somebody always had some kind of a complaint, leaving the others for a long, long wait. 

Well, there was an upside to the down and so, the long faced frown, soon turned around as the the table with free seats came to view. As luck would have it, the place across the queue, was serving some brew for those weary in waiting and so, quickly heading to the visible respite, finding the place totally empty, much to a surprise, but never mind, an order soon enough placed and seated at the table, and then, then with a sun in face, keeping an eye on the very place, with others queuing in their place, but me, I was waiting for my turn with a smile on my face on the comfy bench. 

Star Wars the Bad Batch – new fan fiction released on AO3 and

Gun Roswell

The Bad Batch

I have uploaded several stories of fan fiction onArchive of Our Ownand of the adventures of The Bad Batch. These tales follow a completely original story line diverging from the Star Wars canon. Some of the themes are for the more mature audiences. All of it being pure fan fiction aka Fanon. Naturally!

Go check them out here on AO3:
Against the odds
The Bad Batch – Snippets with altered ending for season one, episodes
The return of the prodigal clone
The light of the darkness
What ever happened to Crosshair?
Crosshair lost and found
Crosshair and the Rex
Tech-O/T-Echo Two

Against the odds
The Bad Batch – Snippets with altered ending for season one, episodes
The return of the prodigal clone
The light of the darkness
What ever happened to Crosshair? PARTS 1-3

Hope you will enjoy reading…

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Coffee, on the run

“There is always time for coffee, no matter where and when you are running, coffee, in the run, of course!“ Gun Roswell

Coffee, on the run

The coffee break does not read the time on the clock, ticking away, tick tock, too loudly, as a moment or few had passed, without a cup on the side, and so, there was now a great big gaping hole where the coffee used to go, a size which could only be filled with the strongest kind of concoction, the kind where even a spoon would melt in, and so, it was totally a large kind of sin, to go such a long time not consuming even a drop of the stuff, which made life somewhat worthwhile, and perhaps even that faint smile onto the grumpy old face, as nothing else really these days could, but now, on the run, not the morning jog type rather fighting through in the rat race, trying to keep the head above the water’s edge, and without constantly tipping into the coffee jar, it was impossible at best, and so, taking a mug filled to the hilt, a large one at that, consuming it while moving forward in a good pace, the coffee helping on this difficult race.

Light at the end of the very dark tunnel

“Even in the darkest of moments, a slice of light will crack through” Gun Roswell

Light at the end of the very dark tunnel

The darkness long and harsh, without any redeeming parts
The land, the sky, the ocean once blue, painted in the same hue
Of greyish black, dark as the heart of the dwellers without a clue
On how to and this all and to get back into the ways of light
As despite, all their efforts to gather up some slice of the nice
And warming softly burning fiery light, there had not been any signs
Of the darkness letting on and so, trying to remain calm and strong
The dwellers patiently waited and kept on looking into the horizon
For any and all signs of the bringer of light to be anytime soon rising
There was a long time spent, just doing nothing special to relent
To the thoughts of never ever seeing the hope in the air
Yielding into to semi permeant despair, as all the things to repair
The missing life of the light had failed but there was one who dared
To hop and sit and stare, at the tunnel of darkness but seeing the end
And there, the very hope of light, and standing guard just in case
The light could be spared all through the tunnel and to all others
Simply waiting in strife, and perhaps tomorrow would bring it forth

Foggy day on the beach

“No matter, sunshine or not, as it is almost summer, going to the beach is a must “ Gun Roswell

Foggy day on the beach

No matter the day or time or even season
There is an inherit urge to the point of treason
Against the odds that is, as it is, the beach
Is not accessible to most of us except during summer
Which is a big bummer, but then again, winter
Is the eternal splinter, with all the cold weather
Snow and such, most of us don’t really care about
Of course there is the options to carve a small hole
Into the ice if you are really feeling that kind of bold
And dive into the freezing cold of the water
And the running but naked into the hot and humid sauna
But, for now, it might not be the perfect kind of state
As spring and therefore summer are totally delayed
For a visit to the sandy shores, still, trying as one must do
Getting there, in the foggy kind of haze, finding the perfect place
And then laying down on the sun bed, even if clothed fully
In warm winter clothing, but it is already April and the beach?Well, it may be out of reach for some time more
But hey, spending a day, even in the icy cold winds
It was still the beach and nothing or no one can deny
That I’ve got a huge big smile on my face just because, beach!

Achtung! Attention!

“Always watch out, and be on the look out, heightened state of alert, as something will always fall down!” Gun Roswell

Achtung! Attention!

There is always a kind of danger out there
Lurking, waiting, wherever you will dare to venture
But there is no need to get discouraged
Especially if you ate your plate of porridge
In the early morning before heading to the office
Because it will give you special kind of powers
And the streets you can walk for many hours
Without any kind of fear of being run over
Or getting hit by some force never seen before
So, when getting to the store, buying some milk
Or maybe even coffee, the taste being totally silk
Do not worry, rather walk with a jive step forward
Even to the bus stop, move like you wanna rock
As the danger is an illusion, a fear from the past
And so, with that in mind, well, move along fine
But hey, just in case, take with you an umbrella
It might start to rain!

Coffee and a side dish

“There is nothing wrong with coffee! Then again, adding a sugary snack on the side? Well, guess I should try?“ Gun Roswell

Coffee and a side dish

The simple cup of black coffee, seems to be lacking

Of something else, hovering above in stacking

Perhaps a taste of something soft and sweet 

Not that, coffee, usually, really never needed

As anything to disturb the essence of the dark liquid

Even if it would only be a side trip real, real quick

Whatever you may feel about this potent stuff of life

The coffee in the cup, the only thing in this life right

Perhaps just give it a chance, taking a small bite 

At first, washing it down with the coffee learnt

And then, if it feels totally good without a choice

Then perhaps reconsider, having the coffee some slack

Not that it and consumption in anyway needs to be toned back

Rather have a day in a week, regularly like
To add one thing sweet, in the menu like spice

Then feel how much better the break taken for this stuff

Will give you a tad more of the sugary fluff

Perhaps missing for the simple and straight cup

Of coffee, well, it might not be so much

But a bit of variety in the routine, never hurt anyone 

The Queen of my very own castle

“This is my castle, my domain, my place to stay and do there as I please, as I am the Queen of it all” Gun Roswell

The Queen of my very own castle

The idea totally thrilling, positively spine chilling, as the very thought, of being in control, at least of a small pile of rocks, turning into a house of sorts, a castle some might call it, but that does not really matter, as whatever happens, it will be mine and mine alone, and then I can feel totally like a ten feet tall somebody, as I am the soul occupier and owner of the bold state of it all, the castle as I all it, no matter what anyone else says, this place is the top and for me, myself and I, this is a total high point in life as I get to play, the one and only Queen who can here stay, because I am the one and only ruler of it all and hey, if you want to drop by, and see what makes me so widely smile? Well, guess it is okay, but bring presents and I will let you for a while stay.