Top of the hill and slope side we reside


“There is always someone on the top, while the rest of us remain in the steep slope“ Gun Roswell

Top of the hill and slope side we reside

The top of the hill, was never crowded, as those making their way there, were never the loudest, only those ones whom shouted in silence, their experiences and achievements gone unnoticed, but thanks to that, the imprint on the world was nevertheless left behind by them and so, feeling light and without the weight of anything holding them back, they would manage to climb up the tallest of mountains, or even hills, and just there by themselves chill, while the rest of the loud mouths, whom loved to shout about things they are about to do, always the noise and the babble going on of something or somewhat how, they would manage to get things done, at least at some point in time, but also, biding their time, when the more silent types, would do the deeds and then be there ready and prepared, to take the credit for all things shared, still, even if they were seen like the somebodies they wanted to be seen as, they somehow lost the ability to climb, with all the heavy, weighing them down. 

So, that is the reason why the top hill is always silent and still, and void of mostly anyone, and the slippery slopes, and the sides keep on filling with wannabes and those, who would want to do, but never quite got into the groove, but still managed to loudly shout.


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