The Queen of my very own castle

“This is my castle, my domain, my place to stay and do there as I please, as I am the Queen of it all” Gun Roswell

The Queen of my very own castle

The idea totally thrilling, positively spine chilling, as the very thought, of being in control, at least of a small pile of rocks, turning into a house of sorts, a castle some might call it, but that does not really matter, as whatever happens, it will be mine and mine alone, and then I can feel totally like a ten feet tall somebody, as I am the soul occupier and owner of the bold state of it all, the castle as I all it, no matter what anyone else says, this place is the top and for me, myself and I, this is a total high point in life as I get to play, the one and only Queen who can here stay, because I am the one and only ruler of it all and hey, if you want to drop by, and see what makes me so widely smile? Well, guess it is okay, but bring presents and I will let you for a while stay. 

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