The world is monochromatic 


“The world in monochrome only, not like I am feeling this strongly, but it is soothing in a way” Gun Roswell 

The world is monochromatic 

The season is not without reason, as even if the colours have gone completely, the greys remaining only, the tones in a scale of simple monochrome, are still a colour of their very own, even without the brightness or being in your face bold, this palette still has soul, and with the ultimate goal, to conquer the very world, then shell it like a pearl, at least for a while the season last, and so, there is no way past it, and so, with the options being low at best, and so, with some jest and perhaps some well designed trickery, the colour coding does not really matter, even if it’s only the same all over, with none too many variations, as this time might also be some sort of lesson, learning to live with the dull as much as with the vibrancy of any other season, and soon enough, one might not even consider changing too much of it, well, not until something more colorful and vibrant arrives and gives the much needed smiles.

The boats in the harbour


“There are plenty of boats out there, to take to the sea” Gun Roswell

The boats in the harbour

When a nice day gets in your way, there is certainly no reason in the bed to stay, rather getting up really early, with the wormy birdy, and then head out in to the harbour and spend the day at the sea. As the clearness of the weather, without a stormy cloud in sight, just might make the perfect of days, during these last days of season, before the snowy times arrive. The boats are plenty, like heavens sent, small, large, even a barge, picking one might seem a chore, but rest assure, whichever it will be, with a small size fee, you can rent it for the day and then hit those calming waves. Rowing or sailing, all that which was ailing to old bod, will be there no more, at least, not for the duration, as this is all the life needed for at least today. All them troubles of work and other kind of life soon to fade as the fluffy clouds will shade from too much sun as this will be a day of fun, one more time, feeling almost like summer, inside the small dingy of a boat, which was borrowed form the harbour for this one special day to sail around the large watery mote.


Every which way, the people will go

London, UK

“There are so many peon this planet, filling each and every nook and cranny, no matter where you turn, there is always someone there“ Gun Roswell 

Every which way, the people will go

The early morning rush, filled with too much, people, busses, cars, trying to go so far.

The midday lunch break, always the same, people queuing to get their pray, food as it is, thinking it will be all finished, before they reach it.

Coffee break in or out from the office no doubt, it was a great idea, but every day the same louse, as people crowd, and are way too loud, no space to enjoy a cup.

Evening rush, same ole stuff, too many of them, everywhere it seems, all the lanes and planes filled to the hilt.

Home at last, waiting to sit in a quiet spot, but just on the dot, as reaching the door, they start to pour, all them people running into the house, and so, the peaceful event, gone again.

Sleep time, feeling somewhat fine, the quiet bed beckoning again, but then, the ruckus starts, the neighbours having their part and party and no sleep, for the weary.

No peace, no quiet place ever again, as those people everywhere, keep on rushing around this blue sphere.

The Evil Doughnut

“There is just something wrong with a sugary treat, something pure evil, and I am defeated” Gun Roswell

The Evil Doughnut

The tempting pink sugar coating, the glistening candy cover, there is no resisting, as long as this treat is existing, the lesser minds yielding in front of its strong power, bending to its will, just for getting the one thrill, the rush and the high, of this baked cookie pie, certainly, a reason to smile at least for the while the fix lasts, and when it has passed, the very low following suite, as this sugary high of a rush was over pretty quick, thankfully though, there is more to be made out of dough, only the waiting is the hardest part, but if you play it really smart, then stash away a few, somewhere no one else would dare to look and when the others are waiting for the oven to ding, your own heart has already started to sing, the song of the sugarplum fairy, while enjoying the few saved ones in your lair, as being out of the rush, is just too much to handle, and waiting for the next batch just ain’t enough and nothing like burning the candle on both ends, but yeah, that is the way the evil doughnut works for us jerks!

Sunday Snow

“When it snows on a Sunday, it most likely still will do so on a Monday!” Gun Roswell

Sunday Snow

The first fallen snow glittering in the bright sun shine in the early morning hours in the nearby forest, where a small walk was in order, simply to check out the scenery

After all, there is really nothing more gorgeous than the snowy covered branches of the trees now totally blanketed for the upon coming winter

The animals now mostly resting, beneath the earth, comfortably digesting the mirth which they had consumed only a while ago, when fall still had its hold on the land

But a few footfalls could easily be spotted as the undercover hare with its white tail had made a few marks on the freshly fallen crispy soft snow

A few birds in the trees remaining, daring the cold winters weather, not migrating like the others, rather staying behind, and then trying to find shelter and food 

Depending also on the kindness of those passing by, the Hooman visitors in the forest where they dwell during these harsh winter times

So, with the light step, and a hefty backpack, the visitors to the forest make sure, that after gaining this magnificent experience with a view, they will leave something behind, which is for those birds and other winter dwellers simply fine.

