The cat is neatly sitting

If you look around you, there is always a cat sitting there, lurking about, but hey, it’s a cat’s world after all!” Gun Roswell 

The cat is neatly sitting

Cats are totally funny, cats are also great, and luckily for us mere mortals, cats are always around, when you them need, lurking on the ground, but mostly, on the corners of whatever place are the best way, where they can be found, sitting there gingerly smiling, as if they did have some kind of secret, we know really nothing about. But if you are willing to listen carefully and so, to take some time to do just that, then perhaps who knows, they might be willing to share a few with you too and the better you will be for it, and then you too can enjoy the same activities, like do some lurking, stalking and grinning sitting on the corners of every place, and make those passing by, not knowing the secret pretty awkward but hey, one has to have a fun hobby and those cats surely know something of this topic, and so, just keep on doing that thing, sitting around every which way and widely be grinning.

Pillars of the queendom 

Athens, Greece

“They are the very essence of the structure, the very base of it standing, keeping things up and perhaps even running“ Gun Roswell 

Pillars of the queendom 

The rough looking ancient construct, not much to look at, not anymore anyway, but they are still standing there, smaller than before, albeit in somewhat of a rubble state, still keeping it all together as they are the tether, the glue, the very basis of the structure and so, despite the demise of the general of the house, some of it is still present today, even if the builders let it fall into a disarray, la long time ago. But thanks to these bold pillars still going on strong, building upon them to gently restore, the home of those who came before, is but an task so much motor easier than anticipated. And so without too much of hesitation, a new life is finally given to them, and when completed, this building too will stand tall and for a very long time, soon becoming a steppingstone so fine, a baseline of sorts,  for a whole queendom to be brought forth, the old and the new coming together, joined at the pillars with the invisible tether, standing in the same place, possibly even forever.

Small island life 

Verbania, Italy

“It would be nice to live on a small island in the middle of nowhere much, then again, I might miss some creature comforts” Gun Roswell

Small island life 

The island beckoning, small as it is, the town with only two buildings and a few people there, the rest of it just trees and sandy shores totally free as far as eyes can see, well, at least, for the short stretch, as this is a minuscule island resort, far away from the highlands, and that is fine, as this land might be small, but it’s not crowded and that makes me smile, as all the vile of the big city, never made me feel giddy, not like this place does, and without any kind of fuss, being oneself the key, these people don’t care or flee, even if sometimes in your underwear you like to sprint across the main street, not a feat though as the distance is quite short, pretty much the diameter the island across. And even if this might not be a permanent residence, there is nothing so good sometimes rouging it out, the creature comforts soon forgotten, as the peace and quiet caresses the senses on the verge of total stress, the small island life, can be a strife, but also, a great big reward, if you balance it all right.

Suburbia pano-dramatic

Espoo, Finland

“There is just something to be said of life in the suburbs, yeah, it’s quite the mundane existence“ Gun Roswell

Suburbia pano-dramatic

The life starts, in the early morning hours, if not waiting up yourself, because of the alarm clock, then at least the very moment, the garbage truck starts to rattle around, making all kinds of noises way too early in the morning. Then, there is the morning traffic, the cars and bikes and people, passing by the windows, some of them daring to take a peek inside, curious as to how the other half lives. So, if you are working from home, getting up and running outside, is not a total must, but getting ready for the day ahead is a more calmer event, except, when there are others in the household wanting to embrace the china bowl, as of course there is only one of them in the house even if several people lived there like a pack of mice. Never mind, the day has started and then working with some eating and perhaps a break or two, even daring to step outside on the yard just to clue up on what kind of weather we are having as that is a one constant of interest for all kinds of people, no matter where you are in the world. And then evening knocks on the door, the chores done and then it is time for some boring shows on the TV, as the eve is the time for slacking and such, as the day has already taken so much of the energy, hardly restored at night time, while sleeping, mostly not fine. But yeah, that is the day, and the next and the next one after that, the life in the quiet of suburbia, mundane at best, but never any less.

The big divider

“The line must be drawn here, no farther, or then we have to walk more!“ Gun Roswell

The big divider

The one single file line, almost as if drawn across the land, even if it was just snow or sand, but it’s clearly there, dividing it all, the dirt, the water even the ice and snow, and it was just lain there in a straight kind of way, by the winds blowing. And well, that was just nature showing, it can do what it pleases and with ease too, and well, if you wanted to choose, on which side you would take your stand? Well, know that no matter what the choice, you would always loose. That is just the way this game is played and so, better just in the middle stay, close to the line on either side, as it is considered the great divider, literally and figuratively. But if you want to bluff a bit, and not take any sides, at least, not so the it shows, then don’t cross that line, rather stay just a tad behind and then, when the situation gets really tough, with one simple hop, you might just be able to remedy that situation and be on the right side of the line once again, depending from which way you are looking from of course, as there is always a thing, the unpredictable thing, but hey, it’s all a game of chance anyway, so either you loose or slay, there is really no between in the divider.

