Sunset reflected on the surface


“The sun setting over the horizon, the colours so vivid and living, well, it’s a cliche isn’t it, but I like it nevertheless“ Gun Roswell

Sunset reflected on the surface

The sun is always fun, the warmth, the light, the comfort of knowing it is there, alas, when the night is close and it is time to fall to sleep, the sun will also make its way into the deep, at least, from the point of view of those watching the setting of the gas giant, as the horizon gives us the illusion, there is a place of magic perhaps, where all these planetary objects lay until the very next day, when they are once again the dominant ones in the high skies, the main one of course, being that of the sun, its mighty power and shine, cannot beat not even the best of wines and so, once again, when the reflections of the light particles inside the rays, start to reflect off of each and every surface and then, us small dwellers, can bask in this light once again, until the circle is complete and the sun will compete for the dominance against the moon, while loosing and going to sleep, until rising the very next day again.

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