Sunset over the calm wave’s 


“The setting sun, against the soft flashing waves, is a total cliche of sorts” Gun Roswell 

Sunset over the calm wave’s 

Watching the setting sun across the waves of total calm, trying to stay warm with the last moments of those special rays, I have been feeling all day, and soon I will have to let go of it all, but for now, I will enjoy this perfect moment in time, when it’s just me, myself and I, and with the feeling of just fine, and doing so with a big smile, as this short while, is really all I got, before the darkness consumes it all, the light completely gone, until the next morn brings a new dawn. And then once again, I will be able to watch all the reflections of the sunny rays on the surface of the waters, whether they be calm or restless, it is simply is the way of nature. Then again who could argue against it, as it is happening whether we like it or not, but just going with the flow of it, is the  best bet and then let, all the changes of the day, effect yourself in a good way.

The stormy snowy wintery weather 

“The weather is totally messed up these days, guess we are all in for a huge big climate change” Gun Roswell 

The stormy snowy wintery weather 

The image seen, when looking out the window, a messy kind of scene, unexpected on many levels as the dream, for a fun filled winter’s day now in a pile of gooey stuff lay, as the plans of a fun filled snow day flew literally out the window upon seeing the horrid marks left on the window like someone had blown all the sleet haphazardly on the go, smashing and smushing it all, and the winds blowing with so much gusto, were creaking inside the sills and doorways, even tapping on the tin of the roofs, complaining of too much noise as the levels not the choice for a calm winter day, but despite the dismay, it was still great for those whom inside would stay, perhaps in front of the warming fires to lay, read a book or watch a movie, just something soothing for the nerves at the weekend as messing with the outside weather would not be a good option, not today, not when the storms were making their concoctions out of the snow, rain and ice, definitely nothing too nice.

Through the looking glass we only really can see

“Nothing quite exhilarating there is, when you are glancing through the window peephole, seeing the world as brand new below” Gun Roswell

Through the looking glass we only really can see

The world below, too small to the one, looking from above, through the clouds which shroud the priceless blue marble, a total marvel, with all the trimmings one could ever imagine, right there, at reach, but the feat is, on how to understand it all, as being up in the tall skies, only to spy, what is happening below, before jumping in there, trying not to be the ball which simply keeps on moving, getting larger as it strolls, across each and every land, even the strands out of reach, just because there is no knowledge of what they might just seek, is a dangerous thing to do and soon, the once mighty and flavoured blue globe, is nothing more than a stinky coughed up fur ball, created by a kitten who ate too much in its greed, and so, before you decide to jump in there with the other fools, dare to take a simple peek, through the looking glass of this window, and then decide if you want to be the ball or simply just a cog, but part of the whole.

Setting sail old school style


“Setting sail from a place where land meets the sea, well of course, why would you want to paddle on dry land?” Gun Roswell

Setting sail old school style

The land lush and green but the outlook of the eternal blue seas is simply too strong to resist and so, choosing a vessel to set sail out there in this sphere also coloured mostly in blue and as the hues are so totally inviting, there really is no way in fighting the urge to get on the waters and sail all across the world.

So, why not select a ship which is made in the ways of the olden worlds, the creaky wooden decks and the somewhat faded sails, all the hard labour before going anywhere else, it all make sense when becoming nostalgic and then boarding on the yesteryear made vessel, as there will be a lot of hassle, just getting out of the harbour.

But the payoff is as good as all the work put into getting the ship out there and when reaching the perfect winds, the ride as smooth as sin, enjoying the time oh so very fine on the blue waters sailing away, until finding whatever was sought there in the first places, maybe it was simple peace or maybe, a good kind of adventure.

Riding a car, any car

“I like driving a car, to some place nice, where the roads are wide and nobody is around“ Gun Roswell

Riding a car, any car

The car is something of a contradiction, whether be it gas powered or having to stick it into the socket for refuel, but whatever the mode, it will have to make due, as sometimes long distances cannot be peddled away with a bike or two. And buses? Don’t get me started! Either they arrive as per schedule, or you wait an hour or few, and go back home stomping and feeling blue, as nothing planned got done due to the lack of not funds, but a rather a ride!

So, once you sit inside, put the gear shift to drive, there is no going back. Well, of course if you plan to return, then there is that. But, the trip has now started as the engine on the car has parted, from the safety of the home yard and now, it might go far, or then again, to the nearest shop, if that was the planned stop. So, wherever you want to go, in a car big or small, for now, just keep on riding, as tomorrow, well, who knows what is on the horizon.