People around and everywhere

“There sure are a lot of people around this time of the day. Then again come to think of it, they seemed to be always around, all the time!” Gun Roswell

People around and everywhere

Lots of people all over the streets, not sure as to what they seek, but they keep on keeping on, strolling, walking, talking, chatting, doing nothing really, except breathing, seemingly happy, but I cannot be sure, whether this is true or not. But then again, there are a lot of them, too many in my opinion, as everywhere I go, they seem to slow down the constant flow and thus disturb the order of things in the whole of the universe, but guess there is some hidden purpose for them after all, as for now, nothing has been stalled, not the Earth from rotating, not the clock from ticking, all of it going forward, just with the change of day and it all starts again. The crowds, the flocking, like birds, only well, nothing.

But, what can you do except maybe just avoid, all those jammed up places where all those wondering people are staying, playing and well, doing really nothing much, then again, as such, guess they have a purpose, even if I myself have yet to find one. All of them going about their daily lives, buzzing in the shops, the bars and even the public transports, which take them home after all that loitering around. Or at least, I don’t know what else to call it, jamming all the good places as they keep on packing in. So, why bother to even go into those places at all, if all those people are such bores? Well, I guess I miss the company!

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