The Evil Doughnut

“There is just something wrong with a sugary treat, something pure evil, and I am defeated” Gun Roswell

The Evil Doughnut

The tempting pink sugar coating, the glistening candy cover, there is no resisting, as long as this treat is existing, the lesser minds yielding in front of its strong power, bending to its will, just for getting the one thrill, the rush and the high, of this baked cookie pie, certainly, a reason to smile at least for the while the fix lasts, and when it has passed, the very low following suite, as this sugary high of a rush was over pretty quick, thankfully though, there is more to be made out of dough, only the waiting is the hardest part, but if you play it really smart, then stash away a few, somewhere no one else would dare to look and when the others are waiting for the oven to ding, your own heart has already started to sing, the song of the sugarplum fairy, while enjoying the few saved ones in your lair, as being out of the rush, is just too much to handle, and waiting for the next batch just ain’t enough and nothing like burning the candle on both ends, but yeah, that is the way the evil doughnut works for us jerks!

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