Sunday Snow

“When it snows on a Sunday, it most likely still will do so on a Monday!” Gun Roswell

Sunday Snow

The first fallen snow glittering in the bright sun shine in the early morning hours in the nearby forest, where a small walk was in order, simply to check out the scenery

After all, there is really nothing more gorgeous than the snowy covered branches of the trees now totally blanketed for the upon coming winter

The animals now mostly resting, beneath the earth, comfortably digesting the mirth which they had consumed only a while ago, when fall still had its hold on the land

But a few footfalls could easily be spotted as the undercover hare with its white tail had made a few marks on the freshly fallen crispy soft snow

A few birds in the trees remaining, daring the cold winters weather, not migrating like the others, rather staying behind, and then trying to find shelter and food 

Depending also on the kindness of those passing by, the Hooman visitors in the forest where they dwell during these harsh winter times

So, with the light step, and a hefty backpack, the visitors to the forest make sure, that after gaining this magnificent experience with a view, they will leave something behind, which is for those birds and other winter dwellers simply fine.

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