The boats in the harbour


“There are plenty of boats out there, to take to the sea” Gun Roswell

The boats in the harbour

When a nice day gets in your way, there is certainly no reason in the bed to stay, rather getting up really early, with the wormy birdy, and then head out in to the harbour and spend the day at the sea. As the clearness of the weather, without a stormy cloud in sight, just might make the perfect of days, during these last days of season, before the snowy times arrive. The boats are plenty, like heavens sent, small, large, even a barge, picking one might seem a chore, but rest assure, whichever it will be, with a small size fee, you can rent it for the day and then hit those calming waves. Rowing or sailing, all that which was ailing to old bod, will be there no more, at least, not for the duration, as this is all the life needed for at least today. All them troubles of work and other kind of life soon to fade as the fluffy clouds will shade from too much sun as this will be a day of fun, one more time, feeling almost like summer, inside the small dingy of a boat, which was borrowed form the harbour for this one special day to sail around the large watery mote.


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