The world is monochromatic 


“The world in monochrome only, not like I am feeling this strongly, but it is soothing in a way” Gun Roswell 

The world is monochromatic 

The season is not without reason, as even if the colours have gone completely, the greys remaining only, the tones in a scale of simple monochrome, are still a colour of their very own, even without the brightness or being in your face bold, this palette still has soul, and with the ultimate goal, to conquer the very world, then shell it like a pearl, at least for a while the season last, and so, there is no way past it, and so, with the options being low at best, and so, with some jest and perhaps some well designed trickery, the colour coding does not really matter, even if it’s only the same all over, with none too many variations, as this time might also be some sort of lesson, learning to live with the dull as much as with the vibrancy of any other season, and soon enough, one might not even consider changing too much of it, well, not until something more colorful and vibrant arrives and gives the much needed smiles.

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