Standing Guard

London, UK

“The one standing guard, watching over their estate, forever present” Gun Roswell

Standing Guard

Always there, always present, ever vigilant and alert, forever watching over those under their protection, and times passing do not change, the one single task, this one was for made.

But this was not always the case as in the very past, there was nobody there, watching over those  in peril, as times were hard and without the guard, they could not defend themselves from whatever was coming their way, and never really able their heads in rest lay.

Then, someone with courage stepped forth, making sure, that all of those living under their court, would be protected against whatever their way just might have been thrown, and in those times, as in modern times too, there were lots of culprits totally bad to fend against, which is kind of sad.

And so, from that point on, this on guardian, the watcher of the dwelling below, would stand tall, even in the after life, having become a monument during the cause of time, the job of the guard will never be done, keeping the eye on those under their protection, even if it were to be someone staying only for while.

The Blue and the River

Brazil, River Negro

“The river is blue as is the mood, of those travelling along the waves soothing “ Gun Roswell

The blue and the river

The river painted in the colour of blue, by the clouds and the moment, which came too soon, the setting of the sun combining the elements of water and air, creating a totally new hue, the blues, as some of us like to call it. 

And in this moment, of the blues, everything stalls, even the view, the small boat making its way back home to a safe harbour, but before it will arrive to its home space, it too, will halt all movement, just for the sake of the moment of the blues.

And that is simply because everything and everyone is affected and totally drawn to the phenomena as no-one can it resist, no matter how hard they would want to try, but nobody ever does. 


Simply, because it exists, in time, in space, everywhere and each and every day it will be there. 

Well, almost. 

And then, after the stolen moment has gone with a blink of an eye, the blues, all of it, disappearing, into the nothingness it came from, and only then, it all moves on, time and the night fall.

Up on the windowsill 

“The old buildings with the mysterious windows are inviting to peek inside” Gun Roswell 

Up on the windowsill 

Eyes spied, an intriguing window, just up there on the wall off on ancient building, filled with so much history but also something of a mystery, as there inside of the very building ,could be hidden something very unique and special, at least, in your imagination if you really let it run totally wild, just like back in the day you were that small child, never afraid to explore the great unknown, even if told not to.

And, if you go with that fantasy, where the truth is never quite revealed, then imagine all the wondrous possibilities of what just might be hidden inside the walls bordered by the mysterious windowsills and reflections of those secrets painted across the glass, is an opportunity the curious mind die not want to pass, never mind if you never try to enter the inside, simply rely on that mind and let the big adventure begin.

So, do not be afraid, simply go to that pleasure stage, and take the first peek, inside of that window there up on the sill, get your fill of the magical quest, and maybe if you want, share with the rest of us, what it was you found there inside

The struggle eternal

Yep, it’s Winter time once again, that horrid cold and dreary blanket tightening around us and not letting go, until maybe April or May “ Gun Roswell

The struggle eternal

The snowy paths seemingly tempting, at least when viewed from the window from comfy and warm inside, but this illusion of puffy whites and fluffy piles of soft powder only hides the fact, that it is really, really cold in there and if you even try to let out one single word of swear, your breath will freeze in an instant and the curse will only become a soft whisper, in the seemingly gorgeous and absolutely picturesque scene, of a picture perfect snow filled postcard, something to send for a seasonal holiday, even if this specific day, would leave the visitor daring the winds and gust and cold, totally not sold on the idea of “yeah this is what I really wanted to do for my one day of holiday!” 

Alas, this season too, is part of the vicious cycle of life here on the planet of these humans birth, the options not really there, unless, somewhere else on the sphere a relocation plan can be fared, but usually, it is simply best to stick with the planned life despite all the strife as soon enough, there will be warmer weather ahead. Besides, these days, you can simply stay indoors and enjoy the coco and s’mores, and sleep until the sun rises once again in May.

Top of the hill and slope side we reside


“There is always someone on the top, while the rest of us remain in the steep slope“ Gun Roswell

Top of the hill and slope side we reside

The top of the hill, was never crowded, as those making their way there, were never the loudest, only those ones whom shouted in silence, their experiences and achievements gone unnoticed, but thanks to that, the imprint on the world was nevertheless left behind by them and so, feeling light and without the weight of anything holding them back, they would manage to climb up the tallest of mountains, or even hills, and just there by themselves chill, while the rest of the loud mouths, whom loved to shout about things they are about to do, always the noise and the babble going on of something or somewhat how, they would manage to get things done, at least at some point in time, but also, biding their time, when the more silent types, would do the deeds and then be there ready and prepared, to take the credit for all things shared, still, even if they were seen like the somebodies they wanted to be seen as, they somehow lost the ability to climb, with all the heavy, weighing them down. 

So, that is the reason why the top hill is always silent and still, and void of mostly anyone, and the slippery slopes, and the sides keep on filling with wannabes and those, who would want to do, but never quite got into the groove, but still managed to loudly shout.