Every which way, the people will go

London, UK

“There are so many peon this planet, filling each and every nook and cranny, no matter where you turn, there is always someone there“ Gun Roswell 

Every which way, the people will go

The early morning rush, filled with too much, people, busses, cars, trying to go so far.

The midday lunch break, always the same, people queuing to get their pray, food as it is, thinking it will be all finished, before they reach it.

Coffee break in or out from the office no doubt, it was a great idea, but every day the same louse, as people crowd, and are way too loud, no space to enjoy a cup.

Evening rush, same ole stuff, too many of them, everywhere it seems, all the lanes and planes filled to the hilt.

Home at last, waiting to sit in a quiet spot, but just on the dot, as reaching the door, they start to pour, all them people running into the house, and so, the peaceful event, gone again.

Sleep time, feeling somewhat fine, the quiet bed beckoning again, but then, the ruckus starts, the neighbours having their part and party and no sleep, for the weary.

No peace, no quiet place ever again, as those people everywhere, keep on rushing around this blue sphere.

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