Green leaves in monochrome 

“The green is a colour of monochrome, so why not make it in grey” Gun Roswell 

Green leaves in monochrome 

The lush of all the gorgeous greens, in various shades of the colours can be seen, but when the season hits, when the green colour is the very hit, the world will look and feel, pretty monochromatic at best, the colours albeit restful, can be seen as one single syllable dull, monochromatic in nature, literally, and they will take over the world, just like the snow fell upon and everywhere during winter season, summer will be the lush green grey without too much of a reason. And so, turning the one single colour of green, to something more closely seen, as the symbol of the monochrome theme, albeit equally as vivid and lush, even if only mentioned in hushed tones, as the one and full grey, never really could slay, the palette of the liking of everyday, and therefore not a popular choice as the voice of those in the grey’s corner, are usually more quieter than the rest. So, even if you love the lushness of all the greens, perhaps having a more open minded approach, a variation to the theme and try to let the grey shades in?

The moon in the background over there

“The moon is always there, always present, always hanging there, in the background, day or night, it’s got its space covered, apparently “ Gun Roswell 

The moon in the background over there

The all mighty and powerful moon, some say, it was up there in the tall skies, way too soon, as it was only past afternoon, the skies still blue even if there had not been a sun up there for a while. But, there really were no complaints about it, as most dwellers really enjoyed seeing the always very mysterious and its magical dim light, shining more than bright on this day.

The secret though, is not that the moon will go, into hiding for any kind of show, sun, thunder or whatever is thrown upon the small planet and the living creatures below. As this hunk of rock hanging out there in space just above the blue globe it stays, it really never goes away! Hanging in hiding, in the background of the day and in the spotlight during the night, having its personal space all day long, even if the light is not that strong, as it really is not, even its very own, rather borrowed from the sun, and aint’ that all a great big pun!

On the snowy branches

“Snow covered branches for the wintery feel it’s a great deal, don’t you agree?“ Gun Roswell 

On the snowy branches

The sugary feel of the snowy cover to seal the deal of the winter still here, and it’s a good kind of feel, as it all looks so great when venturing out to the forest too see all the coolest of what this season has to offer. So, when heading out to the deepest of woods, to perhaps get hooked, with the winter scenery, which is more pretty than the actual seasonal weather of cold and damp, the frozen surfaces mostly annoying, but all this easily forgoing as the pretty effects of the snow covered branches and such, can capture even the most hardened winter hater, and before it becomes later, make sure to step into that snow overcome world in the forest, unless you are living in a concrete jungle, then those kind be more difficult to find, then simply be on the look out for any kind of green thingy, a bush, a small tree, whichever kind you might just see, as there is nature all around, no matter the place you are bound to, and then you too can see that some of the more wintery season, can be good and gorgeous.

There is a blizzard out there

“The weather outside never seizes to amaze me, especially of today” Gun Roswell 

There is a blizzard out there

Nothing too invigorating or more intoxicating than a wet smack across the face as that is as the wet and freshly falling snow in the stormy weather outside is totally the wild thing to see today, as the calm and blissful sunny day, turned around and soon enough we found to be inside of a tumbling around, even howling like a fool in a big and creepy kind of a blizzard, not to be messed about with, but still something extreme in it calling to venture outside, at one’s own peril.

ReL pretty to watch from the inside, but when outside, it will give you a helluva ride, and if getting totally drenched is the way of fun for you, then just get out there in the wild or rather not even too far as the moment the outer door is opened, consider yourself wrapped around in a completely wet blanket, as that is the total sum of the fun you will get from this storm filled weather kind of a day in the middle of another wise sun filled may.

Land or Water, no matter

“The land and also the water, are all covered with something else than usual, it is called “snow” something which happens during Winter time” Gun Roswell

Land or Water, no matter

The weather is the same, snow, snow, snow and more snow, and all that which remained, is the icy cold white cover all around the world. Well, at least up north where the winter season is now in full force and nobody really cares to go outdoors, as the cold front, the storms, the sleet and ice are a constant warning for not going in. Rather, if possible, stay indoors, all the time, do some neglected chores or whatever as long as you are not bored, for this season, will last a long, long time, and even if it was really fine, there will come a time, when the need to get outside, wins. And so, before staring to spin any further tales of horror, there is such thing as warmer clothing, and footwear, which will be keeping the dweller up and on the level, at least for a moment or few, unless, the chilly air will start on your exposed nose and cheeks to chew, then, it’s better just hurry back inside, and stare at the world wide from the windows and hey, that too is simply fine!

Sunshine in the horizon after the storm

Greece, Evia Island

“There is always a ray of sunshine, after a long stormy night, at least, that is what some people say, in the midst of all the dismay“ Gun Roswell

Sunshine in the horizon after the storm

The storm had been roaring in the midst of the small valley for a long while now. The seas grey and ominous as were the skies and the dark clouds a permanent shroud, with thunder and lighting the only distraction from the otherwise dull and dreary existence, lasting as long as anyone even cared to remember.

