The Blue and the Slippery Slope

“The blue slope, especially down the narrow hill, can be a slippery one to follow” Gun Roswell

The Blue and the Slippery Slope

Found a slope near by, just a little before the night, as the blues had descended upon the land, it was time to take the trip at hand. But it was not without a fright, as there was barely any kind of light ahead on the road chosen to take me to the place I needed to go to, but there in the tow, the baggage I needed to haul and so, as this had to be done all alone, I needed to take it quite slow. And so, without any kind of warning to anyone except my poor own soul, I was headed toward the blue and slippery slope. Taking the first few steps with a lot of hesitation, slipping and sliding, uncontrolled, not sure if the choice I had made had any kind of good qualifications. But then, as the blues started to surround my person, and the slipping along the path was getting under some kind of a control, the footfalls also more steady soon enough got and then, a few moments passed, I had not noticed I could last but the moving along was getting much faster and then, I found myself running and laughing and sliding neatly down the road of the much anticipated slippery slope filled with blues of all kinds of hues and I could not have felt more better, simply letting all doubts go.

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