But then, something was happening, all of a sudden, there in the distance. A glimpse of blue midst all the grey and dark hues. A ray of hope perhaps, but was it here to last, or just a teaser, before another bout of rain and storm was upon. No, it was not, as the longer the dwellers glared out there in the horizon, there was something else on the rising, as the more they glared, the brighter and clearer the skies became.

And soon enough, a glimmer of a bright light started moving all them dark clouds as the sun was emerging beyond the ridge, behind the tallest mountain, moving all the obstacles away, with the strong rays of hope now filling the once gloomy and hopeless skies.

People around and everywhere

“There sure are a lot of people around this time of the day. Then again come to think of it, they seemed to be always around, all the time!” Gun Roswell

People around and everywhere

Lots of people all over the streets, not sure as to what they seek, but they keep on keeping on, strolling, walking, talking, chatting, doing nothing really, except breathing, seemingly happy, but I cannot be sure, whether this is true or not. But then again, there are a lot of them, too many in my opinion, as everywhere I go, they seem to slow down the constant flow and thus disturb the order of things in the whole of the universe, but guess there is some hidden purpose for them after all, as for now, nothing has been stalled, not the Earth from rotating, not the clock from ticking, all of it going forward, just with the change of day and it all starts again. The crowds, the flocking, like birds, only well, nothing.

But, what can you do except maybe just avoid, all those jammed up places where all those wondering people are staying, playing and well, doing really nothing much, then again, as such, guess they have a purpose, even if I myself have yet to find one. All of them going about their daily lives, buzzing in the shops, the bars and even the public transports, which take them home after all that loitering around. Or at least, I don’t know what else to call it, jamming all the good places as they keep on packing in. So, why bother to even go into those places at all, if all those people are such bores? Well, I guess I miss the company!

My dearest, darling Coffee

“There is nothing better than a cup of coffee, well, basically, whenever you want!“ Gun Roswell

My dearest, darling Coffee

What can I tell you, that I have not already said, that you are great with everything, maybe even when I am lying in bed, even if spilling some of you all over, that I would not mind one bit. Because you are the one thing on my mind, even, when I sleep, as to when I am able to once again have that smooth and calming drink, of the most perfect substance ever created, Coffee. But as soon as I am up, the first thing I will ever do, is get that smooth taste of you, into my mouth, and then only, can the day begin. Continued only, by the support of the precious thing, which always makes my heart sing, even if I had just consumed some, I am always ready for the next one. A great cup of coffee, with or without blending, something cool like caramel or sugar or whatever concoction someone might bring in, to the coffee room. As yes, there is a dedicated space, for you my dear, and if it was up to me, I would build a full house for you! Wait a minute! There is a house built in your honour, several as a matter of fact so, there is that and I am going in there soon enough, to give my praise to you, my dearest and most darling, Coffee!

Blue descending on the homestead

“The blue of the afternoon just after two, and so, night once again, came too soon, at leat in the middle of winter“ Gun Roswell

Blue descending on the homestead

There is nothing more so haunting and at the same time invigorating at the same time, in the midst of the darkened season, where there is only snow and ice around, nothing of any other colour to be found, except when the midday has passed as the days, they are not really meant to last, not like the long, long and dark nights, which can be quite the fright without light, the sun never popping out, except on maybe rare occasions, but not on this day, as now, today, the sun is not setting, rather the blue moment is upon, and therefore, the homestead is covered with a blue hued halo of a special effect, the gloomy and dark feel of it all, is not so bad, if you embrace the possibilities of a refresh just before the night fall, all the world bathing in the light, neither moon or sunshine, only blue, crackling almost with electricity, and then, before you have the chance to even blink, the daylight and the blue is gone and night time is once again upon, sleep time beckon gin for all to fall, taking a rest just before the hours of a new dawn.

Tracks on the surface of the icy lake to follow

“There are so many tracks out there, on the surface and everywhere, that someone, without a compass will most certainly get totally lost!“ Gun Roswell

Tracks on the surface of the icy lake to follow

There are plenty of tracks on the icy snow of the covered lake in winter, some of them can be easily followed while others are buried deeper under the overlapping freshly made ones, but as there is no need to wallow in making the decision as it is as easy as precision, as from the chaos becomes order, if you only concentrate on the one set to make your own way, and once that choice is made, the path ahead, will be led to wherever you need to go.

So, when the selected tracks are in view, and the excitement is pretty new, wanting to simply run as fast as possible, never minding the obstacles, but before you do, just take a few moments to consider that the goal is not fading away and there is a lot of time to slay, and then, with a few steps move along, taking it slow, enjoying the ride while on the track side, as for now, the hurry will only cause worry, and after all, the steps small, will eventually save time.